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Undoing the snare of the devil

Of Original
Kiss of Satan
aI edition: 1973
Dynamus Editorial

the tremendous success of "He came to Free the Captives", the Editorial Dynamus
is launching in Brazil the book "undoing the snare of the Devil." The title, as
well as the contents of this work are extremely strong, if well that in the war
against Satan and his army there is no place for weakness!
The competent author, the lecturer Maxwell Whyte, profound knowledge of the
occult in its most profound manifestations, Minister lessons fenced,
indispensable to those that want to triumph over the devil.
The tonic of book ends up being the strong warning against any kind of contact
with the hidden, since the more 'innocent' reading of horoscope to more
intrigued involvements with the black magic. Premature deaths, diseases,
failures, disaster and other catastrophes may be direct consequences of such
I recommend reading of "undoing the snare of the devil" to all those who yearn
to "discover" the hidden and retiring of deadly traps of Satan.
Pastor Cyrus Otvio Baptist Church of Forest Belo Horizonte - MG

Chapter 2 - personal experiences - Page 11
Chapter 3 - THE APPEARANCE OF SAMUEL - Page 17
Chapter 4 - occult practices - Page 25
Chapter 5 - disappointments - Page 31
Chapter 6 - Witches and Wizards - Page 38
Chapter 8 - HOROSCOPE AND AMULETS - Page 50
Chapter 9 - THERE IS LIBERATION - Page 57
CHAPTER 11 - CO - heirs - Page 74

Chapter 1 of
the law of the opposite
seems to be a universal law of opposites. An opposite seems to counterbalance
the other. If there is a positive, there is the negative.
Darkness is the absence of light and when the light is manifested in the
darkness, the darkness is dispersed.
In the study of the principles of electricity, we discovered that there is the
negative and the positive and, without these two opposite poles, there is no
electric current. When we consider the behavior of alternating current, we
discovered that the positive pole is equal to the negative pole; but the
negative component can be rectified (or converted) and become positive. We can
use this as an analogy to the spiritual world, separating the saints of nonsantos.
All creation is sustained by the Spirit of God. God is the original creator of
all matter and every spirit and, without his being eternal, nothing would exist.

Matter and Spirit are extensions of your mind, because "God said..." (Genesis
1.3) and things came into existence, and God saw that it was good. In the New
Testament, Paul teaches us this (Colossians 1.16-17) where we see that all
things, spiritual and physical persist because of Jesus (the incarnate Word of
God - John 1.14) and through Him were created, and, consequently, are maintained
by him. In Hebrews 11.3 we see that the universe was created by the Word of God
from things invisible. This spiritual force of God created the matter visible,
and the composition of these elements in its forms atomic, is also maintained by

the bridge between the tangible and intangible asset is real. Matter and Spirit
are interconnected. And it is impossible to understand, using the human wisdom,
without understanding the strength maintainer of God. There is a negative force
that stops the state of well-being, and this force is also personal. Eternal God
is a person, But Satan is the opposite: it is a creature. God creates, Satan
destroys. God heals, Satan brings infirmity.
The Church described in the New Testament is composed by men and women full of
the Holy Spirit, being blessed by God with healings, strength, joy and peace.
This church, call the Body of Christ, is the responsible for preaching the
saving grace of Christ to all who are "used" by "other spirits". It is up to her
to pray for the release of these men from the claws of the evil spirits and to
convert to faith in Christ.
Then they will be full of the Spirit of God. Using the analogy of electricity,
we can say that what God wants is to transform the individual of the negative
cycle for the positive cycle. In fact, the Bible uses the word transform:
"And do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewal of your
The power of God totally changes the whole nature of the individual, of
correcting your Spirit, through the Holy Spirit. The negative personality takes
a positive both in action, such as the behavior.
Confirming the law of opposites, the light of the day only appears after the
darkness of the night. We dare say that the true health cannot be fully
achieved, until you try the disease or infirmity. The achievement of holiness
and greatness of Almighty God cannot be assessed in proper perspective, the
least that man is faced with a 5

decision. The man, being a creature with free will, is faced with two opposites:
good and evil. These are always around the man. He has to take this decision
every day.
Long ago, Joshua had challenged the holy people saying
"... choose today whom ye: if the gods which your fathers served that were
beyond the Euphrates, or the gods of the Amorites in whose land you are living.
I and my house will be the servants of the Lord."
(Joshua 24.15) THE choice here is between God or, if not, gods: God is presented
to the Christian as a Triune God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit), and the option
of a multiplicity of gods.
As Trinity, God works in unity, so also with Satan and his gods. As God the
Father has expressed his Son on earth through the Holy Spirit, so too did Satan
the prince of this world, expressing their powers of evil through their spirits
not-santos. The image is a holy God, but the evil spirit hidden behind the
appearance. This false god, in fact, is not the idol of wood or stone, but the
powerful demon who dwells in their interior and receives the adoration.
The word "hidden" basically means "hidden".
In this way the danger of occult is hidden from the eyes and the natural
understanding and can only be revealed by the Spirit of God through the
operation of wonders. The I speak of the spiritual world be invisible does not
mean that he does not exist in fact.

As we have explained, the physical world is the manifestation of spiritual. And,

when the laws of God are 'broken', as in the case of exhaustion of physical or
mental health of a person, we assign this evil to an evil spirit, 6

which is invading and descontrolando the perfect balance of creation of God. The
Creator gives us his health. Satan steals our health and then, in regard to a
lie, saying that we do not have the right to be healthy. He is the father of the
lie. When Jesus rebuked the wind and waves, he was not reproaching the air and
the waters, but the spirits hidden in these elements that Satan was using to
destruction. Water is good to drink and swim, but not for us afogarmos.
In the same way, the air we breathe is essential to our life, but because of the
fury of Satan, can become so strong that can destroy houses and killing people.
What is important, in fact, is the one who is acting behind the storm. However,
we cannot see the agent that is hidden in these elements, but we can feel and
suffer its destructive power.
Deuteronomy 28 clearly gives us a choice of two paths. This passage contains the
spiritual law of opposite and the effects that may arise from our choice. If 336 to God, our leather of blessings is guaranteed:
health, study, employment and plenty.
The blessings always will we achieve. We will not look them:
they will follow us as the signals listed in Marcos 16.16-18. On the other hand,
if you do not obey God, a list well long of curses automatically in will follow.
There is no way to avoid. The curses, unlike the blessings, come from Satan and
his unclean spirits. The blessings that come from God through the Holy Spirit.
The natural man, with his rationality and philosophies, never understand the
cause of the problem. She this "hidden", that is to say, "hidden" of your
vision. When we pray to God, the Holy Spirit comes to our aid with ministering
angels sent by God. Both, the Holy Spirit and angels, are out of understanding
or natural understanding. If not clamoring 7

to God, in faith, for help, then do not have released the positive forces of
well in our favor, but we are in a position of the unbelievers, where the
negative forces of evil operate automatically for our suffering and destruction.
We can see the evidence of faith, but we cannot see the main cause that is
spiritual. Just as our spiritual eyes will see and understand these mysteries.
The spirit of a person not converted remains in dense darkness. Only when the
light of the world, Jesus, shines in our spirit is that we be creatures, and the
light of the Lord starts to shine within us.
"The spirit of man is the candle of the Lord, searching all the inward parts of
the body."
(Proverbs 20.27) but also read that:
"Because the (man) malignant will not have good future, and bulb of the froward
is quenched."
(Proverbs 24.20) THE lamp of a man upright shines and illuminates the depths of
his being. However, Bulb of man disobedient goes out. The result is the total
darkness and complete lack of understanding, which frequently, they guide the
man to early death and insanity.
When we let Jesus shine within our being and reveal to us the Word of God, we
discover how much darkness extricate us. If we return from darkness to light,
the conversion takes place. Then we are processed.
On one side there is eternal life and light. The other, eternal death and
darkness. We are in the middle. The decision by which path to follow, if the
path that leads us to the spacious 8

destruction or by tight that leads us to life (Matthew 7.13-14), is exclusively

our. Nobody can make that choice for us. Satan demand capture us and blind,
saying, Be it the angel of light.
"... the Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. It is not much,
therefore, that their own ministers be transformed as ministers of justice...".
(2 Corinthians ll.14-15) Note that, in this case, Satan, that is a spirit,
transforms itself, but we are processed by the operation of the Holy Spirit.
Satan, through their demonic spirits, transforms their own ministers in angels
of light to deceive us. They appear in different ways, but are always controlled
by a spirit hidden.
They can teach in churches claiming to be unitaristas, modernists, teosofistas
or any sect that denies Christ and also deny the effectiveness of the blood of
Jesus to us to clean.
They can be false prophets and false Christs (antichrists: Matthew 24.24), and
come in sheep, but inside are wolves (Matthew 7.15). We must be careful: they
come as angels of light, as sheep harmless, but the spirits that operate in them
and through them are demonic and destructive. These are spirits hidden.
There are people who are going to be sneezed in churches and praying for the
sick, and miracles seem to happen, but they operate in the strength and
revelation of the spirits hidden and so many, are mistaken. Jesus said: "... by
fruits ye shall know them. "(Matthew 7.16).
9 And

they usually, forge a charitable appearance to deceive, but then the evil
spirits show its true identity. Challenge them and cry unto the blood of Jesus
and such spirits will reveal themselves by which are: spirit hidden, misleading
and religious.
Take care with the false prophets!
Chapter 2
personal experiences

If God intends to use the man in a positive way, he will give you first some
understanding of negative way.
We learned by contrast. I grew up in a home called Christian and ia regularly to
a Scottish Presbyterian Church, but my mother was involved, by family influence,
in spiritism and other variations of occultism. I was led to believe that my
family was really communicating with spirits of people already killed and that
these people wanted to maintain contact with us through a psychic.
My aunt Esther was a renowned psychic .. My uncle more Velho, Walter, was a
professor at the University Leeds, England, and was one of the first to practice
in the ward clinical hypnosis of that school. Another uncle, Aubrey, was a
physician-doctor and I studied occult practices of various types. Uncle Harry
claimed his title of pantheistic opinion, which means that it does not believed
in God's personality, but sees the universe of God as the same thing. Tia Daisy
was a very important teosofista and also believed in the Buddha, Mohammed,
Confucius, Jesus Christ, etc, but never in the salvation through the blood of
Jesus Christ.
You may notice that our entire family was a great mix of occultism in its
various manifestations.
All believed in reincarnation, Astral plans and communication with dead
(necromancia). Nobody, in addition to my mother who later converted to truth,
believed it was Jesus the Son of God and Savior of the world. They were
attending spiritistic sessions, saw trumpets fluctuating around the room,
experienced levitation, heard voices of spirits and participated of
psychographics. My aunt Esther used to draw the internal anatomy of rights with
a precision that estranhava to many, and what was checked by 11

my two uncles, both doctors with specialization. My mother used to hold a pen in
your hand and watched the spirits by controlling the writing with large letters
without sen- taken, other not. Always i heard my aunt mdium speaking addition
to my mother. Track "photos of spirits", "clear", photos and was taught about
ectoplasm and the materialization of spiritistic forms. Let me explain: When a
spirit medium is entranced deep and under the control of a spirit of family,
they believe that it is possible, for this spirit, pick up part of the substance
of the body of the physical medium and use it to materialize a way, sometimes
transparecendo the face of people already dead.
Recently a man told me that she had gone to a trumpet spiritist session. As the
trumpets ringing "moving" around the room, he asked the spirits if he could give
them a handshake, then the Spirit has offered the trumpet as a hand. This man
told me that he insisted on a handshake with the Spirit, said to be the spirit
of a person already deceased. To extend your hand, he felt cold and sticky
fingers of ectoplasm in his hand, which describes how the udder a dead cow. He
got enojado.
I was familiar with all type of paraphernalia that track these demonstrations
ocultistas. When he was twelve years, I have had the experience of seeing a
heavy dining table walking by the walls of the house of my grandfather in
Beckenham, Kent, England. Heard my uncles speaking as the spirits, who responded
with a beat for yes and two strokes to not, a kind of Urim and Thummim devilish.
I track using tables or clipboards. According to them, the spirits behind the
framework soletravam your answers. Today our young people may purchase these
types of frames and can "playing" with them without realising the danger with
which are becoming involved. When I was younger, a friend of mine 12

