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Tentative Schedule English 21

Note: Assignments are DUE and should be turned in on the day listed.
The schedule can also be accessed on the class blog:

Week One:
Monday, 7/18
In Class: Course Introduction, Diagnostic Writing. Discussing the Schedule.
Due: Please purchase your textbooks and always bring them to class. We will use the textbook in class regularly.
Tuesday, 7/19
In Class: Discuss Academic Image and Success. Discuss the Connection Between Reading and Writing.
Due: Pathways p.11-15 and 37-46
Wednesday, 7/20
In Class: Discussing Subjects and Verbs, Parts of Speech, Clauses, and Phrases. Discuss Paragraphs and Topic Sentences
(p. 23-25).
Due: Activities in Class. Always bring your textbook to class.
Wednesday, 7/20 is the last day to drop a class without a penalty, receive a refund, or add a class. No students may add after this date. If you wish to
drop this class or if you stop coming to this class, you must do so YOURSELF before this date or risk receiving a No Credit.

Thursday, 7/21
In Class: Introduction to Narrative Elements and Illustration Essays. Introducing Essay 1.
Due: Pathways What My Culture Means to Me p. 411
Week Two:
Monday, 7/25
In Class: Introducing Essay 1. Essay Brainstorming Practice. How to Write Strong Sentences and Use Specific Detail.
Due: Pathways p. 19-23
Pathways Saying Adios to Spanglish pg. 414 and English: Friend or Foe? p. 220
Tuesday, 7/26
In Class: Discuss Generating Ideas and Creating Outlines.
Due: Pathways Scar p.118 and Light Skin vs Dark Skin p.536
Know your topic for Essay 1 and bring your notes/draft/ideas to class.
Wednesday, 7/27
In Class: Discuss Using Examples and Illustration and Writing Strong Paragraphs
Due: Pathways Example Paragraphs p. 376-380
Thursday, 7/28
In Class: Discuss Writing a Rough DraftEssay Development and Organization. Discuss how to get the most out of a
Peer Review Workshop.
Due: Pathways Read Peer Review p. 31-32
Week Three:
Monday, 8/1
In Class: Peer Review Workshop
Due: First Draft of Essay 1 for Peer Review. Must be at least 1-2 full pages. Bring 3+ printed copies for Peer
Review Participation.
Tuesday, 8/2
In Class: Discuss Revising Your EssayUnderdeveloped Paragraphs. Discuss Run-On Sentences and Fragments.
Due: Pathways Revising Underdeveloped Paragraphs p. 422-431 (skip the Exercises) and check out the Revision
Checklist on p. 441

Wednesday, 8/3
In Class: Discuss Consistent Verb Tense and Active Voice. Revising Confusing or Inconsistent Sentences.
Due: Pathways p.264, 268-269 and also p.231, 236-237, 242-244
Thursday, 8/4
In Class: Essay 1 Due. Introducing Essay 2.
Due: Final Draft of Essay 1. Before class, upload Essay to, with rough draft attached.
Week Four:
Monday, 8/8
In Class: Continue to discuss Essay 2
Due: Pathways The Buzz on Caffeine p.89
Tuesday, 8/9
In Class: Avoiding Common Problems in Essays. Combining and Expanding Your Ideas
Due: Pathways How to Credit Sources p. 436
Pathways The Working-Class Smoker p.437
Wednesday, 8/10
In Class: Starting Research and Including Sources. Avoiding Plagiarism IF you use sources.
Due: Pathways Calling In Late p. 489
Thursday, 8/11
In Class: In-Class Essay (First Draft Midterm)
Due: Come to class prepared to write an in-class essay based on the Essay 2 prompt. This will eventually become your
first draft of Essay 2.
Week Five:
Monday, 8/15
In Class: Peer Review Workshop for Essay 2. Passing Back Comments on First Draft.
Due: Bring a Second Draft for Peer Review. Must be at least 2 full pages. Bring 3+ printed copies for Peer Review
Tuesday, 8/16
In Class: Discussing Revisions on Essay 2. Proofreading Techniques and Other Activities.
Due: Pathways Avoiding Common Problems in Essays p. 499-505. Use the checklists on page 505 and 516. Bring
a copy of your Essay to Proofread and Revise in Class
Wednesday, 8/17
In Class: Essay 2 Due. Discussing the Final Exam.
Due: Essay 2 must be uploaded to turnitin by midnight tonight (11:59PM) to avoid a late penalty.

Thursday, 8/18: FINAL EXAM

In Class: Writing the Final Exam Essay.
Due: Make sure to read the essay Tiger Woods and Emerging Multiracial Identity p. 545-546 before you come to
the Final. Bring an exam book and pens for the Final Exam. If you wish, bring a dictionary.