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Lately, our professor provided us to watch a movie about the president

who ruled our country, Philippines. Its so meaningful and full of

information that the student like us will gain knowledge about the history
of the Philippines. Presidents are the one who has the responsibility to
take care of the country what he/she ruling. But some of them have their
own characteristics and behaviours in which one of them will also have
their own ways and techniques on how they will rule the country.
Ferdinand Marcos, Cory Aquino, Fidel Ramos and Joseph Estrada are the
example for this.
The term of Ferdinand Marcos was the most controversial regime in the
Philippines history. Marcos was an intellectual, capable of initiating
unimaginable ideals for himself and for his country. He served in the
military and assembled medals of prestige and honour. According to the
movie weve watched, Marcos was then imprisoned but lately released. He
studied while he was in prison and even topped the bar exams. In
accordance, he defends himself to the court and he was successfully
released in prison. Because of his intelligence and all of his political
achievements, government appoint him to become the president and
people dont complain but instead to trust and agree about what
happened. Before he declares martial law, he gave a lot of contributions.
Some are infrastructure programs, electricity generator, and development
of roads, buildings, bridges and others. With Marcos autocratic style of
ruling Philippines, he was able to do these developments without
hesitation and also with the help of his wife, Imelda Marcos, the widow
and first lady of him. He can do all what he wanted to do. His wife, Imelda,
was accused that she ordered to shoot Ninoy Aquino while he is landing
on the Philippines. But base on the film in personal interview of her, she
said that its not true that she do that. This theory of her is not yet proven
until now. And this is the huge factor why Marcos declares Martial Law.
People tend to protest and march along EDSA because of his undeniable
works like heavy demonstrations and spend a large amount of money. He
extended his term, closed the mass media and even the freedom of
people was lost. Then Cory Aquino Ina ng Bayan takes off.
For us students, based on this, even we doesnt encounter this, there is
positive and negative effect on how Marcos ruled the Philippines. Positive
is the huge development of the properties and the negative is the
disappearance of the freedom of every individual. Its great that he gave
us a good contributions but it should be balance between the power of
him and the people around him. He must listen on what people wanted
and unwanted based on what they just can do and not. Hes trying to steal
everyones privilege to do something they like to do. Martial Law is not in
favour for everyone; it should be disclosed and pops off.