, as I had married recently, was encouraged by a third friend to try the

psychographics. My friend, even from a home fearing God, knew nothing about
this. He simply took a pencil, waited, and the spirit took control of their
hands and began to write. Many questions were made as, for example: "Who are
you?", which the spirit answered by spelling the name of an Italian.
My friend Don had never heard this name before, but he was with his wife to
library check. This was the name of an Italian painter of the 16th century. He
became immediately with much fear and stopped doing to writing.
But as the spirit knew of the Italian painter? Could be a human spirit, an
artist of truth? There was a demonic spirit who had lived in body and mind of
this artist and intimately knew his life of wickedness. The demons not die, nor
sleep. Roam naked looking for an address in another body through which they can
express their nature and malignant character.
We all can open the door for them. The door of the occult, in any modality, is
what they are looking for.
Let us not be surprised that Paul has said:
"... nor give place to the devil."
(Ephesians 4.27) I track my uncles and aunts placing their fingers in the
armpits of another person and lift it. Through the demonic levitation, human
bodies are erected. There are experts in spiritism which may be lifted to the
ceiling by wicked spirits. Objects in homes haunted can, suddenly, crossing the
room until they collide with a wall and be completely destroyed. It is easy to
say: "Do not believe these things". Not spoken Paul of faithless when wrote:

"and hence? If some believed not, their unbelief will undo the fidelity of God?"
(Romans 3.3) this passage of the Sacred Scriptures is clear and applies- if
strictly in believing in the work of the Holy Spirit.
But, as we are trying to show that we have learned through contrasts, many
refuse to believe in God, also refuse to believe in the supernatural side

negative, Satan and his demons.

Many that have investigated the evidence of both, the Holy Spirit in cures,
miracles, languages, prophecies, etc., and the events hidden supernatural cannot
explain these things. Then, they try to make this a science and invent
university courses called "parapsychologists", where young people are directed
to study the work of the demons. Many young people are starting to get involved
in dangerous occult practices through these studies.
In my family, disasters have happened frequently.
Without mentioning names, there are cases of adultery and sudden deaths among my
cousins. Husbands have left their wives and their sons, and then to find
comfort, they have gone to false religious cults, instead of going to meet
Jesus, the One who heals, forgives and clean through his blood.
Weddings are finished and one in particular, eventually transforming the couple
in immoral. The stain of Cain is in the family.
You cannot play with sin and escape the contamination. I am sure that all of
that in the past if they defiled with some form of occultism were "infected" by
evil spirits, which if pitched in their minds and in their bodies. The
consequences seem to be cumulative, the older a person, over the spirits 14

malignant infiltrating in his personality, tying it and destroy it as a

spiritual cancer.
The older a person, we can more easily identify your involvement or their
relatives in the past with the occult. It is common to be affected for cancer or
another disease. It is a bond hidden from the past that has to be confessed,
forgotten and forgiven, before being broken by the prayer of faith made in the
name of Jesus.
When I was baptized with the Holy Spirit, in 1939, I was not aware of these
things. My friends have insisted that i's by the blood of Jesus, but I have
consistently refused. I could not. They cheerfully did and, of course, the
effect was immediate. I was stagnant as a framework and kneeling, I fell upon my
face, wonder what was going on!
Years later, I discovered that at that moment, an evil spirit of contamination
was a hidden and i had left by the power of the blood of Jesus. He was expelled
from me by the power of God, who responded to the cries of the blood. Satan is
always defeated by the words of Jesus' blood, even in a song or prayer.
A week later I went to another "Worship of search," as they call the meeting,
and I was quickly filled by the Holy Spirit, because this time I was free to cry
out by blood. Hear me starting to speak in tongues, when the Holy Spirit came on
me. The hidden spirit had left.
My mother was a great studious of written and offspring prevalences of Johanna
Southcott, a coat of the last century. That prophesied lies, that have been
published and influenced the formation of the current society. We implore my
mother which would destroy the written, but she said that had already been very
useful because they refused to destroy them.

Nevertheless, she followed me to the truth of the baptism in the Holy Spirit and
received the experience of "speaking in tongues", but has never been completely
liberates. When I started to tell him the gifts of the Holy Spirit, especially
the true gift of prophecy, she said: "I know all these things". What really
wanted to say that I was familiar with the imitation of Satan. She was unable to
discern the truth of falsehood.
Many people in the Church are not capable of understanding that cures are also
practiced in spiritistic temples with "messages", and that when they hear talk
of the gifts of healing that are in the churches of the New Testament, that
honor the name of Christ, they feel that all supernatural events come from the
same source God. Languages, interpretation and prophecies are what they have in
spiritistic sessions. Satan is an imitator.

Many were Spiritualists say that the evidence of the supernatural and friendship
between people to have guided to close to God.
Deceived, they do not want to get rid of this trap spiritual.
Chapter 3
The appearance of Samuel
In I Samuel 28.7-25, we find one of the best examples of spiritism mentioned in
the Bible. The teller 16

(witch) of Endor had a familiar spirit, this means that she was possessed and
motivated by an evil spirit, which oftener messages "miraculously" Alem. The
demonic spirits, in favorable circumstances, as a trance, communicate your
thoughts through the mouth of teller.
It is very emphasized among the spirits, which now childproof if "CHRISTIAN
SPIRITIST", this classic example of mdium that made up Samuel. For them, the
whole history described illustrates the "truth" that it is possible not only
communicate with people killed, as also sees them in corporal manifestations.
The Scriptures, however, does not say that. Saul said to witch:
"It makes me up Samuel."
(1 Samuel 28.11) and when she saw Samuel, she cried with a loud voice, saying,
"an old man cometh up; and he is covered with a mantle." And Saul understood
that it was Samuel. And Samuel said to Saul: ", Why hast thou disquieted me, to
bring me up? (...) And Samuel said:
Because, since, ask of me, seeing the LORD hath forsaken thee, if made thine
enemy? (1 Samuel 28.15-16) If Samuel had really appeared and talked to Saul, the
laws of God would have been raped. God would be contradicting what he himself
had already said through Samuel when this was still living? This contradiction
is impossible. I Samuel 28.6 says that Saul said to the Lord and this answered
him not. The three main ways in which God would talk to Saul were closed:
through dreams in his spirit, the Urim and Thummim in the breastplate of high
priest and by the voice of the prophets of God.
Saul was literally off of God and communication with him. Desperate, sought
other means, 17

prohibited by God, a voice of the beyond. The possibility of God speak with him
in this way was none, and we shall prove him this.
In the Old Testament we read:
"When someone to turn to the necromancers and wizards to prostitute herself with
them, I against him, and the eliminarei from among his people."
(Leviticus 20.6) The law is clear. Saul disobeyed, going to a woman who has a
family spirit and he received the answer that demon, because the communication
him with God, through the Holy Spirit, outside cut. The own Saul it was no
longer considered more a son of God, and had already been 'taken' from the midst
of the Israeli people.
At John 15, we see Jesus speak that the branch of the vine that does not bear
fruit will be cut. The twig drought and is burned.
This was the right destination of King Saul. Was Not Samuel who spoke with Saul,
but a demon who personified Samuel, and this spirit was able to materialize,
because we had this possibility in spiritism advanced. The enchantress Em-Dor
was a very powerful psychic ..
Saul said to the demon that personified Samuel that God does not talk with him
ever more, nor by dreams, nor by the prophecies (1Samuel 28.15). As the prophet
could be talking with him, if he himself said that until the voice of prophets
is clearly? Could only be a "imitator".
This is clear when we regard the tragic death of King Saul.
"So Saul died for his transgression which he committed against the Lord, because

word of the Lord, that he did not put him; and, also because had questioned and
seent a necromancer, and not to the Lord, that therefore he slew him, and turned
the kingdom unto David the son of Jesse."
(1 Chronicles 10.13-14) the reason for his death, this way, was have questioned
the God. It is clearly placed that the communication was made with an evil
spirit, a demon, because all communication with God had already been cut. Saul
not talked with Samuel. He talked with a hidden spirit that aped Samuel, and God
had no alternative than to promote the trial of Saul. Saul died.
It is very important to remember that Saul sought not to the Lord, he sought a
woman who had had a red herring (1Samuel 28.7). Saul had already sought the
Lord, without much success, as a response, only silence. The Ministry of Samuel
had a great prophet, a mouth of God on earth. God used Samuel to speak to Saul
and the other people. No other voice came out of the mouth of Samuel, because he
was full of the Holy Spirit:
"... because never, ever, any prophecy was amended by human will, however men
[holy] spoke from God moved by the Holy Spirit."
(2 Peter 1.21) even when Balaam tried to prophesy to its own financial profit,
the only words that came out of his mouth were of the Holy Spirit.
Assuming that Saul has really seen and spoken with Samuel in the house of the
sorceress, no word should have left the mouth of Samuel, because God had already
shown on Saul that not afterward more with him through the prophets. 19 And

Samuel himself would have if Calado, as God has done. Everything that Saul
wanted was a supernatural response from any source other than of God. Then he
was see a spirit of family, conduct which is mentioned as one of the sins of
Israel in Isaiah 8.19, where withmedical visits the magicians and clairvoyance
instead of to seek God.
It seems like a coin with two faces. A allows us to communicate with God through
the Holy Spirit and the other with demons who pretend to be persons already
mortal remains.
When the witch was using its "hidden" powers, it was alarmed to see what seemed
to be Samuel, besides other spirits called "gods" which amounted on earth. We
believe that, when God says not to serve the "other gods", he has in mind that
we must not serve to demons behind the idols pagans. The first commandment:
..."thou shalt have no other gods before me.".
(Exodus 20.4)
is followed by the second, which is practically a reaffirmation of the first:
"Thou shalt not make thee any graven image...".
(Exodus 20.4) is impossible love a hidden spirit without realizing it some
demonstration representative of "divinity" malignant hidden behind the image.
That is why some idols are very ugly, especially in China, and, thus, worshipers
of that idol worship him because of manifestation made. Medical-witches,
wizards, diviners, saints and even fathers, archbishops or popes are means used
by the demons to demonstrate.

All the religions of the world are paid forms of occultism. Unfortunately, the
manufacture of "images of saints" began at the time of Constantine, when he
forced throughout the Roman Empire the pagan if baptize and become Christian.
The pagans managed to safeguard their idols giving them Bible names.
There is a good reason for the Bible tell us that never any man seen God. He is
the invisible God and the only way to see it is seeing the Son (John 14.9).
Jesus is the image of the invisible God (Colossians 1.15) and no statue of stone
or wood can portray the Almighty God! The Bible says that Ezekiel had to destroy
the bronze serpent (symbol of Christ) that Moses had put on a pole. The people,

having affixed look to that image, went out healed and this is for the Israelis
took an idol worthy of adoration, for which reason had to be destroyed.
When, instead of worship the Creator, we adore the creates- tura, we are
entering the world of hidden (Romans 1.21- 25).
In Deuteronomy 18.11, one of prohibited practices was to see the spirits of
divination or see dead.
As we said, Saul had no intention to refer to God. The intention was clear: he
sought a sorceress who knew and spoke with dead.
The evil spirit who personified Samuel knew the mode of life from him and many
other details of his life.
When demons appear in spiritistic sessions and communicate through messages, it
is very likely that they were demonstrating in people, that they represent
there, while they were alive and can even speak the language of them up with
correct accent.

