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9 may ly ferscaie Jackson County Recorder of Deeds Non-Standard Document This document has been recorded and you have been charged the non-standard fee pursuant to RSMo 59.310.3. This certificate has been added to your document in compliance with the laws of the State of Missouri. Robert T. Kelly, Recorder of Deeds 415 E, 128 Street, Room [04 112 W. Lexington, Suite 30 Kansas City, MO 64106 Independence, MO 64050 “Ths page has Ben ecrdad a a permatent par of your document. Pease do nt remove IN-THE-TRUTIC-LANGLAGE: UNITY-DE-DUGDAHMOUNDYAH-NAGA-MU'UR NATION Kansas STATE JxCKSON COUNTY ‘Te SUPERIOR COURT CLERK : NOnICE OF ISTEST EUGENE LONG } ‘Come Aue Stee [nfede Parzant io UY Deseratanon he Righ of Indigenous Peoples 28 USC Secon 176] ‘thes commats pace and eens? Stats ake ice msn to re hh gh prec “nds nar tego ops an anderstant ab usted plia eal a drums [rceedape ere eecesar toh he potnon af tarpetabon arb ote appropiate meas “Ta dca ee en on ed wit sonata resp ar hows fhe ated Sats of Ama he 143 reed wa on sbrpmandgenns penn props pea td a pe tne oat ‘slr otra rome 0 “Cosas Susy Saeraimserd vate avs ‘Sto reps pace het intense reread die pmo sn lng 00 Sethian par natsnmenn y ntra aCahs 8 a Appatthalose be kaon te sad applaon nal econ fas hal eect oe flloing ‘ptnuon of npn adhe esta of ae Washam De Dapaand 2 wr Noe from GAM RUGENELONG Sv aimauoesaen pare 05-16 - 2015 nope arn) Coz me Le Sif me Tempah Lato aden) PO.Boe 246 cy KiC sone MND np coe LUI IN-THE-TRUTILLANGUAGE, UNITY.DE-DUGDAHMOUNDYAH-NAGA-MU'UR NATION KANSAS STATE > File No. In The Matter of The Name Correction COMMON LAW ORDER AND From GAVIN EUGENE LONG CERTIFICATE OF NAME CORRECTION To Cosmo AvsarSetepenra om the appbeation she matter named above, Common aw has denoted thats lawfully to correct ane's name Full ome ot Brth AVON EUGENE LONG ote of ch Juv 1.1987 ‘uy, County one state af orn Kansas Cy, Seepson, Msous, Fullname of other Wersehe Lona Full Moen Name of Mother Cane Weeds Ths THEREFORE LAWFULLY OROERED that the name ofthe pany be corrected ‘Date VBS fei Mebeoued | som attnsun, etc Comey onmean# anes seco sense 3218 seal [N-THE-TRUTH-LANGUAGE: UNITY-DE-DUGDAHMOUNDYAH-NAGA-MU'UR: NATION REVOCATION OF POWER OF ATTORNEY | cum sa Sete erty 01s, end, make dsb sl powers of ory ft of here, mold or ote, whe eo syne te, pant eth Sac Seay number tga me Thevoy CU ADLER se Fane Sth arte ane rts Sagnet ape Ae ‘onan oe any a goer ane goverameal ei, athe et semen raweby enna steno ices mony Sertegnty taf popry ACE Prancl tater Ae Sesty rte ngeemans cnet how Fr nse Cue, Feely ns arg we Ary ‘wort tnt Bond chet eC ss eeprom the hare Feo tore ‘epee fr AMA ge A saaqueatas tslrennd Sommer wl be OR (NZDRMATON Om ard acoso goverment feces th whet om porn een orl hep "ec ath lt Sta cua nd posts al tee ayant such property Te Nee at ‘orev anc ante oe bil powes of ere. fac pean. eer, auophed ‘Sheroysnans he shernan se, dsm oon my Shalit rbot mcr ich pw ‘Homey pera tome oy propo by me by, bt mot ted nya a unsealed, ermine corpora anh und oars au, anenngr ne Nona prinent ener neat Ceitie Musar Sth peate rere A the onda Fenda nd GOO gen ah of ven Ruman Sng spon ath aya a {theres th oe es re by Row teva 5 re Inu te ued Amarth he foregone tue pacar, athe bes fas hy norm noweae ‘nto knowingly, ling, vtuntaniy and wathout mcepresetain, teat, duress, of coeraan The use of tary below 5 {Grenson a atch ne Sos MOT panty raton a byane (wor wotany pute "yptafidenienon adic tan s/s at personaly tnown 9 me My conmson tones 7-7-2015 ea wwe Lee body chasm dogs eet mann Set Meson, cane Coty “cman # rts uy carson es 6077015 DV-THE-TRUTH-LANGLAGE UNITY-DEDUGDAHNOUNDYAH-NAGA.MU'UR: NATION | United Washitaw de Dugdahmoundyah Mu’ur Nation | GE West Washita Tribes =5 SRANTATIONAL MME PST na a EATETSS | rtuns oFFice use ony = sutcehihorindigenousAbjOngnal Mur Appeltion Cosme AuserSetepenra einer caymevaree cova“ 4 ‘TEMPORARY WALING LOCATION in Cae OF wath