chapter 19

Problems for Assignment

In order to help the reader supplement his acquisition of value analysis knowledge a number of problems from actual practice are offered in the following "do-it-yourself" exercises. It should be noted that these problems are all limited to individual parts or components rather than to inclusive assemblies. This is intentional because students can hardly be expected to devote as much time to problem solving as exercises on a series of complete products would require. 19-1 Procedure for Using the Problems 1. Make your plan for the problem. 2. Follow through each of the steps of the job plan. 3. Fill in some typical information that you have learned or have developed in each phase of the plan. 4. Fill in some typical information that you might learn or have developed by using each of the techniques. 5. Arrive at one or two suggested value alternatives that you believe may be quite good. 6. Prepare an appropriate suggestion sheet.

Problems for Assignment


There are no "pat" solutions to these problems; however, one answer for each problem which met the need at the time is included in the Appendix. Do not necessarily duplicate the part, but achieve the desired function more economically.


1 . Special brass nut. Double thread, '/z inch square; made on automatic screw machine; 1 million per year; 3 cents each. Nut receives hand adjustment screw on electic blanket thermostat.

Fig. 19-1

2. Steel control shaft. 1/4 inch in diameter, 11/4 inches long; made on automatic screw machine; 1 million per year; 6 cents each. One end screws into brass nut above, other end mounts plastic knob. Center groove provides adjustment for the thermostat.

Fig. 19-2

3. Stainless-steel fastening screw. 1%inches long; made from %-inch diameter stainless steel on automatic screw machine; contains shoulder and undercut section; 40,000 per year; 90 cents each. Used on panels of electronic equipment. Fig. 19-3

Fig. 19-4

4. Handle. Made from %-inch aluminum; 4-inch centers; threaded aluminum collars at each end form method of mounting; 4,000 per year; $1.40,each. Used for convenient handling of electronic equipment when it is out of master panel.


Techniques of Value Analysis and Engineering

5. Toggle link. 1% inches long; other dimensions in proportion; made as steel forging with later machining; 25,000 per year; 50 cents each. Used in electronic equipment mounted in cabinet.
Fig. 19-5

6. Plastic coil f o r m . About 1 inch square by '/z inch long; molded, then finish-machined; 15,000 per year; 40 cents each. Mounts coil in electronic control equipment.
Fig. 19-6

7 . Control gear. Turned, machined, and hobbed from bar steel; approximately 4 inches in diameter, % inch thick; hub '/2 inch thick; 600 per year; $8 each. Slow-speed gear used in adjustment of electrical equipment; mounted inside enclosure.
Fig. 19-7

8. Hydraulic cylinder cap. Made from 3/8-inch-thick steel; 3 inches square; 1-inch blind hole drilled '/4 inch deep in center and four small mounting holes drilled in corners; 2,000 per year; 53 cents each. Used inside machine. Fig. 19-8

9 . Adjustment screw. 1/4 inch in diameter; made from brass bar by automatic screw machine; 200,000 per year; 1 cent each. Used in electronic control equipment. Fig. 19-9

Problems for Assignment


10. Brass terminal clamp. Made by fabrication from brass

inch extrusion, approximately '/2 inch long, '/4 inch wide, high; is mechanical part that does not conduct current; 400,000 per year; 7 cents each. Used inside electrical control box. Fig. 19-10

Fig. 19-11

11. Strain bolt assembly. 1 foot long; consists of machined iron casting threaded with suitable bushings and nuts; made of steel; 5,000 per year; $3.50 each. Used out of doors to support wires and cables.

Fig. 19-12

12. Counterweight balance. Steel; cut from ring of %-inch steel, 1 inch across; each segment mounts on two studs; pieces approximately 3 inches long; 5,000 per year; 40 cents each. Mounts on large ring for counterbalance purposes.

13. Fan. 15 inches in diameter; cast and machined from malleable iron; punched steel ring riveted to one side of blades; blade about 2 inches thick, hub about 3 inches thick; 1,600 per year; $17 each. Used for cooling air inside large electric motor.

Fig. 19-13

14. Small crankshaft for air compressor. 7 inches long for two connecting rods; forged and machined; 9,000 per year; $5 each. Fig. 19-14

15. Brass heater plug. Machined from hex bar 1% inches across flats; approximately '/2 inch thick; 10,000 per year; 80 cents each. Mounts Calrod heaters into furnace equipment.

Fig. 19-15


Techniques o f Value Analysis and Engineering

16. Fan-blade assembly. Approximately 1 x 2-foot composite of three pieces of metal and one of plastic; 3,000 per year; $7 each. Function is to clamp on large revolving ring in electric generator and deflect air.
Fig. 19-16

17. Steel pulley. Machined from 6-inch steel rod; 150 per year; $30 each. Used on machines in factory.
Fig. 19-17

18. Plastic nut. Machined from 1/2-inch-thick plastic sheet; 1% inches square, %-inch hole drilled and tapped; 25,000 per year; 13 cents each. Used in electrical equipment.
Fig. 19-18

Fig. 19-19

19. Bronze arcing horn. 15 inches long by 2 inches wide; fabricated from formed sheet brass by brazing; other dimensions approximately as illustrated; 3,000 per year; $6.50 each. Function is to cool an arc so it will extinguish.

20. Cover fastener. Steel, 4-inch shank mounted in steel U strap; 4,000 per year; 45 cents each. Function is to secure cover on industrial equipment. Fig. 19-20

Problems for Assignment


21. Insert for coil-making machine. Machined from steel block about 3 inches long by 234 inches wide by 2 inches deep; 500 per year; $80 each.
Fig. 19-21

22. Tapped resistor assembly. Made in fac-

tory assembly department; 300 per year; $7.50 each. Used in electrical instrument.
Fig. 19-22

23. Porcelain cap. 3-inch inside diameter, 2-inch inside height;

150,000 per year; 40 cents each. For weather protection, outdoor switch gear.
Fig. 19-23

24. Stud pin. Galvanized-steel screw with stainlesssteel insert pin; over-all length, 3 inches; 50,000 per year; 25 cents each. For outdoor use on electrical equipment.

Fig. 19-24


Techniques of Value Analysis and Engineering

25. Flange. Made from steel bar by machining and turning flange, drilling and tapping two mounting holes; 1,500 per year; $1 each. Function is to hold a Calrod heater loosely through a 2-inch diameter hole in the side of an electric furnace.
Fig. 19-25