We are not saying that it was so in the case of Samuel. He was a servant of God
and then was much feared by Satan. I have no doubt that Satan and his demons
attended the life of Samuel for many years. Given the circumstances the demons
can speak other languages as also prophesy by means of spiritism. These demons
will use false prophets in our own churches and Deuteronomy tells us that the
instructions that they will give us will be to serve or worship to other gods.
God allows these poor and circumvented souls are in our midst because He wants
us to prove, to know if we love the Lord our God with all our heart, of our
whole soul and with all our strength. Thus operates the law of opposites, the
positive and the negative. If you never hear a false prophecy, and never
2,4,10,13 some contact with a false prophet, then, how shall we know the true?
These spirits that use the false prophets are called in the Bible of spirits
liars. We are encouraged to prove whether the spirits are really sent by God:
"Beloved, give no credit to any spirit:
before, taste the spirits that precede with God, because many false prophets
have gone forth into the world outside."
(1 John 4.1) Any spirit which disparage Jesus and magnified man is a demon. The
Holy Spirit is only sent to glorify the Lord (John 16.14). Saul, after to rebel
against God, became a slave of a lying spirit, which induced to see the witch.
After we identify the nature of the Spirit who impersonated Samuel (a demonic
nature), we can see that he reveals himself to Saul. Explaining better, a final
message left by the demon was:

"... to morrow shalt thou and thy sons be with me...".

(1 Samuel No 28.19) THE WITCH "sought" the spirit, out of the pit, call sheol or
the place in the bosom of Abraham, not in torment, but at rest, and nothing
could disturb your rest after death.
There is a wide gap between these two places, as we can see in the parable of
the rich man and Lazarus. Lazarus was carried by the angels into the bosom of
Abraham, but the rich man died, was buried and taken to the hell!(Luke 16.1926). If we want this eternal happiness, we have to cross the bridge over the
abyss. This bridge is called Jesus. You must accept his sacrifice on the cross.
And we must do so now.
We do not know if tomorrow will we still alive.
Any teaching that contradicts this simple truth comes to be a deceptive spirit,
is a doctrine of demons (1Timothy 4.1). There are many doctrines that deny the
duality of the Gospel. In universalism, for example, everything, in the last
instance, goes to heaven. This is a doctrine of demons.
The only known case of a man be brought from the bosom of Abraham was to Moses
in the Mount of the Transfiguration (Matthew 17.1-18). The Bible shows us
clearly that God had done this, and not a witch, witch, impish little or a

wizard or psychic. God is omnipotent and he can do what you want. If we try to
imitate him interfering in the world of the demons, we will be cut (as branches
of the vine) and die before the time, physically or mentally ill.
Today, praying for the sick, we stayed therefore dismayed that as many times the
disease is directly related with occult practices in the past. If we allow these
spirits 23

use our bodies and minds, they enter and refuse to go though, and multiply as
germs within us. When this occurs, the demons have to confess, deliver their
works and being expelled in the name of Jesus, before any cure or release might
Chapter 4
occult practices
One of abominations cited in Deuteronomy 18.10 refers to children across the
fire. Some think that the Bible is talking about the human sacrifice practiced
by some religions paid as says in Deuteronomy 12.31:
"... because until their sons and their daughters they have burned in the fire
to their gods."

However Deuteronomy 18.10 refers to pass through the fire without burn out.
In a book written by Doris Irvine, English of Bristol, called of witchcraft to
Christ, she account when entered a great furnace at Dartmoor, England, during a
great meeting of witches and wizards Europeans.
She says that, while spending by fire, Satan himself was there, offering you a
hand to it the insuring and seeing it go through the fire without nothing
suffer. And as had been planned, she was Corporate Philanthropist queen of
Halloween of Europe for a year. She has not suffered any damage in the fire, not
even his black dress the witch was smelling smoke.
Doris was saved during a campaign evangelstica Eric Hutchings and soon after
was frees the demons through the ministry of a pastor Batista in west of
We know, also, the case of a minister of God, full of the Holy Spirit, who was
for Indonesia and, while watching witches pagans walking on coal as coals and
very hot stones, he was challenged to do the same through the power of God from
him. He accepted the challenge and walked over the fire without staying with no
We think that this was insane and that he was challenging the mercy of God,
since it is written that we should not try to God.
The protection of God is upon us as it was with the three young Hebrews that
were released into the furnace of fire air- tooth because of their witness. They
said that, if it were the will of God, He the bookstore. And he did so and the
young people came out from there intact, without the smell of smoke in their
We can again see the principle of positive and negative being used. Satan and
God may protect the 25

fire. God says that if drink some deadly drink, not in any circumstances cause
damage, but even so we should not try to God, by checking whether it actually
Also says in DEM 16.18 and Lucas 10.19 that saved will get on and subdue
serpents and scorpions and that they do not cause any damage. However, this
should not be done to prove God, trying it deliberately. Many died doing things
of this kind. Snakes are symbologies used to Satan and his demons, and we are
warned to keep us far from them and of their sorceries.

When Paul was on the island of Malta, he was bitten by a snake, but not sank
because I knew of the protection of God (Acts 28.3-5).
It is possible to hypnotise a person and put it into a trance for that the
surgeon can operate it without using anesthetic.
We heard about even of witches unclean by demons that operate a human body with
the incision of a knife, and then closes the wound without staying scar. This
may seem a lie and we cannot prove otherwise, but we know that this occurs in
certain cultures paid. There are areas of occultism that are taking terrifying
if we do not know of the protection that exists over us because of San- gue of
Jesus. Pagan priests, in their orgies, invoke demons to act in their life for,
thus, they can easily demonstrate the ability to walk on the fire, on coals and
very hot stones. This is done in India, Indonesia, Africa and other places in
the world and shows that the power of these spirits is greater than we imagine.
Also shows us, by contrast, the incredible power of the Holy Spirit to protect
us from any damage, keeping us in "hiding place of the Most High" (Psalms 91.1,
The promise is that no evil befall us:

"because it will give his angels, to keep thee in all thy ways."
(Psalms 91.11) will we tread them under the lion and the Viper, in the same way
that Jesus assures us in the New Testament:
"... Behold I gave authority to trample through serpents and scorpions...".
(Luke 10.19) our problem is that we feel more easy running of that face them.
But the promise does not change.
In India, pagan priests face in their habilida- des, lying in the beds of nails
or knives, dragging cars with hooks attached to his own flesh, without that
leave the least sign of blood in their bodies. Are put spears into the skin,
pieces of bone or other material in the nose, however without blood and without
pain. You must be asking yourself how you can do this? They have handed in their
bodies the power of Satan, and Satan does such "miracles" to show his great
But they do not know that there is one of the most powerful blood any other, and
this is the blood of Jesus, the only one capable of clean and purify us
We can do infinitely more if we hand our mind and body of the Lord Jesus Christ,
so he will deliver us from all evil.
Is also mentioned in Deuteronomy 18.10-12 the art of divination, that can be
done in various ways as read the hands, letters of taro or even a crystal ball.
A good illustration of this is the story told in the Acts of a young 16.16-18
which had a spirit of divination. She was a young 27

witch and said in a loud voice that Paul and his friends were servants of the
Most High God. This was a true and Satan knew that.
Satan announcing God as if it were for their own benefit. Paul was then against
the spirit and the expelled. Another example is the case of Simon, in Acts 8,
which was a magician very known throughout Samaria, making magical arts,
demonic. Until called it the "great power" (Acta 8.10).
Is there a man named Harry Edwards, who lives in London, England, that can clog
up gym with seven thousand people, heal and perform miracles, openly admitting
that the power it is the spirit of the world, a miracle is a sign of an activity
of a spirit, not necessarily the Holy Spirit. Again we see the principle of
opposites negative and positive.
If someone acquire money from people who rummages through with the occult, you
automatically if entering the world of the spirits and is attracting demonic
powers to itself. The mind will be invaded by thoughts coming from these
In some cases this is well Sutil, but in others it is so real that arrives to

surprise us. Demons cannot predict the future, because the future belongs only
to the Lord, the great i am.
But the demons are very clever and make deductions from obvious that, clear will
materialise. It is very dangers to ask a person full of the Holy Spirit to
prophesy to us, because such attitude may take this gift of the Spirit "a
forecast of the future", or something of the kind, and, even being a son of God
sincere, the person can attracts evil spirits if disobey God in their own use of
the gifts of the Holy Spirit, who are for the edification of the Church (1
Corinthians 14.12).

is totally different when God reveals something to a minister His. Often uses a
person to bless a brother or sister. This usually happens when someone now for a
sick person and he is healed. The revelation must not be sought. It is a word of
wisdom that God gives.
The elders of Moab and the Midianites came to Balaam with the rewards of
divination in their hands (Figures 22.7). They were not interested in a pure
prophetic word. They wanted a curse hidden spirit Israel. Balaam, instead of
cursing, blessed. A charming typically charge a price.
Because Israel refused to obey the law, we know that:
"Also burned their sons and their daughters as a sacrifice, gave to the practice
of, and used divination and enchantments, and sold themselves to do evil before
the LORD, to provoke him to anger." "By the Lord was very angry with Israel, and
abiding by its presence...".
(2 Kings 17.17-18) ten tribes were banned by the presence of God and delivered
in the hands of the Assyrians, because they chose to practice the occult to
enrich, to serve the Lord to be blessed. You can see this also in the world of
today? Why the people of God would prefer the occult to God?
It is because of entertainment. Cycling on the fire and earn money by providing
for the future can be fun, but Satan is the final attraction. It is necessary to
"fall outside" while it is time.
When the ark of the covenant was in the land of the Philistines seven months,
they inquired of the priests and the diviners to learn how the sister (1 Samuel
6.1-2). Not the same in relation to the churches that host) 29

spiritistic practices and offer games to mystics children play during the Sunday
Those Philistines sought information that did not come from God. They had the
hope that God could use other sources (1Samuel 6.9). The answer that had to God.
We cannot resort to luck if we are with God.
We received blessings true if we believe.
There were false prophets in Israel who prophesied lies.
They were astrologers. And they still exist today.
Chapter 5
in May 1973, an adolescent was introduced in a ritual in which human blood is
extracted. This worship, in California, demanded the sacrifice of human blood,
although the sacrifice of animals is quite common in satanic cults.
Generally, a little bit of human blood, obtained by means of incisions on the
arm, is mixed with another type of blood and, then, is drunk.
We can see how absurd the law of opposite when comparing such blood with the
blood of Jesus Christ, which he offered by our sins to the Cross, which we
represent in the Lord's Supper.
Before any young reach the rite in which drinketh human blood, he is taken to
use several types of drugs.
Thus, your mind is weakened and the demon enters and there is. And the more the
person he submits to drugs and the 30

demons assume control of mind it, until the spirits satanic become the
predominant factor in its pattern of behavior. In this state, the person commits
any type of heinous crime, because the strength that is moving is not human and
Demons are looking for bodies in which they can express their malignant nature.
I admit that this is a truth impossible to be accepted by an "wise
However, more and more people are being forced to do something that did not
choose, especially in secondary schools. It is the balance of the growth of the
occult in our society.
I write this because I have received, in the ministry of liberation, letters of
some people of California, who told me to which young people were forced. They
do not therefore sought to, nor wanted because they said he was very
controversial. Then those young people were up to them to seek help. Thus, when
prayed for them in the name of Jesus, the demons began to manifest and discuss,
shouting, speaking and grab the throats of them.
When God called me to this ministry, in 1947, I was not seeking demons. I was
trying to help people and didn't realize that the cause of the problems and
difficulties of them could be demons. I knew nothing about these wicked spirits.
Since those days, thousands of people have been freed by prayer in the name of
Jesus and the effectiveness of the Precious Blood of Jesus cried against these
creatures terribly destructive.
Our civilization, today, is being forced to see many things happening, of which
the generations of our ancestors had knowledge. But we conceal these phenomena
underneath the carpet and we say 31

