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Department of Homeland Security 1.20, Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant Student Status US. Immigration and Customs Enforcement B ‘OMB NO. 1653-0038 SEVIS ID: NO011199406 [SURNAMEZPRIMARY NAME aan Rae! [cLass fbinessa aroje Ganeiel Alejandro lPREFERRED NAME 1 [Gabriel Alejandro Almeida Baroja (Dine COUNTRY OF BIRTH COUNTRY OF CITIZENSHIP = lecoxson BeunooR JpATE oF siRTH lke ApRIL 1995 Iron ssUE REASON [ADMISSION NUMBER 7 ACADEMIC AND “ACY NAM \ [cowrznueD ATTENDANCE - Updated Form 1-20 or Hane Gabelel Mejandro Almeida Baroja | LANGUAGE SCHOOL INFORMATION IscHooL NAME SCHOOL ADDRESS [School of the art tnatitute of chicago 436.5. Wobazh Avenue, International Affairs Office, lsenooi of the Art Institute of chicase Suite 1263, chicago, IL 60603 IScHOOL OFFICIAL TO CONTACT UPON ARRIVAL ‘SCHOOL CODE AND APPROVAL DATE lsessica noite cutataroioseo00 [Eaternational student Advisor 14" octosen 2002 PROGRAM OF STUDY [EDUCATION LEVEL, MAJOR Jpxcueon's MAJOR? Fine/Studio Arts, General 50.0702 None 00-0000 NORMAL PROGRAM LENGTH PROGRAM ENGLISH PROFICIENCY ENGLISH PROFICIENCY NOTES iso Honche! Requires Student ie peotiovent lpRoGRAM START DATE PROGRAM END DATE. jis avousr zoe Siwat 2028 'INANCIALS ESTIMATED AVERAGE COSTS FOR: 9 MONTHS Fruseion and Fe Living Expenses Expenses of Dependents (0) STUDENTS FUNDING FOR: MONTHS 7 Personal Funds . ° SAIC Seholarship $s 5,280, National Secretary of Higher Baucation 3 53,080 pooks/Tnaurance Oe-Canpus Enployment 3 froma TOTAL 358, 340 MARKS, SCHOOL ATTESTATION tit nan pls a ce Td od cesT oss Le rea tn Uted Snes ym oF Ooi of chon he scr apleine ease See Ua Se te te creteapinaseenenncintee Rea termined tha the above ned students sa ications eel tard or admission to the sols the tan wil be requed pase a fil rogram a ad cs ye snchy SORT Nae a needing oe os inated fo af the above DATEISSUED PLACE ISsuED eres ATION STUDENT ATTESTATION ce ann den ofa saa ot nc Wimp Sa er adc ey whe a nga eS ae em ecards sa me ey ees ee a cng eo gon tenn ie sr ja Baroja ; NAMEOFPARENTORGUARDIAN SIGNATURE ICE Form 1-20 (3/31/2018) Page 1 of 3