Tara Laan we STs Hg box nt Ronen neo ue Sn TOE ‘NGTER-AMETAGAN DECLARATION ON THE RIGHTS OF INDIGENOUS PEOPLE Draft approved bythe ACHR at he 1278 SAS ene oe i as ect ete a a | Li creat aera hones by fcepeant (Areva lta pape reap canany {eine hew Wore whe ed themenves and re-etbhaned the culren ram wfc ey hove bee form] (Aterna 2, | Racona commonry an whase sau eplsnd whoa partly by ten Own eusoms or rao oy speci Srsgaone 7 ‘nclothots lb Puma rearass coNven Adie n 27 Je 58 he Getta Rete ale SEES SDS ESSER itson pros cncanec repre shal thc te cnt oom Py ae : Jundamenas ngs seanee oy te ton! lepa syen and wih sefeatinahy recogmaed human ghts Procedires hnsrnry,o[esove cone whch may onze me oppeavon ls pom ‘SPACE ABOVE N35 LE FOR RECORDER'S USE ONLY roan ween LR MOUNAR nes IN-THE-TRUTH-LANGUAGE UNFTY-DE-DUGDAHMOUNDYAH-NAGA-MU'UR NATION KANSAS STATE JREKSON COUNTY THE SUPERIOR COURT CLERK INRE COMMON LAWNAME CORRECTION) From GANIN EUGENE LONG 1 ‘To Cosme aus Stpamn , “TOTHE JACKSON COUNTY SUPERIOR COURT CLERK. ‘Now coms Cosme Ans Stsen. PURSUANT TO HUMAN RIGHTS AND INDIGENOUS LAWS Stone Desersten athe haf the hl (828) 1 Tec stall ens allie ng st forth n hs carat Er iho a) seen whaueee all pokes oro opmon rata w cal era proper th oar sts, hero lo os {Emly The cd Sal bated om he rn iot exe on noes wed Sigon UanealDesarune f Harun i Aral (152) seo tate nyt ans (2) Nase al Beara depmd a abn ne ‘Atte gh cape me ness ‘rp Em nen natn tn mite Ime eh ane Sachs ilps ete nenpned stn SraceO) Ineo porn ince no ‘eines nner Corman sattonmaccerdanc hh aon ant custome oh comm aoe {Somvand Neduedsnape aon ond mv ara rom the arse och neh 1 Gm usar Seleeat AM of sand mind nd uf age {TEMPORARY MAILING LOCATION Wahine Tera Lata 96192576695, 0 ‘ROX 8h Kamae Gin, snon Repabe 6D TDC 3 The Ad tng cor hae From GAVINEUGENELOSG, To ou Aus Steers 4 ts cton {Tefal one appelab o parees are oes Same Sanne tes ‘Standing mo he Anon Pal of LOVE. TRUTH, PEACE, FREEDOM AND JUICE IN-THE-TRUTIGLANGUAGE, UNITY-DE-DUGDAHMOUNDYAH-NAGA-MU'UR:NATION LUNITY.WASHITAW-DE-DUGDAHMOUNDYAH-MU'UR. NATION-FLAG LIVE CLAIM BIRTH (Baptismal Record) FOR-THIS-CLAN-OF-THE LIFE THIS CLAIM IS WITH THIS KNOWLEDGE OF THIS CLAIMANT. NATIONALITY: UNITEO-WASHITAW-DE-DUGDAHMOUNDYAH: MU'UR (MOOR) UNITED NATIONS INDIGENOUS PEOPLE'S ORGANIZATIONAL NUMBER IPO # 2421 wa #2057 ‘999 “AOR THIS WITNESS'S-KNOWLEDGE OF THESE FACTS WITH THESE CLAIMS OF THIS LIFESIRTHW NATIVITY Cosme Ausar Seteponra ON THIS DATE OF BIRTH OF THE DAY 17 IN THE . MONTH OF THE JULY IN THE YEAR OF THE ~ 1987 -2 FOR THESE WITNESS'S-ANOWLEDGE OF THIS LIFEARE WITH THESE CLIIMS OF THIS. Urepinri nativity int aaeeeee ES (CIY), INTHE TERRITORY ANDIOR ADJOINING ISLAND OF. - IN THIS WASHITAW PROPER OR WASHITAW TERRA, ALSO CALLED AL MOOG / AMEXEM (AMERICA) NORTH CENTRAL, SOUTH AND ADJOINING ISLANDS OF OUR WORLD WITH THESE PARENT.PARTIES MOTHER Corine Woodley & FATHER: Herschel Long BY THEIR UNITED, -2 FOR THESE WITNESSES OF THESE LIFE-CLAIMS ARE WITH THESE CLAIMS OF THIS KNOWLEDGE OF THIS LIFEBIRTH WITH THE AUTHORIZATION OF THESE -THREE- AUTOGRAPHS OF THESE WTNESSES: WITNESS-ONE) wrrness-Twoy_ (vou, 4 FOR THESE WITNESSE'S KNOWLEDGE OF THESE FACTS WITH THESE CLAIMS OF THIS LUFEBIRTH WITH THIS TRUTH-COMMUNICATIONS BY THESE LINGUISTIC-FAITH- (COMMUNICATIONS-CLAIM EY THIS LIFEBIRTH-PARTY icTuRe FINGER PRINT ‘BLOOD! SALIVA [AUTOGRAPH [N-THE-TRUTH-LANGLAGE: lINITY-DF-DUGDAHMOUNDYAH-NAGA-MU'UR NATION 1 Goma Seteeary, EXPLICIT RESERVATION OF ALL OF AY UNALIENABLE RIGHTS, WITHOUT FREJUDICE AAD WITHOUT DISHONOR tom Specie common rh nto be bound ts cnet or hiption ehh uv ge enero Koovgh linge oun, td'ob eee, re (ive or courun Persvnt ated Nstone 0 #20 uN 15/99, NIs2U888,8 6 O STH UCC - Mh Voc teas: Tice USC 74 ane vested witout he Usted States is ud pny a gros nde {he env tutes fAseee that rings trad corre the bs of my nr ewe Aor spnn thot fo ae mag te a) Tw ay ba ‘Dahenocatin See Props Fenora Sa uns Maes Je, ZolS \ ses i ‘mason #3858 com son tre ep 215