that are based on "parapsychology &". But, in truth, not even understand the
meaning of this word. The Bible warns us that, if stop playing with the occult,
we will be delivered into the hands of demonic forces of which we will not be
able to rid ourselves alone.
God, then draws us your protection and Satan, progressively, takes account of
our mind and our body, until we lead to death. People are tricked by religions
who promise them "help", but, in truth, are taken to seek the occult.
Again, referring to the text of Deuteronomy 18, the next category of occultism
cited is the "genius".
Side, king of Judah, consulted familiar spirits and soothsayers. God said:
"I Jerusalem will...".
The king has guided his people to sin and, if they had newspapers, radio or
television at that time, would, with certainty, horoscopes, columns of diviners,
symbols of the zodiac, etc. the king and the people acted in complete rebellion
against the laws of God. I am not surprised that Canada, the United States and
other countries in which we found this religious freedom are suffering with
terrible tragedies. The politicians in these countries are even rotten. And a
politician rotten represents a rotten people until both tire of their rotting.
Here, then, God promises:
"... I will sprinkle clean water upon you...".
(Ezekiel 36.25) This cleaning is on the way. Without a spiritual renewal these
countries will be cleaned to force. Not varremos trash and after the burn or
bury? What God will do with child pornography and the garbage mental and
spiritual of our country,

today? If he leave as is, the entire nation be irremediably polluted with mental
and physical diseases.
A soothsayer is one that attempts to predict future event through supernatural

powers, with the purpose of profit. Some people nor plan your day without
consulting the horoscope. To mark the day of the marriage and work commitments
according to his days of luck. Thank you, Lord, because we know that you have
the time in your hands! That is our God is the eternal I am, so we need not
concern ourselves with what is to come, but only trust him all the time.
"Therefore, do not be anxious about with the day of tomorrow, because tomorrow
will bring their care, simply to day is its own evil."
(Matthew 6.34) Other malignant practice mentioned in Deuteronomy 18 is the art
of enchantment. This is the magical art practiced by the Magi (witches). We can
see the sorcerers of Pharaoh.
Pharaoh will not be frightened when the man of God, Moses, threw his stick on
the floor and the stick has become a serpent. He had his own wise, your
sorcerer, their Magi. And these very well paid, false prophets and religious
leaders did their enchantments. Then they also played their cajados who have
turned the serpent. But how did they do that?
It is obvious to a Christian who God can do any miracle, up to bring something
that does not exist to the existence, in accordance with its resolutions, but
magi can also do this?
No, but they can, through tricks, do something very similar to the miracles of
God. The demons will, at the speed of light, the wilderness and seek a snake and
the exchange by crook. The spirits are faster than our 33

eyes. In the same way is made levitation in spiritistic temples. And also the
supernatural act to make objects fly by a luggage or snakes are transported to
the chateaux of Pharaoh. Pharaoh had no doubt that its magi knew that "trick".
Was the hand slight of demons.
But God showed his power than when the serpent of Moses ate the other two. The
same magi took the waters in blood and frogs appear throughout all the land of
They imitated the miracles of God, but when Moses sent the third Prague, that
was the lice, on the ground, is written:
"And so did the Magi also the same with their hidden sciences to bring forth
lice, but could not...".
(Exodus 7.8) the power of Satan, even seem beautiful and fascinating to a person
imprudent, is limited before the power of God. In Isaiah 47.9-11, we have some
examples of God's judgment people rebels. The main reason for the terrible
punishment was who practiced many sorceries and enchantments. The result came
suddenly upon them: the death many children and numerous cases of widowhood.
Usually punishments and blessings come when you least expect it. On the day of
Pentecost the Holy Spirit came on them suddenly, and began to speak in other
languages to the surprise of many. The revival by which the Church is currently
undergoing has brought back many truths and unbelievable practices that were
forgotten, both the good and the bad. Blessings and curses in abundance: what do
you want?
Many rummages through with occult only by curiosity. Evil know that they are
calling for themselves the judgment of God 34

that will visit suddenly with suffering, illness or sadness. And when that
happens, we say: "Am I without luck?" The former Egyptian Goddess of Fortune was
called Luk, where does the word luck, luck in English. If you do not keep, we
received what these gods give us. We have received what we deserve.
"For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft...".
(1 Samuel 15.23) toy with witchcraft and receive curse of witchcraft.
Some time ago I read an article in the Magazine Reader's Digest on a famous
French spiritist that levitava their chair, as if you were sitting, up to the
ceiling where he remained suspended in air, without any visible support. How?
This is an enchantment. If two people put their fingers in the armpits of
another person that the consents, they can lift it easily. How? The demons, in

this case, "lend" their strength and make levitate. Nebuchadnezzar also had its
own wizards in his court. It was common practice of paganism. Those wise men
were mystics, prophets of other gods. Daniel and his three friends, however,
were the prophets of God true pagan scenario. They were the positive and the
other, the negative. It is written:
"Ora, these four children, God gave them knowledge and intelligence in every
culture and wisdom: and Daniel had understanding in all visions and dreams." won
the time determined by the king to the laughter, the prince of the eunuchs
brought them the presence of Nebuchadnezzar.

And the king communed with them; and among all other findings were not as
Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah: therefore started to attend before the
"In all matters of wisdom and understanding, that the king them, he found them
ten times more learned than all the Magi and charming rooms that were in all his
(Daniel 1.17-20) is a human instinct to want to know the future, and God has
endowed with his people with true prophets. He has granted us spiritual gifts,
including prophecy, word of wisdom and understanding, and the gift of
interpretation. Why the people of God need go to Satan, instead of seeking God?
Isaiah in regard to that:
"And because there is no light in them."
(Isaiah 8.20) If we walk in darkness, we are consumed by it and not heard, nor
we see nothing, not to be demons.
Many churches were killed or sterile spiritually in the course of time. They had
little to offer the supernatural and, thus, Satan won easy for the many who were
seeking the mysticism between the demons. But the general pattern is changing.
God is putting the light of the Spirit on the Church in our day and many are
awakening and understanding:
"... not a people seek unto his God? The favor of the living if shall consult
the dead?"
(Isaiah 8.19)

Chapter 6
Witches and Wizards

THE TERM "Witch" is used for women, while we can use "magician" or "magician"
for men. The ministry of the evil one of them is the same. God considers this
practice demonic so serious that, in his law, he tells us that the witch must be
condemned to death (Exodus 22.18). But this law was not taken seriously by
people like the King Saul, who consulted a witch. This was afraid when he
learned who he was, thinking that he came to condemn it to death. However, Saul
promised him life, entering in direct contradiction with the ordering the Word
of God.
The doctors-witches are a psychic practicing and unclean by demons. Through the
rites and enchantments, they supposedly cure diseases. In fact, what they do and
cast curses on people. Those who are cursed frequently are dying because the
familiar spirits the kill.
When a person is healed through the enchantments of a medical-magician, a spirit
of infirmity not exits, he is 37

only removed, temporarily, on the part of the body that is affected. Normally he
lodges in more profound, at the heart of the person to be manifested later,
causing a more severe disease in body or in the mind of the person, or bringing
back to the same disease.
The release in the name of Jesus is very different. In many cases, when the
spirits of illness are punished in the name of Jesus, they are concerned about
and the person says that can feel the presence of them the pressure and sorrows
in various parts of the body until they exit definitively, often through the
throat with a cough or a cry.
A doctor, recently examined strangers rites and "mi- lagres" performed by
doctors-witches in Africa and said that happened many healings, not only
physical, but also in the minds with disorder. He said that the witches were
"doing a great job" between the native tribes and should be encouraged to
continue, especially where the medical service was scarce.
Reporters from several parts of the world have gone to Africa, because doctorswitches are turning, burning their fetishes and being freed from their familiar
spirits. In Nigeria, I knew, at first hand, that doctors-witches, before
romanticized greatly by the native peoples, are now fearing the ministers filled
with the Spirit that are proliferating due to the outpouring of the Spirit on
that country.
In the more advanced countries, however, there are no doctors-witches, but there
is the refined hypnotism. Briefly speaking, that maketh hypnotism is also a
magician. What really happens is that the familiar spirits control the hypnotism
taking the mind of the person who is being hypnotized. It is clear that the
patient must agree that the hipnotizem, to deliver their mind, it will be fully

Another way, does not work. It is not a mind controlling another or one being
stronger than the other: it is simply a manifestation of a powerful evil spirit
family invading the mind of the patient that is subject to this and, thus, is
temporarily forced to stay in a state of trance.
Mesmerized himself is possible. The family spirit can thus reveal hidden
secrets, which may have been forgotten, but that still occupy the mind of the
hypnotist. The person enters into a trance and the wicked spirits speak through
it. A famous case was to Edgar Cayce, Virginia Beach, State of Virginia, who
diagnosed in transe deep, diseases in other people through the demonic spirit
that dwell within him.
In churches there is a more subtle form of witchcraft. I speak about the false
prophets with its false spiritual gifts, that is pervasive in churches
expressing the supernatural. Are people used by "spirits" and not by the Holy
They preach a message well soft, with little biblical basis, and then the people
conclude: "He is a man of God". In truth, is a magician. This is a religious
spirit which, to be expelled, will reveal himself with a "spirit of witchcraft".
I heard a friend pastor explaining that the face of them seems to be made of
plastic, and is exactly that, a subnet mask, an artificial gaze of "holiness".
This reveals the seduction of the spirit which is in him. Is feigned ignorance
and simulates the things of God through the imitation.
We can cite the case of Simon the sorcerer of Acta 8.9- 11. He used witchcraft
in Sumaria, to enchant the people, because it was a charming. With this has
satisfied its ego, announcing that it was the "great". Because of their cures,

all the people promptly agreed and said he was "the great power".

It is written that he charmed the people by a good time with your spells. But
was surprised, when a greater power which he came to the city by Philip the
He revealed the gift of miracle cures, and Simon knew immediately that Philip
had a higher power to him and tried to buy with money that power. The whole
kingdom of occultism is based in cash of palm trees until the powder used in
On the island of Paphos, Paul and Bamab found with a pro consul romano called
Srgio Paulo, described as a prudent man. They talked about the Word of God.
In the same place, was a sorcerer (mage) Jew named Bailcsus, which means "son of
Joshua", that nothing was happy to hear them talk about the Word of God.
Despite having a name spiritual good, he was a wizard that operated with
malignant forces and resisted to the men of God. This is one of the great signs
of false prophets. They resist the most obvious truths of the Word of God,
especially those that concern the salvation, through Jesus, so that everyone who
believes, and substitute them by their religious lies. However, claim to
represent Jesus.
When Magician (the other name of name was Bar-Jesus) began to show its
opposition, Paul has set his eyes on him and said to this supposed "man of God":
"O Son of the devil, full of all deceit and all malice, enemy of all
righteousness, hating not to pervert the righteous ways of the Lord?" Because
now behold upon thee the hand of the Lord, and thou shalt be blind, not seeing
the sun for a time. At the same moment fell on him mist and darkness (...).

