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FI-SD Integration process

FI-SD integration takes place to find the GL account for revenue, freight, tax, rebate
posting. When you invoice to customer at that time accounting entries will be like
below:Customer Dr.

Revenue Cr.
Excise Duty Payable Cr.
Sales tax Payable Cr.

Hence, primarily, one side of the account is a Customer and the other is a revenue account. The customer account
gets picked up from the customer master data.
But to pick the freight, excise, sales tax we need to configure the logic how to pick this GLs. For this we need
automatic account determination.
This automatic account determination (T.Code-VKOA) is configured not only for revenue, but also, other
elements like Freight, surcharges, sales deductions etc.
The account determination can be done to be based on the following criteria:


Condition Type
Chart of Accounts of Company Code
Sales Organization
Customer Account Assignment Group
Material Account Assignment Group
Account Key
Note: The above mentioned fields are standard fields included by default. More fields can be added as criteria.


Here we have maintained the field combination in sequence wise. It means to get the GL account it will search for 1st
line for customer grp./material grp./Acct Key. If GL not found then it will go for second one. Like this it will check till the

GL account not found. Once the GL found then it will stop and pick that GL. We can create our combination of record
like table 523.
To configure our own condition follow the below processIMG Path-

The below screen will come.

Here we can create change or display the condition table.

T.Code for above condition account determination process
In Field catalog we can add our own field which we can take into the account determination table. Lets we dont have
sales organization in standard but we need sales organization. So we can add the sakes organization field in field
catalog as below.

Now go to V/12 to create own account assignment table.

New Entries
Give the table code 523 and description.

Double click on the fields to select those.

Define and Assign account determination procedure

Here we will check the account determination type which is SAP standard. No need
to change. But check how it is there. Go to below path as shown in screen.

Execute. The below screen will show.

In Define account determination procedure we can create our own account

determination. But it is not needed. Double click on the first one. The Below screen
will come.

Select the line and double click on control data. The blow screen will come.

Here KOFI is without cost accounting and KOFK is with Cost accounting. If we create
our own then we have to create like this only. One will be for Finance only and other
will be costing only.

After doing this we have to assign the account determination with billing document
type like below. It is standard given so no need to change.
Come back to the below screen.

Double click on Assign account determination.

The below screen will be shown.

It means when we will create the sales order with the document type where account
determination is attached then it will pick that account determination.
Example-We create a sales order F1 then it will take the account determination
KOFI00.And KOFI00 will take the account determination condition KOFI and KOFK.

Define Access Sequences and Account Determination

Here we will define the access sequnce