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From: Moss

A dawn mood holds the days humidity with coffee to brighten the grey as we smell the
bees Farewell to Spring. We declare the afternoon in a hot fury, a dally of Blue Wildrye
that progresses to fiddleheads. Water taps shudder an airy bud confusion of silver and
moss in shade as a shadow because basement cold is a haunting. When sky chunks
belittle meaning motion we toss them onto the lawn for crow pickings. Goodnight, we
say. Starlings mount streetlights to stamp a swarm onto the pale blue and camera attempts
cannot capture the depth of our streets.

Mowers leaf blowers and trimmers

Disrupt television and internet radio
Close to the window and eyes down
Noise green tips smooth off into bags
From one grow place to another
So long-distance teaching posts fail
As dish washing living pay scales
And Tuesdays red trucks haul debris
To clear cut grass and a radio quiet
The radio says guilt leads to violence
And waking ambition is violence
As birds make their chatter with birds
Soft competition fills sheared bushes
With car lolls and pitched insect buzz

Composite underbrush familiarity comforts less than dumb memory. That non-linguistic
puns are funny points to the pervasiveness of linguistic investment. Just as sexual fractals
repeat the lipped image of untouchable love nearly brushing the face. Synchronic dreams
calculate various intersections of alternate interjections and the 4 D effect of knowable
and possible alteration measurements; like the moment humans have six fingers and
know no other reality but to witness and measure this difference as difference after the
fact because a possible alteration perspective captured at an interjection of 4 D alteration
points to possible measurement of a measurement effect and manifests predictive future
alterations. So in the essence of rage the body casts its own shadow and desire and death
are not compatible but share a longing particle.

Michael Rerick lives and teaches in Portland, OR. Work recently appears or is
forthcoming at Barzakh, Futures Trading, Marsh Hawk Review, Ping Pong, Rivet
Journal, Switchback, Tarpaulin Sky, and Zoomoozophone. He is also the author of In
Ways Impossible to Fold, morefrom, The Kingdom of Blizzards, and X-Ray.