Then the proconsul, seeing what had happened, believed, being astonished at the
doctrine of the Lord. "
(Acts 13.10-12) that extraordinary story! The man was blind because of its
involvement with the witchcraft. But his chastisement brought salvation to
another soul.
Who can say how many people are ill because of their direct or indirect
involvement with witchcraft in the family? By chance Paul hath blinded name was
Bar-Jesus? Do not. Paul knew that this would happen, because the Holy Spirit had
revealed to him. In the same way, Peter has not caused the death of Ananias and
his wife in 5.1-10 Acts. He just said the Word of God with boldness and God did
the rest.
Those involved with demonic practices, even bearing the name of Christians, will
tremble with the move of God, today, and with how the Word of God is being
preached in the power of the Holy Spirit and confirmed by signs and wonders
miracles. We read that the demons believe in God and tremble (James 2.19). If
not admire the doctors-witches of Africa are trembling with the outpouring of
the Spirit and the preaching of the Word of God.
I have seen men and women be possessed and begin to scream, when they come to
me: "Do not contact me!". With terror visibly described in their faces.
We are not those who fear (Psalms 27), but Satan has everything to fear. It is
not surprising that we read that Jesus would devastate the wicked one by the
splendour of his coming (2Tessalonieenses 2.8). This will be the day of the
reappearance of the Word of God in the power of the Holy Spirit, which shall
devour the weakness of occultism and destroy those who with him if they involve.
At the same time, the mercy of God will be extended to all who confess Jesus, to
abandon its 41

evil ways and ask forgiveness for their sins. The hell was not done for men, but
for the devil and his angels, including the entire family of occultism (Matthew
Now let me say something about the eyes with malignant tumors.
Paul knew of the imminent danger that haunted the Christians of the New
Testament. He wrote:

"O Gaiatas, Galatians fools! You whom fascinated to you others, ante whose eyes
was Jesus Christ exposed as crucified?"
(Galatians 3.1) The Greek word for "Enchantment" is Kaino, which literally means
"lunging (fool) with eye". This is a hidden practice similar to hypnosis, and
the Bible refers to it as malignant gaze. As Paul, full of the Spirit, fixes her
eyes in Eli ,but that was affected of blindness, in the same way the look of a
witch or a wizard can go to the depths of the soul of a person naive, leading
curse for that life. False prophets,when pray for the sick, secure the eyes
within the eyes of the person it will fall supposedly "by the power of God".
This can sometimes be confused with prayer, with the imposition of hands made by
the servants of God filled with the Spirit, which can lead people to fall upon
the joy of the Spirit. The Galatians were suffering greatly because of the
operation of any false prophet, which had a spirit seductive.
When they speak, would penetrate into its interior with the eyes and would lead
to a state of subjection spiritual. The spirit of seduction would take control
of your mind, as in a case of hypnotism, and destroy the pure doctrine of God.
Much of hypnotism is ugly through the gaze malignant. Is frequent and very easy
to detect a person who is possessed by a demon, by the narrowing of the pupil.
They seem to

be hipnotizadas 42. This same narrowing happens when the person is under the
influence of drugs. If the demon enters, the addict, even he that saith
converted, needs to be freed.
Today, we must do as John said to us:
"... o taste the spirits that are out of God...".
(1John 4.1) we must not leave false prophets impose hands upon us, because they
can give us an evil spirit.
We must not let them fix their eyes on our. We should have no intimacy with
them. John says that if any one of them, which he describes as antichrist or
misleading, comes to our door, we should not receive them at home (2 John 10).
They do not come by saying that are false prophets, but yes, true. The
responsibility to prove them is our.

Chapter 7
The dangers of occultism
some years ago, I received a letter from the brother of an old friend of mine of
England. He was asking about our ministry of healing. I answered, arranging a
flyer that I made, entitled "Divine cure", and I explained that we had with the
imposition of hands, in the name of Jesus cried out, clean and cure through His
precious Blood.
He wrote me back, saying that he was very interested in what I had told him, but
not took nothing about the Holy Spirit as he prayed and asked for the spirits,
whom he called "angels", which he helped to stay well.
He also could not understand because I had to use the blood of Jesus. To him all
that was not meaningless.
He knew for sure, that this was a case of involvement with spiritism. I
answered, then, by saying this and advising on the dangers of this involvement.
He told me that it was a "CHRISTIAN SPIRITIST" and who believed that God heals
all ways, even the way I did. It seemed that in diferencivamos only in
He sent me a cassette tape that remained forgotten for some time. However,
months later, I thought the tape and I decided I heard- la to learn what more it
had to tell me about your version of spiritual healing.
In tape, he explained how ministered cure. The "angels" healed them while he was
in trance. He said that the other 44

tape side, I could hear the changing of his voice when taken by one of those
creatures. This was enough for me, but the curiosity was greater than my
knowledge about the danger of listening to it. I heard the entire tape. Whilst
listening, I felt a terrible malaise, although it was within the Church.
Within two weeks I was taken by a strong attack of bronchitis, which almost
progressed to pneumonia. I was very ill and, sometimes, when she coughed, went
out a mucus well dark.
My wife was concerned. Was it a coincidence?
Cri that the Lord would heal. More or less than six weeks after i was healed,
but it was a real battle of faith. A terrible attack and very well armed of
Satan, because the disease is oppression of the devil (Acta 10.38).
I knew that there was given the breach to Satan, because it was literally am
having fun with the recording of a session spiritism in my own church. Reviewing
the work of Satan through a magnetic tape, I was being taken by the disease,
even being a believer full of the Spirit.
When Ora Roberts began to pray for the sick through radio, your messages and
prayers were videotaped and many people criticized, saying: "As the power to
cure of God can be transmitted through a cassette tape?" However, it was the
Holy Spirit who confirmed the preached Word electronically and the people were
cured, listening to it via the radio. That same way, by the law of the
opposites, the power of the curse of Satan may also be transmitted
Consider that today the tv channels are loaded from interviews with witches.
Spiritualistic sessions have been transmitted by radio and discussions about
parapsychology & occultism have been openly shown. Will that such
transmissions can affect our health, whether deliberately, 45

stopping to give them attention? Certainly! We can be afflicted by "port of the

eye" or by "door of heard".
Paul wrote:
"... nor give place to the devil."
(Ephesians 4.27) I believe that I gave my ears and my mind to the devil when I
heard the tape from the Spiritist session. I received the deserved. And some
still do university courses connected to the occult, by which still obtains
credits. The supporters of this type of worship are trying to make it a science
respected and popular.
In considering some spiritistic sects, we discovered that the Sra. Mary Baker
Eddy used to enter into a trance to receive revelations which would teach under
the name of "Christian science", Helena Petrovna, a girl federation, married
with N.B.Blavatsky, in 1848, and became a spirit medium. As Ms. Blavatsky, she
founded the Anthroposophical Society in New York, in 1875. The United Church was
founded by Anton Mesmer, a German physician who began the practice of mesmerism,
a form of hypnosis.
That his "spoke Mesmer magnetic fluid" was something that flowed from him. We
know, of course, that this was simply a powerful family spirit within it taking
account of his mind. Quimby learned its teachings and took a pioneer in
"spiritual healing".
The mormonismo began with a man illiterate called Joseph Smith, which he said he
had seen an angel of name Moroni. This would have you shown where some dishes of
gold were buried in New York. Supernatural ability was supposedly given the
Smith to interpret the hieroglyphs. I have no doubt about the appearance of be
supernatural, but the teachings of the Mormons are not in agreement with the
Word 46

of God. We must assume that it was an evil spirit, a spirit misleading. Smith

died shortly after.

The witnesses deny the preexistence of Jesus Christ. John says that if someone
denies that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh, is false prophet (John 4.1-3).
The russelismo is Christianism grows intense by definition. The new worship of
armstrogismo is having a revival. All of these movements belong to the same
package: "An enemy does this." (Matthew 13.28). We are in the time of harvest of
this generation, and, in the world, all the antichrists are in full fruiting, as
also the durum wheat of the planting of Jesus.
This is an interesting and challenging time to live. These sects are contrary to
Jesus Christ and are punished; the words of his Blood. They are described by
Paul to Timothy:
"... in recent times some seducing of faith, by obey spirits misleading and the
teachings of demons, by the hypocrisy of those who speak lies, and who has his
own conscience seared."
(1 Timothy 4.1-2) These false sects which have if pericycle like weeds, demonic
are in origin and teachings. If resigning our mind to these practices and
lessons malignant, we will receive their spirits which are present in their
demonic cults. Societies are hidden, with hidden spirits operating and hiding
the view of man.
They are detected by the discernment of the Spirit, which is one of the nine
gifts of the Holy Spirit mentioned in 1 Corinthians 12.8-10. Who is involved
with the occult can turn to Jesus, asking him to forgive sins and clean it with
his blood, but probably will need 47

a prayer of liberation to rid him of the evil spirit which attracts and that
certainly will be living in his body, because he gave place to the devil.
We cannot blame God if we are without health, or we lose people dear or even our
memory. When we're involved with the hidden, we bring a serpent in our bosom,
then she gives us the kiss of death.
Letters kept on coming to my office, counting cases of people who were in
wheelchair because his father or mother or both became involved with some form
of occultism. The sins of parents are visited until the third and fourth
generation of he that disobeys God. This is notice of Exodus 20.5, at the time
that the Ten Commandments were "promulgated", by ordering them if that is not
themselves manufacture graven images and that nobody whoso falleth before them
to give worship to them. Disobedience that matter goes straight to the field of
occult Satan and results in suffering, illness, sadness, despair, frequently, in
early death, up to the third and fourth generation of their grandchildren and
great-grandchildren. You want to experience this?
There are forgiveness and liberation in Jesus Christ. He is merciful with those
who repent of their sins and if return to Him. You should renounce and repudiate
these sins hidden, by free will and then, God will grant forgiveness and
purification to repentant. By faith in Christ Jesus by the power of His Blood,
the hidden line of the curse that is connected to the whole family can be
Chapter 8

Horoscope and amulets

I enter this chapter speaking about horoscope.
Reading it and absorbing its content, a person opens himself to the horrors of
the devil.
The majority of newspapers today has a column with a horoscope, Call of monthly
forecast by the Bible. Seek to anticipate events that will come on the person
for each day of the month. This is not a new practice, but one of the most
In the days of Daniel, he and his friends are included among the "wise men" who

were the Magi, astrologers, etc. where Jesus is not honored and the presence of
the Holy Spirit is not appreciated, humanity is degenerated automatically by the
negative cycle of contact with demonic power, asking them information about the
future. This is especially true when it is one of those days which are
considered by the monthly calendar as favorable for any activity.
Astrology should not be confused with the legitimate Science of Astronomy: the
basic idea behind the astrology is that the superstars influence the human
The adoration of the sun and the moon has existed since the earliest times. The
sun represents the supreme of age and the moon, a female, age must be submissive
to the Sun god. The star around him become gods minors, which, in view of
global, affect humanity for the good or evil. They have to be worshipped and
horoscope has to be done in its forecasts. It is a purely practical paid, with
Gods- demons acting behind the facade of the heavens and the stars.
In 1935, i was employed by a very large oil company in London, England, and my
boss told me, 49

degree made, which he wrote a horoscope. As I did, before converting, involved

with the occult, I was a little excited and I asked him if he could write my.
I informed the day and time closer to my birth (these data are very important in
astrology) and he made my horoscope particular.
The content seemed to explain some of the behavior patterns of my life, which
were so well known by my employer, as by the demons. It was really a description
intriguing and showed it to my fiancee, Olive. She agreed that was a portrait my
reasonably valuable. I returned to the office of my head and I asked him if he
could make a for my bride. In the beginning it was not wanting, because when
they were woman, he crashed. But, finally agreed. I gave you the date of birth
and the time that I was able to more accurate.
My boss wrote horoscope, which was not as good as my. Then, he joined our
horoscopes and terrified us by saying that our temperaments not combined and
that we should disregard the marriage. He gave us the certainty that wouldn't
work. You saw the gains when starts to ask about their life to the devil?
We both have lost the belief in this method of prediction of future, we decided
to ignore it and we continue our plans for the wedding. Until now, at this time
that I am writing this book, we have thirty nine years of happy marriage! We
have been used by God in the ministry of liberation, in the healing of the sick
and in the expulsion of demons. It is possible that Satan has had some estimates
of what would happen to his kingdom if he does not secede? Forecast is the gift
of the hidden. Foresight also. Could he have seen vaguely what would happen? All
we can say is that it is possible.

But let us suppose that we had involved much more deeply in this business of
astrology and reading of horoscope. Suppose that we had no faith in God at that
time. Thank God we had a little, which seems to have been enough to sustain us
and in conscientizarmos of any one who leave their life be governed by astrology
is a fool. And there are many who are being deceived by the lies of Satan.
The "Astros" said that we could not get married:
we were incompatible. But instead of giving ear to the stars, we heard God and
we believe that he could unite us. Olive has prayed more for our relationship
and, when asked in marriage, she felt a feeling well strong that the Holy Spirit
was in agreement with this.
How many lives are ruined by fools who give ear to the demons behind the
horoscope, instead of relying on the Lord who promised us bless with countless
blessings if serve him?
Perhaps the saddest part of history is the death of my head after three years by
a cancer that mishapen his face. Israel, the Chosen People of God, his "Church"
in the Old Covenant, sought to every kind of occult practices and saw himself in

the midst of the heathen. Learned more about other gods than about the true God.
Israel, and their elders had promised not have other gods before Jehovah. In
Isaiah 47.11-14, God, kindly, spoke to them what would happen, but they refused
to listen. He said:
"Because of this evil will come (...) not you'll get rid; because upon thee
suddenly come such a desolation (...)".

