Technology and Learning Ticklers, Trends and Transformations
PVCC Teacher Preparation April, 2008 Jeff Billings Change Agent

PVUSD Bits and Bytes
• 18,000 computers • Thousands of Handhelds • Hundreds of software titles • Converging Voice, Video, Data

PVUSD Bits and Bytes


6 A’s Anytime, Anywhere, Appropriate Access to Anything by Anybody

Who are our clients?
• Results from the recent Speak Up Survey wherein, over 12,000 PVUSD students (K-12) participated in November-December, 2007. • The survey focused on technology use and student perspectives on school use, and math, science and engineering. Some of the results were controversial.... That can be good for growth.....;-)

Now that we know *....
• When asked, “Which of these skills is most important for you to be successful in the 21st century?”, close to 70% or higher chose;
– “Ability to learn new things”. – “Know how to use technology effectively”. – “Creativity”. – “Collaboration and teamwork skills”. – “Ability to work with people from all over the world”.

* Results based on Nov/Dec 2007 SpeakUp
Survey results of 2,063 PVUSD 9-12 graders

Now that we know *....
• Our 9-12th graders have a “fast” (cable or DSL) internet connection at home. Some 80% experience the internet with unfiltered “speed”. • Our 9-12th graders regularly download music, at a percentage (86%) higher than the national average. • These students (71%) maintain a personal web site (MySpace, FaceBook, etc.), and they regularly email, IM, or text message more than the national average.
* Results based on Nov/Dec 2007 SpeakUp
Survey results of 2,063 PVUSD 9-12 graders

Now that we know *....
• Our 6-8th graders responded that they regularly play video or online games - 86%. • In fact, they’re spending nearly 11 hours per week doing so. • Transformation from the “one-way” TV to the “twoway” connected world is complete?

* Results based on Nov/Dec 2007 SpeakUp
Survey results of 3,567 PVUSD 6-8 graders

Now that we know *....
• When asked what would be an essential part of their ultimate science classroom,
– 65% of our 6-8th graders noted the answer, “Learning from a teacher who is excited about science”. – 62% noted the answer, “Working with other students on projects”. – 20% noted, “Reading the science textbook”.

* Results based on Nov/Dec 2007 SpeakUp
Survey results of 3,567 PVUSD 6-8 graders

Now that we know *....
• The majority of our 3-5th grade respondents have a video game like XBox or Wii, and/or have an MP3 Player or iPod. • Over a third have simple cell phone. • 16% reported having a SmartPhone (internet access).

* Results based on Nov/Dec 2007 SpeakUp
Survey results of 4,031 PVUSD 3-5 graders

Now that we know *....
• When asked, “How do you use computers for schoolwork?”, K-2nd graders responded;
– 71% chose “Take tests” (nationally, 56%). – 62% chose “Practice reading, writing or math” (nationally, 60%) – 62% chose “Find information on the internet” (nationally, 56%)

* Results based on Nov/Dec 2007 SpeakUp
Survey results of 400 PVUSD K-2 graders

Now that we know, what are we going to do????
• Significantly impact and modernize education in every classroom and every learning environment....

The Data Challenge
Free and AIMS from SAT/ACT/PSAT from Reduced Lunch ADE CTB HS Grades Counts from Meal Reading from from pOGB Tracker Dibels, Accelerated Reader, SAT9/ Attendance from FastForward, etc. TerraNova from PowerSchool and CTB SASIxp HQP and PD from Needs and CourseWizard and SAMs from Enrollment CIMS Scanners and from SAIS Pull Outs, Push Ins, Moodle Math Scores from ES Grades from Tracking, Team Scheduling, Cohorts, pIGB Carnegie and HQP, and on it FasTMath and Data, Data, goes.... Accelerated Math EVERYWHERE

Bring it together in one Data Warehouse (pDAT)


Analyze tabular and graphical data pDAT
SAT/ACT/ PSAT Attendance


SAT9 & TerraNova SAMs Needs Demographics Contacts

Early Reading


All linked by student and/or teacher ID #

Multiple Views & Filters

Identify CUSP Kids

Same for Grades, SAT, ACT, PSAT, Terra Nova

Drill Down

Digital “Cumulative Folder”

pSAMS - Math/Reading

pSAMS - 200,000/year
•Multiple •T/F •Essay •Fill


in the Blank •Matching

Multiple Queries & Views

Item Difficulty

Resources by SAM/ Standard/Concept/Objective

Multisensorial - pTV
Cable TV to the Computer Desktop pTV
•Live Cable •Any Computer •History •CSPAN •CNN •Discovery •Cooking •Animal Planet •ABC, CBS, PBS

Recorded Cable for Later Playback

Canned Content: •United Streaming •Best Practices •Professional Development

Live or Delayed Broadcasting Intra and Inter School Worldwide Live Demo


Live Demo

Web 2.0 - pvlearners
• >18,000 student accounts activated • district wide (33,000) K-12, every student • full Google business accounts that we manage • going beyond email into Web 2.0 (read/write) • “Essential Cognitive Backpack” • Collaboration & Creativity w/21st Century Tools

Launch Page


Synchronous Collaboration

Shared Presentations

Culinary Arts Book Clubs

IB Music Accelerated Reader

4th Grade Coursework Science: Animal Reports


• First K12 in the world to use this iTunes U
resource for curriculum and instruction • DocCamera 2.0 and Camcorder • Over 2,000 vodcasts by middle of next year • All subjects, all grade levels - share • CATS - highlight the “Best of Class”

Digital repository is evolving the resources are growing...... quickly!!!!



Workplace Skills


• Every certified and certificated employee working at least half time in a PV school will receive a new laptop, with the most powerful operating system in the world, complete with ten hours of articulated staff development.

13.3” MacBook w/Intel Duo Core Processor Unix - Mac OSX 10.5 Leopard
Keynote 08, Pages 08, Office, Virus Protection, iTunes, iChat, iDVD, Numbers, Approved Curricular Software, Safari, Firefox, etc. iPhoto, iMovie, Garage Band, QuickTime Pro,

• Realizing • Educational • Advancements (through) • Childhood • Humanities

Every Teacher, Every Student
• Each PVUSD School teams with Sister School in Foreign Country - Relief International • Use Language, Reading, Math, Science, Music, PE, Art, etc. to advance and help solve problem(s). • Technology to communicate, collaborate, resolve and celebrate - Media Fest May 2009 • Thematic, Vertically Articulated, Cross Curricular using 21st Century Tools - iPBL • Our most aggressive educational project ever......

Trends and Transformations
• Data Driven Decisions and Differentiation • Academic Data --> Lifestyles • Convergence of Voice, Video, Data in Learning Environments • Multimedia - Multisensorial • Web 2.0 - Online Communication and Collaboration • Anytime, Anywhere Access - beyond the bricks and bells - bust schedules, death to the textbook, extend the learning day • iPBL from small to large

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