PEARL Data Warehouse
Governing Board
Paradise Valley Unified School District Bev Kilgore Technology Department February 2007

Herding the Cats
NCLB - data, data, everywhere pDAT - critical data in one online location (portal)
Critical data - student achievement, demographics, etc.

Different Users - Different Data Views
PrincipałCOA - district view of all students Reading/Math Specialists - school view of all students Department Heads - school view of all students Teacher - classroom view of students

Data Types
AIMS Grades SAMs (Standard Aligned Measures) TerraNova and SAT-9 Demographics (gender, grade, ethnicity, etc.) Schedules Testing - Honors, ELL, Special Ed, etc. Some 30 different data tables from 7 different software systems with multiple field types Data is entered by over 12 different personnel classifications and every student logs in under their username and password to complete online SAM’s Data, data, everywhere

Technology Department, working with the Curriculum and Assessment Departments, spearheaded a unique partnership between PVUSD and Arizona State University ASU was to provide additional programming, database management and statistical resources The Technology Department will manage the project over multiple phases and years

First Phase - identification and synchronization of major data sources in an online environment Second Phase - begin to provide access to the data through a common portal for multiple user types Third Phase - refinement of the portal, cleansing of data, incorporation of additional data sources

Second Phase
In the fall of 2006, viewing of the data by different user types was started Teacher - Julie Baumgartner - Greenway Math Teacher Principal - Cara Herkamp - PVHS COA - Lorraine Hendershott - LA Director

Teacher View

Julie Baumgartner

Teacher - Roster - ID#/username/password

Teacher - Roster - Student Achievement

Teacher - SAM’s - Item by Class and Student

Teacher - SAM’s - Concept

Teacher - SAM’s - Psychometric Reports

Item Difficulty

Complete Analyses

Item Characteristic Curve

Online Statistical Definitions

Principal View

Cara Herkamp

Principal View - Incoming 8th Graders - AIMS - VVMS - Girls

Results Can be Sorted - High/Low Placement and Help

Principal - Student Grades in a Teacher’s Class

Principal - Query the School Achievement

Principal - School Graphics

Principal - SAT/Terra Nova for a Teacher’s Students

Principal - Drill deeper on any Student

District Administrator View
Lorraine Hendershott

District Grades of Native American Students - compliance and funding
What use to require contacting hundreds of teachers throughout the district, is now accomplished in a matter of minutes.

District View of Grades based on ELL status

Very Advanced Querying Capability

Grades 06-07 Male Asian Intermediate ELL

Monitoring subgroups for achievement is important for instruction and compliance

Lots of Work Remaining
Continually clean the data Improve navigation and use Identify additional data sources Build a culture of “Quality Data” Thank You.....