"Stand now with thine enchantments, and with the multitude of thy sorceries
Let them arise, since now the they dissect the heavens, and camouflage fatigues
the Superstars, who in each new moon te predict come upon thee.
"Behold, they shall be as stubble; the fire shall burn them; they shall not
deliver themselves from the power of the flame...".
The whole adoration to pagan gods, all the money saved in the coffers of their
pagan temples, the whole time and not the saved of devotion total and
irrevocable calamity.
This happened just as he said. And, my friend, will happen with you, if you
persist in its practice of daily reading of horoscope. My wife was trying to
explain to a lady who read horoscope was playing coma death, but the response
was typical: "Only read the part of horoscope, because it is in the middle, but
do not believe it. It is only by curiosity.
Has no harm in that." You will have more chances in Russian roulette and if you
have a rattlesnake as bichinho pets, than playing with practices of the occult.
The demonic Escondido is lurking spirit to catch him and destroy it.
Destroy? How? As a daily reading of horoscope can kill me? How can, read
receipts of tea, read letters, have the palm of the hand read and load a lucky
charm can get hurt me?
We often see cases of early death from cancer, for heart rate, arthritis and
others which have an association with some practices "innocent" in the past.
Following the knowledge of these sources we can open ourselves to 52

the demons in cause arthritis and other diseases of incapacity.

The Church has remained silent and do not have warned to persons.
Ministers of big names have been encouraged by its members to go to spiritistic
sessions, because they "proves" that there is life after death. They have worked
hard in committees for research of psychic phenomena. Orders of cure, in some
protestant Churches, have been literally thrown together with metaphysical
teachings and spiritual healing, by means other than Jesus Christ.
On one occasion I was invited to speak about spiritual healing in Ontario, that
is about 30 kilometers of Toronto, Canada. I gave the best of me. I spoke of how
Jesus healed in the past and as it still healing through his servants. I spoke
of the power of the blood of Jesus. Wist not that the preletora that he would
speak after me was "CHRISTIAN SPIRITIST". In fact, neither knew that a qualified
person as "CHRISTIAN SPIRITIST" existed. I thought that they were all of the
She confided in a tape that recorded for it with the type of music right for it
to enter into a trance. When she put the tape to touch, the sound stopped
working. She tried everything, but even so not worked. Then produced another
tape for it in time, but also failed. She could not teach.
Jesus and his blood made the tape and the recorder will stop working. That good
that God has given me the opportunity to speak before her!
This spill of the Holy Spirit is spurring the demonic power to the impatience
and is taking the whole occult of their burrows. The fire of the Holy Spirit
will soon begin to burn these powers even making a cassette tape stop working.
Jesus prophesied that in Matthew 13.30-40 when he said that would burn the
tares. In the 53

current renewal of the Church, many will be freed of hidden chains and brought
to the salvation in Jesus Christ and, consequently, will be filled with the Holy
Instead of being guided by evil spirits, many will be guided by the Holy Spirit
who has gifts of targeting, as the word of knowledge, word of wisdom, languages,
interpretation and prophecy. Everything that we need will be given to us, if we
ask the Lord.
Jesus said:
"But when he comes to that Spirit of truth, he will guide you into all the
truth; for he will not speak of himself, but whatever he hears and I will
announce what is to come."
(John 10.13) does not need the lies of Satan. We have the truth of God. Another
issue on which the Church has stayed in silence is the distribution and the use
of the so-called "lucky charm". But because we stayed in silence, when God
speaks clearly about this in Deuteronomy 18.10-11?
"There not be seen among you anyone who makes his son go through the fire or
your daughter, Python, nor soothsayer, nor used enchantments, nor sorcerer, nor
charming, nor python, nor magical, nor those who see the dead...".
A maker is a person who makes a ritual on some object and then recommends that
the bandied around the neck or let us carry one another's burdens near the
heart. They say that this talisman will bring luck. This is an ancient practice
and brought to the Church by the pagans of those days when Constantine decreed
Christianity as official religion of the Roman Empire. This superstition was so
disseminated, which until today 54

million people believe in amulets of luck. For this reason we want everyone who
use amulets or talisman carefully reconsider the entire object.
If any object, however, is being venerable above the Word of God and the name of
Jesus is probably, suspect, then remove it. Many missionaries returning to their
fields have brought some amulets pagans who may be related to demons or current
idols that are being adored. Remember that there is a demon hidden behind each
Medical-witches use all kinds of materials and substance, as feathers,
fertilisers, dried bones, hides, etc., that are placed in patus (amulets) and
used around the neck. These amulets would bring supposedly healing, liberation
and blessings to ignorant. Even the demons are "work", sometimes.
Even in the most civilised countries, it is sad to see that the su- perstio is
still very strong. It was absolutely pathetic to see the number of young
piloting its aircraft in the Second World War and uploading their amulets, like
the foot of Coelho, teddy bears pets, seeking to attract "luck" for you.
Is proved that after the amulet be destroyed the person receives the real aid
which are the blessings of Jesus.
Chapter 9
Exists Liberation

I have tried to demonstrate in this book the tremendous danger of contamination

that comes from the powers of the occult. The man was made by God to have
communion with Him, to be free, healthy and wise. However, if the man does not
serve the Lord, then the spiritual void will be automatically populated by
Satan. Man is not completely free but and free to choose. It is made to serve
God, but, if not serve him, will serve to the devil. Paul speaks clearly on
"Know ye not that to whom ye offer as servants to obedience, of that same are
servants to whom ye obey, whether of sin unto death, or of obedience unto

(Romans 6.16) If God is not your master then Satan becomes his master. If 33-6
to God, we love because we love him. If not obeyed him, we love the Satan and
this is one of the several forms of occultism that we can see in spiritual
contacts with Satan and his demons. This is why Moses instruct Israel to not
have other gods before the Lord. This is quite clear. Or if it serves to God or
the gods.
Or you love to the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit or love to Satan and
his demons. Satan will meet its requests, duck and will lead to destruction.
"... because the wages of sin is death...".
(Romans 6.23) have shown that the gods or demons of Satan manifest their evil in
several ways. At the time that a person, even having always been sincere,
engaging with any form of occultism, by scanning the revenue of tea 56

or attending spiritistic sessions, it contaminates and is in a vulnerable

position, if subjecting, progressively, an evil spirit. This spirit is not going
to stop a small piece of your mind, but you will want to develop, even spread
throughout the body, as cancer.
As the entrance door opens more and more, other demons also entering some
thronging the minds of illusions, other cause inconvenience behaviors, wrong
attitudes and still pose infirmities on bodies. The final result will be the
progressive degeneration, as the early aging and disability. Never forget that
God's purpose is to long life in abundance and satisfaction (Psalms 91.16).
God gives regeneration and not degeneration. Regeneration is not only the
spiritual rebirth (John 3.3-5), but is a daily experience and progressive. The
truth is that many, to enter, becoming Christians receive health, are renewed
progressively over the years. This has been true in my life.
What can we do to these thousands of people, many are saying Christian
communities that are contaminated with demons hidden behind the mysteries of the
Can we find healing for free them of the demons with which they have been
involved? Yes, in Acta 10.38, we read that Jesus, anointed by the Holy Spirit,
he walked in the midst of the people healing all that were oppressed by the
devil! This means: He took us out of spiritual submission and brought us the
glorious freedom of the children of God (Romans 8.21). The word "oppressed"
means being dominated or subjugated in other words, we give place to captivity
and currents in our life, as in a prison. Jesus has freed us:

"If therefore the Son makes you free, you will be truly free."
(John 8.36) in these years, with the renewal of the power of God in the
churches, the Ministry of liberation has developed. We have seen that, when
Christians assume its authority in Christ against sin, the illness and
suffering, and freely, the hold in the name of Jesus, the demons, which are
hidden behind the problems, leaving, often with violence, as we read in Mark
This is a stunning experience and will increase their faith in God and in their
tremendous Word! The number of Christians who use the power of the Word in
prayer is growing, despite opposition and the fear of many people.
This is the day of the revelation of the power of God, who was manifest in the
life of Jesus, when he went through the cities, liberating and saving the
captives. The conception that emotional problems and demonic oppression may be
triggered by cause of involvement with occultism is so relieved of Christian
thought, that it is very difficult for people to understand this truth.
Of course we know that psychiatrists and professionals of the medical field do
not know anything about these problems and their real causes. This is a new
field of knowledge, with innovative methods of treatment, through faith. Is the

fulfilment of the prophecies of Isaiah referring to Jesus:

"The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, by which he has anointed me to preach to the
poor; he has sent me to proclaim release to the captives and recovering of sight
to the blind, to set at liberty those who are oppressed...".

(Lucas 4.18) there are priests of religions paid that explain to visitors from
western countries that there are spirits behind their idols, and that these
spirits answer the prayers. The majority of tourists think this funny or just a
foolishness or superstition people ignorant, however, what they say has a
tremendous and fearful truth.
We have denounced not only that behind the idols are demons, but that in some
Asian temples, there are holes monstrous hidden for input and output of the
idols. They come when some sacrifice them is done.
The demons can live in matter physics of these idols. In the Bible, the Holy
Spirit is like water (John 7.38), because water is fluid, and the evil spirits
are also as fluids and can be spilled on us if we give the breach.
Paul said:
"... nor give place to the devil."
(Ephesians 4.27) If we allow that to happen. We will create a hole through which
Satan and the unclean spirits may flow inside of us and express its false
prophecies, its false teachings and languages untrue, operating their gifts.
When people visiting us and ask for prayer in our Church in Toronto, we wonder
if they had been involved with the occult. Surprisingly a large number of people
remember that has already become involved with things of this kind in the past.
Due to ignorance of their parents and friends, many have been induced to
communication with demons, to have fun with the Ouija board and to entertain
with Chinese biscuits

of luck that are offered us when we eat chinese food.

People are addicted to a horoscope and also in books on religions hidden the
unit, teosofia, parapsychology &, etc. Many have left penetrate their minds
malignant thoughts from entities of darkness. With this, it is inevitable to
become chained, mentally and physically to such entities. In search of freedom,
many people have come in search of prayer. However the prayer is only effective
when the cause is known, confessed and abandoned.
Resentment, slander and pride must also be confessed, brought to the fore, and
then abandoned, as something hidden and dirty. You should ask forgiveness for
our Savior and cleaning by his blood has to happen. The hidden line can be
quickly broken, the continuity of the curse into our life can be dissipated, and
we can be released when the demons are punished in the name of Jesus.
Doing business with the devil may seem fun for some time. The Trinity satanic
group (the world, the meat and the devil) may seem to satisfy it for some time,
but a high price will be paid by this style of life.
It has been a privilege for me to pray for young witches that, at first sight,
seem to have no wickedness. However, with the passing of time, their faces if
deformavam and their bodies if rippled because of their minds misleading
information by the devil.
In all cases, the demons responded rapidly. In some meetings of prayer the
demons they staked their Liege on the floor and refused exit, but, in the end,
went out and grilando coughing, being expelled through the throat 60

witch. The more time the witch practiced their iniquities, greater will be the
control that the family spirit shall exercise over it. The older is the witch,

more violent be liberation, because certainly there were deeper involvement.

Our young people are seeking the occult because he gives them power over people.
The truth. But when Philip came to Samaria in Acts 8, it has had a far greater
power than that of Simon the sorcerer. Before the visit of Philip, the whole
city believed that Simon had the most power. He charm bewitched the people with
their magic spells. But when the power of Philip was manifest. Simon quickly
confessed that the can of Philip was greater, and even tried to buy it with
When we conduct courses liberation the witches and mediums, after that are
freed, always the conduct to baptism with the Holy Spirit. To the extent that
they begin to speak in other tongues, as the Holy Spirit gives them (Acts 2.14), a strong power flows through them a power that can heal the sick, raise the
dead and expel demons.
If is power you demand, the Holy Spirit can give you what you need. All need a
certain "power".
Everyone is waiting for power. This is why a faithless seek aggrandisation own
and up to commit suicide, trying to reach the top.
But God has made you his son, he gives you the power to act as a son of him and
do the works of the Son of God.
You can have power over sin, the illness and the wickedness of man, and on those
who want to attack it.
You can sit in the operator seat, the seat of the authority in Christ. You will
be the head and not the tail. You will have the dynamic power which God gives to
those who ask (Acts 1.8).

