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Wall material

solid mud bricks,

compressed earth blocks

bamboo Crete wall

Structural Insulated Panels

Sand from pulverized debris and / or sintered fly ash
Wall finish

exterior unplaster

tadelakt plaster (natural lime plaster)


step foundation in burnt brick

Random rubble masonry


Mangalore tiles,

micro concrete roofing tiles wooden rafters

Bamboo Matt Corrugated Roofing Sheets

Thatch roof


Kota stone,

Bamboo, durable flooring. Teragren sells bamboo in random lengths, wide

planks, and a new "floating" (non-glued) product.

Lime-pozzolana concrete paving blocks for all outdoor paving

Bedding sand from pulverized debris

Doors & windows

High-performance windows- with low-emissivity glazing

Masonry bond combinations for jali work

Bamboo Reinforced Concrete Frames

Water supply, Sanitary and Plumbing System

R.C.C.,UPVC, G.I., C.I. pipes instead of lead, A.C. pipes

Where applicable use products with recycled aluminium and brass

components for fittings, fixtures and accessories

Use Polymer Plastic (Random) hot / cold water system instead of G.I.

Manholes and covers use Pre-cast cement concrete and high strength
unplasticised PVC instead of C.I.

Sanitary system

eco san toilets


Jute coir


Energy Star-rated dishwashers and

front-loading washing machines
-0.8-gallon-flush option-wc (Sterling's Rockton model)