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O-Obj. 1, 2, P-Obj. 2. GPS S6E6b, SES1e, 6c, SEV1a, d, e, 4b, c, d; EL 4-7.

AM-Translation of Ideas to Reality Becoming a Part of Energy Solutions for the Future.
8:30 9:00 AM
1. Monitor gnomon and discuss data through Fri AM
Energy Literacy Video #4 Various Sources of Energy Power Human Activity .
9:00 10:45 AM
2. Discuss advantages of extended long-term projects
Discuss the long term project for this course and its application in your classrooms during Fall Semester 2016.
Handout Instructions.
Review the instructions, followed by times to meet in small groups of teachers from the same school or schools in close proximity.
General discussion of ideas.
11:00-11:45 AM
3. Mid-Post Concept Assessment and Confidence Survey. Computer Lab.
11:45AM 12:30 PM
Working lunch to discuss The Warm Springs of Georgia ( and to prep for trip.
PM-A Field Trip is Worth a Lot of Words!
12:30 PM
4. Depart for Warm Springs for tour of the springs as a use of geothermal energy with professional geologist and historian as
guides. You will NOT return to the Gordon campus after the field trip. Take all possessions with you!
In the time between now and the next meeting, incorporate as much as possible of what you have learned this week. Contact any
of the 3 instructors if you have questions or need help. Finalize Team Project Plan. Keep records of what students do and what you
do. Take pictures, collect student work, Use TQ website to post progress/view instructor posts on resources, conferences, grant
writing, funding. Attend 3 follow up sessions. template for engineering design might use with final project good for
definition of engineering LOOK AT FOR IDEAS AND SCHOLARSHIPS For more information about the WindSenators program, the available scholarships, and FORI, visit: possible project idea
secretary-moniz-unveils-roadmap-double-us-energy-productivity-2030 - article to possibly use good wind activities might be adapted for mapping of
energy resources in GA