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Day 6 O-Obj. 1, 2, I-Obj. 1, 2; GPS SE6a, b, SES1e, SEV1a, d, 4b-f, 5c, e, f; EL 4-7.

AM/PMTrip to solar and gas generating facilities guided by on-site personnel. Bus will leave Gordon at 9AM and will return
at 4 PM. Wear comfortable clothing for being outside and inside; shoes MUST BE LACE UP; no sandals, flip flops,
etc. These are power plant regulations. A hat, sunscreen, and sun glasses are advised for the solar plant.
Lunch provided.
Be prepared for your Engineering Design Project up dates, reports on student work, and any professional activities in
which you have participated or in which you plan to participate.
We will provide you with reminders of conferences, grants, etc. of which we are aware.
Check your email frequently the last half of September for updates regarding the trip.