com Mars (The Warrior) moves into Leo Mars is known as a Commander in Chief according to Vedic system of Astrology. Broadly Mars signifies Defense forces, power, fighting spirit, Accidents, Natural Calamities, Security forces, Aggression, younger siblings. Sun and Mars are the protecting forces in any chart. Sun rules Leadership, Ego, Administration where as Mars loves to protect these things by assisting the ruler by providing sufficient energy. This is why Sun enjoys in the signs(Aries,Scorpio) ruled by Mars and Mars enjoys in the sign Leo which is ruled by Sun. A strong Mars is usually good for giving good competition but due to its malefic nature most of the times this over shoots and turns into violence. Violent approach of any human being is usually referred to Mars. An ill placed or a debilitated Mars denotes weak energy levels, lack of initiative, short temper and violent nature due to low tolerance & low energy levels. Mars also rules technical aspects in our life. So whatever hindrances some people are facing with their gadgets, technical tools, equipments will also be vanished to a greater extent. Those people who are born with Aries, Cancer, Leo,Scorpio,Sagittarius,Pisces Ascendants will get good benefits due to this transit. If Mars is well placed or exalted in a horoscope it gives strength to the chart. Even he is a natural malefic if he is functional benefic for any chart then the individual and finally this benefits from this and uses that energy more positively so that the individual could reach comfortable position in life with commendable achievements. Similarly an ill placed or debilitated Mars in a horoscope will show the effect in negative way so that there could be sudden mishaps, violent incidents could take place in the life of the individual. Mars is moving into Leo on 26th May 2010. He had an unusual stay in the sign of Cancer for the last seven months. Hope all of you could have been experiencing the effect. We have been seeing various security threats happening all around the country. The police men and bomb squads are always getting spurious calls of bombs being placed in various malls, shopping complexes, multiplexes and various other prominent places where huge crowds are usually gathered. This period has given sleepless nights to all the security forces in the country. The general public also suffered a lot with several apprehensions, anxiety and fear in their day to day life. Mars is debilitated in Cancer. If we slightly get into a deeper analysis and question ourselves of how this can be interpreted then we will get the following explanation. Mars is the protector as it is signified as a commander which can be simply explained as the energy that we have in us to respond when something happens to us more specifically at the physical level. If we have more energy certainly we will

have more courage to fight the situation and we confront more. Now let me dwell much deeper into this concept for a better understanding. Mars is debilitated is in the sign of Cancer which is lorded by Moon. Whenever this happens it is obvious that we will have a feel of some trouble towards our security which is more at the mind level. Whenever we fail to handle this psychologically this could result in violent behavior and unnecessary aggression, harsh approach in our speech and in handling different situations around us. Unfortunately this is a much longer period i.e. 5th October 2009 to 26th May 2010 which is unusual so the effect is more. The Central Government stance against Naxals (Maoists) has given a negative outcome. The CRPF men died in large number in two successive incidents in Dantewada district of Chattisgarh within a span of one month. This is a period where Terrorists and anti government forces had an edge over the government the obvious reason for this is a debilitated Mars. The most important thing that we can notice here during the transit of Mars into Cancer which is a watery sign we had experienced major cyclone which affected the lives of many people in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka during October 2009. Once again we had witnessed a Cyclone in Andhra Pradesh and a Major plane crash of the decade in Mangalore Airport of Karnataka State. Hence Mars has shown maximum effect while entering and leaving the sign of Cancer. Leo is the fifth house of the natural zodiac or the chart of kalapurusha. This is ruled by Sun and it represents power and Authority. Mars entry into Leo is going to have an impact with the people in higher positions. Some changes in the state and central governments are visible due to this transit. Today we have already got a hint from the withdrawal of support from BJP to Shibusoren Government of Jharkhand. So this transit could pave the way for some changes in the positions of various political leaders of the States and Centre.

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