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Day 7 O-Obj. 1, 2, I-Obj.

1,2; GPS S6E2c, 3d, 4a, 6b; S7L4b, SES1e, 5a, 6c, SB3a, SEV1a,
d, e, 4b, c, f, 5e, f; EL 4-7.
To be updated nearer the date for this meeting.
AM Presentation: Energy Connections to Physical Sciences. Stations for chemistry, physics, physical science
connections on matter/energy to generation of electricity.
Presentation: Energy Connections to Mathematics. Hands-on activities, including a number with iPad.

Working lunch. Team reports, discussions with panelists.

PM- Current and Future Energy Resources. Energy Sources Now and in the Future
Energy Fair from utilities, government, universities, professional organizations, business/industry. Discussion of
energy sources, economics, pros/cons.
Daily Wrap. Post (wall/web) Big ideas about energy use and resources.