If you have become involved with the occult, confess it and contact someone who
can pray for you, by faith, commanding his release. Start all over again with
Jesus, the Son of God, Go and make their works (John 14.12).
This is the day of the complete restoration of the Body of Christ. Jesus
promised us:
"... in my name expeliro demons...".
Chapter 10
the alternative of God
the involvement with the hidden leads us, for free, illness, to slavery and to
death, because there is no justification for that recourse to the forces of

God proves everything we need. And his provision for us and greater than we can
imagine. Jesus said:
"I am the Way, the truth and the life."
(John 14.6) in this trio, we have the recipe for a life of dominion over the
world, the meat and the devil. There is no creature, since the largest elephant
to more tiny seed, that may cause damage to one of us, not to be that we allow,
with our lack of faith. If we understand the authority of God, that is, us
assume our position of creatures that move by faith, invincible, and not fragile
slaves of fear. Paul said:
"... we are more than conquerors...".
(Romans 8.37) we are not only winners, we are more than conquerors.
Jesus is the way to rid ourselves of our captivity, of our prisons, of our
sorrows, of our weaknesses. He opened it in a way free of chains. Christ was
anointed with the Holy Spirit in Jordan and received power to liberate the
broken heart, proclaim liberty to the captives and open the doors of the prison
to those who are imprisoned in chains.
This salvation abundant does not need to be repeated. We are saved. Released
once and for all and we can enjoy a fullness of blessings in the kingdom of God

here on earth: it is, in fact, the paradise being restored. The salvation of the
soul is the path for the new life with the cure of mind and body.
Thus, we can enjoy the health and divine strength. The door of the prison is not
open to that we can leave a day and the

next week, we return to there, for we are accustomed to the care of the devil.
It was said that many emancipated blacks in the days of Abraham Lincoln
continued to work for their old ladies, because they would prefer this to meet a
world unknown. Truly, the kingdom of God is a world unknown to most people and,
unfortunately, few Christians today have idea of blessing which was given to us
by Jesus on the cross.
Many of us prefer to be more a believer that only goes to the Church, which
begins to live as the Son of God true kingship. Be of the royal family of God
separates us from our own relatives who continue in sin and ignorance. And these
Christians dare not be different. However, the Bible teaches us that we are
different completely different and separate from the world. And is learning to
live and act differently than we started to have experiences with the power of
God, with the authority and with the blessing, which are amazing and demonstrate
the glory of God.
Jesus said:
"I am (...) the truth...".
(John 14.6) once that we accept the path, must walk in the light, as he is the
light (John 8.12). We are not more second traditions taught by other people,
even those who seemed sensible and have been taught by leaders of the Church.
In the days of Jesus, there were many rabis and a powerful "church", but he said
that they have made the Word of God a weapon without effect because of their
traditions. This means, in clear language, that they "threw the Bible out". They
had temple, ceremonies, rites, priests, 64

cults, but had been renounced the truth. Once the person has joined in the
kingdom of God, must adjust their life, his thoughts, his speech, his
temperament and discover that...
"... the perfect love casts out all fear."
That challenge! The more conform our lives in truth, more will wield authority
over Satan. Even though all men make fun of you, it is better to obey God rather
than men.
Jesus said:
"I am (...) to life."
(John 14.6) Christianity is not a monastic life Fulfilling wishes and wills to
natural. Is life in abundance for the Spirit, soul and body. Jesus said that he
came to give life and life in abundance. He came to take the life of the tired,
of the captive, stuck and fills it in abundance. Can you imagine Adam getting
sick, depressive symptoms, miserable, weak and fearful in the garden? Jesus came
to give us back everything that Adam lost, and we will have much more through
the New Covenant in his blood. Abundant life just means that every one who seeks
mercy to overtake, so also, as all the blessings contained in the Bible, which
are thousands. Life in abundance, including joy, peace, strength, health and
prosperity, is credited to your account in heaven by Jesus Christ.
"And my God, according to his riches in glory, there to supply, in Christ Jesus,
each of your needs."
(Philippians 4.19)

Unfortunately, when the Son of God dares to go to the Bank of Heaven, after,

timidly, knocking on the door, rather than be behaving like the owner of the
place, carefully and, apologizing, comes close to one of the boxes and offers a
check filled with small amount of wonders. This is because it does not know the
power of prayer that is within your reach as the Son of God.
We can ask one or two million blessings and wonders because everything belongs
to the heirs of God himself. Go to the holy place by a new and living way and
clamoring by the blood of Jesus as our reason for living and can expect great
blessings. The world uses the word balance.
Our balance includes all the good things, provided that we have the courage to
claim them with faith. The blood of Jesus bought all the blessings for us.
"But don't deserve this!" Who told you that?
This is a lie of Satan... and they shall walk in white with me, because they are
(Apocalypse 3.4) Jesus made us worthy of him. Provided that God dwells in us and
that we observe his Word, we will be worthy of abundant blessings. Then, these
wonderful blessings in were made available on the Cross, since each promise must
be received as our faith, and not according to the faith of others. No promise
of God is automatically delivered to us. They are granted in accordance with our
I know of a story that speaks of a soldier who regularly sent an allowance to
his mother child. The rebate was sufficient to ensure your comfort, health and
well-being. The mother did not know read; received the letters of the Son, but
did not know check. Thus, during several years, she 66

used to save those "roles" that thought without value, beneath its mattress, and
died in absolute poverty.
She has brought to itself the early death, because there was nourished properly.
Will she did not have the means? Will that checks had no value? Will the son was
not faithful in everything that made? If it chooses how it worked the bank and
he had understood the letters of her Son, she had not died in misery. She
deserved the money, because she was the mother of a soldier. We are deserving
because we are children.
Many Christians have clearly failed to understand the meaning of "be son" and
believe that Jesus gave authority only to the Twelve Apostles. It is true that
they were the stones of the foundation of the Church of the New Testament and
were placed on the corner stone. However, the Church the Body of Christ is
composed of many members, and they should exercise its authority to each day in
their lives, and thus the Church will come to the point of not having no
smearing or wrinkle or infirmity or infection, no defeat, no frustration and no
oppression of Satan. We will reach the perfection of the divine.
Before Jesus leave the world, he gave a latest order to the Church, which was
for the whole body, in every time, until his second coming. In Matthew 28.6, he
says to his disciples that all power is given him in heaven and on earth. He won
this power through His death and the shedding of their blood. All the power of
the universe was given to the One who is risen from the dead.
Because of the death of the testator, the new Pact was sealed. God, in the death
of Christ has reconciled with the world and, in this way, the new Pact was
sealed when Jesus

shed his blood and gave up his spirit on the cross, saying:
"Is a fait accompli."
(John 19.30 and Hebrews 9.16,17) Then it became legitimate that the children of
the Almighty possess all things, because Christ gave up everything that is given
him and gave himself for us.
This, without doubt, was his thought when he gave the seventy men his power,
which was his by right because of the sacrifice. When they took the courage to
use the power of faith worked. Was not surprising for them, because we have the

demonstration of a great power all the days in police forces of any nation or
When a guard raises their hand in transit, the vehicles stop on time, because
the authority of the state is on the hand of the police. In the Commonwealth,
the authority belongs to the king or queen, and is known as the authority of the
Crown. We accept Jesus as our Savior, accepts the authority of the Crown,
because we are part of the Royal Family.
We are Princes and Princesses, Royal Family, governed by the law of Calvary! His
Crown ballasts our authority and, when we raise the hand before all the power of
Satan, he has to stop. Or we can then mult it.
This is the Gospel, in our understanding: we have the authority of God and we
can use it in the days today.
"These signs will accompany those who believe: in my name expeliro evil
spirits; new languages; they will take up serpents; and, if some deadly cousa
drink, it will do them evil; if lay hands on the sick, they will be cured."

(Mark 68:16-17,18) to whom refers the pronoun "they"? Those who have faith and
is baptized every son of God, born for the kingdom of God by the Holy Spirit.
The same authority which clothed the seventy is now those that believe.
Alleluia! Out evil spirits, cured because they are sick and got serpents, as
Moses did in exodus 4.4. The Ministry of Moses was to liberate the people, and
the ministry of Jesus was also put in freedom the captives, and he anointed the
Church on the day of Pentecost, to continue the ministry that he had begun,
because even today, people need to be libertas.
"Let my people go" still is the ordinance of God. Are we by furnishing the
apology? We have authority and be able to do our job: just take possession and
Jesus gave a parable in Luke 11.21,22.
Told us that a mighty man was keeping, armed, his house.
Satan is this valente and he is described as a prince, a legislator of the world
in which we live. And he has obtained success in its letter, that is to keep the
world in sin, disease, sorrow and suffering. But Jesus said that when it reaches
a more courageous that that first, the sling, take away all his armour and
divide the spoil. Jesus did this on Calvary: he took the keys of the kingdom to
all they can go to the fortress of Satan and free the captives.
"... greater is he that is in you [Christ] than the one that is in the world
(1 John 4.4) that tremendous truth! We need not draw Jesus to do for us. This is
disbelief, because he is in us! We can go ahead by freeing captives in his name.
Jesus asked his disciples not protential them a 69

prayer so that he might heal the sick or expelisse demons was not this! Read:
"... and as constant motivation, preach that is near the kingdom of heaven. Heal
the sick, raise the dead, cleanse lepers, drave them out demons; of grace you
have received, give free."
(Matthew 10.7,8) In the final part of the verse, declares that we who received
and that, therefore, we must give the people in need. Because we are under the
right hand of the Lord Almighty, we are in possession of cure, liberation and
the blessings that God commanded us to give people.
When Jesus fed five thousand people, he broke the bread and gave it to the
disciples, and these, in their turn, were distributed to the hungry.
"Give them something to eat yourselves."
(Marcos 6.37) This is a commandment that resounds in heaven until today. We are
not being fervent imploring him to give us something to give. This is an
attitude of a Christian without faith. It is only we take from that already
received and give that have "hunger", and many baskets sobejaro still in our
ministry. Never reastaurants in us the blessings of God for him who is hungry.

While we are busy breaking the bread, we may eat of the bread also. Both, which
gives and which receives, enjoy the blessings, cure, catering and prosperity.
Do not limit God. The generation of the people of Israel could not enter in go
to the land that floweth with milk and honey because of this.
They have limited God. In Psalm 1 is clearly said that the Son of God thrives in
everything we do. This means 70

material prosperity, mental, emotional and especially spiritual. Everything we

need should be supplied at the Bank of Heaven.
This is the land that floweth with milk and honey: there are both milk and honey
that the blessings of the Lord never will. The storehouses of food is never
shall empty! Always will meet our needs. In everything we do will thrive. But we
need to keep planted along the river of water of life that comes from the throne
of God (Apocalypse 22.1). We must nourish us in Him: in him who died for us.
And then the disciples...
"... having broken, preached everywhere, the Lord working with them, and
confirming the word through signs that it followed. Amen."
(Mark 16) Note that the Gospel ends with "Amen", which means "So be it!" God
wishes to cooperate with us and confirm the Word which we preach. And the signs
of such confirmation shall be: expel demons, healing the sick and take authority
over all sin and infirmity and tread serpents and scorpions. We preach, and the
signs following us. As proof of the authenticity of our preaching.

Chapter 11
to understand fully the glorious blessings we have received from God, through
Jesus Christ, we need to retain the wonderful teaching of the Apostle Paul in
Romans 8:

"for all who are led by the Spirit of God are sons of God."
(Romans 8.14) The Greek word translated here as "children", Huios, means
"mature" children.
"Why not received the spirit of bondage again to live in fear, but you have
received the spirit of adoration, based in which we cry: Abba, Father. The
Spirit itself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God."
(Romans 8.15,16) The Greek word translated here as "children", Teknon, means
"newborn children".
"Now, if we are children, we are also heirs, heirs of God and fellow heirs with
(Romans 8.17) Paulo begins this text in speaking that mature, being sons of God,
we can be guided by the Holy Spirit.
This is quite different to be guided by human wisdom. Be guided by the Holy
Spirit is a daily experience for the children of God who have already passed the
stage of milk for the stage of solid food.
The Father hopes that we will be guided by the Holy Spirit.
For this reason, it is necessary that the gifts of the Spirit operate constantly
in our lives. Paul, then warns that, if we are still dominated by fear, we will
not achieve this stage. The spirit that operates the fear in us is a demon sent
by Satan and not by God. That God gives us is the Holy Spirit, who adopts us in
his family.

As a child that is born and is legally adopted by a family and is replaced by

the same rights of other children, using the same surname, to enjoy the same
privileges, the same standard of living, the same access to education and,
finally, be considered as children of full right. In the same way, we adopted in
the family of God.
Jesus becomes our older brother, and he o single firstborn of the Father.
Although he is the firstborn Son, we adopted for all languages, tribes and races
of the earth, and yet we become children of God with all privileges, all favors,
all the blessings that belong to the children of God by law. He does not deny
nothing to him that walketh in paths straight.
He is more eager to give us that we have a right, as we are to receive. We
cannot imagine or understand this blessing, such prosperity and such health. We
are dreaming, but the Word of God is real:
"Now, if we are children, we are also heirs, heirs of God and fellow heirs with
(Romans 8.17) Just as Jesus became the participant of the entire heritage of his
Father, we were also made heirs, through faith in Christ. Become heirs in the
same way that Jesus is, because he was obedient even to death, death on a Cross.
He paid by all our blessings with His Blood. They are d'Him and are our.
She shares with us? Do not. The blessings are both d'Him as our. Now we take us
co-heirs with Christ. Co-heirs are heirs who have the same rights. Look that no
matter how many children are for the blessings of the New Testament, the riches
of the glory is never 74

depleted and tomo borrowed this truth of the book of John Bunyan, Pilgrim 's
Progress: "The more we give, the more we have." There is a place on the cross to
you, my friend, despite the millions who are already there. You will never be
able to drain the riches existing in the glory of God. They are unlimited.
Jesus told us that he inherited everything in heaven and on earth.
All power is d'He, the silver and the gold, and the cattle, everything is d'it,
for the right of inheritance, because he died, and thus established, by
ratifying the promises of the Old Testament. All the promises of the Old and New
Testament are our, today and for ever. He does not share or gives us the ALMS.
He is the Good Shepherd of the sheep, and we can come and go, and stroll
smoothly by green pastures, knowing that the wolf not in the rings.
Jesus is our brother and we are the brethren of him. What is d'He is our, and
everything we have to give it ourselves. It multiplies our prosperity and makes
us kings and princes.
The common citizen for kingship through a new birth. If not admire that many
torrents difficult to assess such wealth, such glory. Seems to take a long time
for us to begin to take possession of this prosperity. We are so accustomed to
be stupid, fearful and poor, that it takes too long to find out what really
means the expression "the riches of grace".
Some may even say that these promises make us rich only spiritually, but
physically poor. Let me remind you that Jesus became poor to make us rich (2
Corinthians 6.10). We must be careful not to go in search of wealth but seek
only to Jesus and his righteousness, and it becomes our prosperity of spirit,
soul and body. Nothing we are lacking, and this is the true treasure. Not
concentrating 75

more on conjecture, but let us enter the possession of riches in glory through
Jesus. John knew when he wrote:
"Beloved, above all i hope thy prosperity and health, as well as is prosperous
thy soul."
(3 John 2) David in the Old Testament, not separate posed the blessing of the

soul of the blessing of the body's health. We have two feet to tread in two
curses of Satan, the scorpion of sin and the serpent of infirmity.
"Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not not one of its benefits. He is the
one who forgives all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases."
(Psalms 103.2,3) His power and authority know no limits and, if he has put all
things under his feet, everything is also under our. Because our foot becomes
the feet of him in the earth, and our hands, his hands, because our bodies are
temples of the Holy Spirit through whom the desires of God are made manifest in
the Son by the Holy Spirit.
The wonderful truth of our adoption is clarified in Galatians 4. Paul begins in
reminding that we were under slavery, until we find the freedom in Christ. Jesus
redeemed us and we bought, snatching us from slavery to freedom excelsa of
children of God. We were slaves of Satan. Jesus came and paid the price with his
own blood to free us from the power of Satan:
"If then the Son makes you free, you will be truly free."
(John 8.36) 76

such release complete of desire, fear, poverty, suffering and illness was given
to us as a present, and is called the good news of the Kingdom of God.
Real Good News, one hundred percent free.
The price of the redemption on Calvary has introduced the law of adoption.
Believing, throughout our heart, Jesus paid the price for our sins, we are
adopted by God and we spent part of his family. We may not be aware of this, nor
of blessings sublime that we are added every day. However, God in His mercy, in
spite of our ignorance, blesses us. This way we make us aware that we enter into
a higher degree of blessings, when we exercise our faith.
Our faith comes through the reading and faith in the Word of God. Paul adds that
are no longer slaves but sons, and soon, heirs of God through Jesus. Everything
that is given to us comes through our elder brother.
Look now the tremendous change what happens when Jesus makes us part his real
family. We are not more below of angels, but now we have been elevated to the
highest place in Christ (Ephesians 2.6). It is always necessary for us to
remember that, as we remain in Christ we are where he is. He is a new creation.
We also are considered as new creatures in Him. It is...
"... above all principality, and power, and might, and dominion, and every name
that can refer, not only in this century, but also in that which is to come."
(Ephesians 1.21) We can occupy this same position when learning we remain in
Him. If not admire what Jesus said to his disciples, when did know which had
power over all the power of Satan. Jesus has obtained this power on the cross,
and, 77

now, we are co-heirs with him. We will also reign on the right hand of God,
seated us more senior posts. This truth is so wonderful, that haunts the
timidity of those who think that does not deserve.
The angels cried:
"Worthy is the Lamb ...".
(Apocalypse 5.12) Paul understood this truth when we remember that:
"... because our fight is not against the blood and the flesh, and yes, against
principalities and powers, against the world rulers of this sombre, against the
spiritual forces of evil, celestial regions."
(Ephesians 6.12) in this verse are listed the various steps of satanic
wickedness. This is not of terrestrial powers, but spiritual powers satanic
rituals that control kingdoms, dictatorships, political systems and religious
systems as opposed to God.
All evil, all dirty demon who works for Satan fits in those categories. Paul
summons us to fight against them. This is a battle without hope of victory?
Will they hundred against a? We will be pulverized with them?

No, thousands of times not. Going to win, to defeat the enemy through the
authority of Christ, by prayer, by our attitude of victory.
At the time that Satan sees us entering the field of battle, he knows that is
already defeated. He esboara resistance, will try to oppose stubbornly, but
knowing that is already defeated. It is a simple matter of time he throw in the
towel and declare that can no longer obstruct our path

like as did. Our faith cannot be shaken. The battle may be long and difficult,
"I can do all things in Christ which strengtheneth me."
(Philippians 4.13) defeat is not in the dictionary of heaven, unless it relates
to Satan and his demons. For the Christian there is only victory.
Why? Because our life is hidden in Christ and no evil can in touch.
"... Resist the devil, and he will flee from you."
(James 4.7) once, when ministered in Uruapan, Mexico, I met a Christian who was
cotton planter at a farm which he had given by the Mexican Government. The
surrounding cotton planters, encouraged by the fathers, because they were
religious fanatics, were against the faith of him. They have instructed that
leave the farm, but he refused. They came again and ordered the silly stories
because they would shoot it. He refused to run and said that they would stay
where God has placed us.
Then, one of fanatics, with lots of rabies, said that they would shoot it where
he was then he said: "Go ahead and shoot, but I do not ok." One thing very
strange happened: the man began to shake, turned and fled. This story is real.
The brother, Mexican gave me his sombreiro, which serves me in remembrance of a
passage of the New Testament: firmly resist the devil in faith. Sometimes not
fighting the fairly. The towel and we give the victory to Satan in the exact
moment that he was about to render and escape.

once again had an objection raised to this teaching about authority in Christ:
how could we reproving the Satan, if the large and powerful Arcanjo Miguel not
rebuked him, but he said:
"The Lord rebuke thee?"
(Jude 9) This is a wonderful revelation. Before the Calvary, man was made in the
image and likeness of God, but a little below the angels, including Michael the
archangel, but after Calvary, we were raised above principalities and powers.
Now the angel is a spirit ministrador sent to those who will inherit salvation.
This is our position of co- heirs with Christ. Now, Miguel and the other angels
become ministering spirits. We were "recreated" in Christ in level above them.
Not a little below, but very above. Miguel never sinned, was never lost, then it
does not need a Savior. The fallen angels is that have sinned and have been
stripped of their bodies and spiritual positions. They were released to ground
(Apocalypse 12.9,10), but is still a Arcanjo Miguel and is still subject to
comply with the authority. Satan was created as bigger and more powerful than
all the angels and Miguel was close to him in authority with Gabriel. However,
Miguel cannot reproving your journal higher, even he has sin.
It still maintains its position of authority over those who do not repent. Now,
he uses this authority to try to destroy the offspring of God, instead of
working in your favor, as Miguel and the other angels remained loyal to the
Creator. Satan was created as Supreme Head of angelic forces. Before the Cross,
he was to heaven to render an account of himself, as it is written in Jn 1 and
2, and correctly 80

said that walked by land, as prince of this world, because the earth was your
After the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, Satan has lost the right to enter
into the heavens, but has not lost his authority (Lucas 10.18). Miguel cannot
reproving the Satan but Jesus does it. Then, we can do the same in its name.
This is the reason of expulsarmos demons in the name of Jesus, to do everything
in the name of Jesus. Yet that let us order to the mountain that play to the
sea, if not to doubt in our hearts this will happen! Do it and check!
We can see in his Word that God tells us that we have understanding of our
called in Christ:
"... that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ (...) grant you the spirit of wisdom
and revelation in full knowledge of him, illumined your innermost vision which
is the hope of his call, which the richness of the glory of his inheritance in
the saints, and which the supreme greatness of his power to those who believe,
according to the effectiveness of his mighty power, which he exercised in
Christ, rising him from among the dead, and doing it sit at his right hand in
the heavenly places, above all principality, and power, and might, and dominion,
and every name (...) And he put all his feet cousas underneath...".
(Ephesians 1.17-22) This is the position of Jesus Christ today. God raised
greatly after he rose from the dead, and, as we remain in Him, are we "findings
in Him" (Philippians 3.9), we cannot exercise any power and authority that he
In Romans 8.11, Paul says:

"If dwells in you the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead, this same
who raised Christ Jesus from the dead quicken your mortal bodies also through
his Spirit who dwells in you. "
The power of the Holy Spirit will continue to restore our mortal body with
strength and health all the time that we need in our victorious battle against
Satan. Finally, when the time of God for being with the Lord, he will transform
our bodies in celestial bodies (2 Corinthians 5.1,2). Each attack of Satan
against us the suffering, illness, frustration and sadness was resisted, is
ruled out by the power of the Spirit of God in our mortal bodies.
Perhaps this is what Paul had in mind when he wrote that if a believer speaks in
languages he buildeth itself because, when he does, the Spirit of God move
powerfully in your body. Paul also recommended to Timothy to make use of the
gift of God that was therein.
Christians today have left the devil rob them of the gifts and not have allowed
the Holy Spirit there in their lives, taking Satan of its path.
May seem a trivial thing to say, but the devil or ejects you or the expelled.
Choose in which position you want playing!