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Au service des enfants depuis 1958

This MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT is signed between :


The project leader of the EDM scholarship program of______________; named _________________,


The coordinator of EDM scholarship foundation named, ______________________________,


The scholar named _______________ and the parent/guardian named ______________________.

The different parties agree of the following :


That the scholar agrees to the following :

a. To study at the school assigned by EDM Scholarship Program and to attend classes regularly.
College students have to consult and inform the project leader before enrolment. The project
leader has the right to decide where the students have to be enrolled ;
b. To abide the rules and regulation of the school ;
c. To participate actively in class and do the assigned work and activities, and to finish the course
for each school year with seriousness and dedication ;
d. To maintain excellent scholastic grades. Failure in any academic subject would mean
termination of this contract at the end of the school year, except during the first curriculum
year of attendance in EDM Scholarship Program ;
e. To join regular meetings and gatherings called for EDM Scholarship Program Three (3)
consecutives absences with no valid reason is a ground for the termination of this contract ;
f. To communicate and write letters to respective benefactors at least four (4) times a year,
according to the following agenda : March June September November. Three (3)
consecutives missing letters is a ground for the termination of this contract ;
g. To extend community services, according to the following agenda designed at the beginning of
the school year by (Name of PL)___________________ ;
h. To inform the project leader on problems relative on the school.


On the part of the PARENT/GUARDIAN :

a. That they agree to enrol the scholar at the abovementioned school under EDM Scholarship
Program ;
b. That they will abide the rules and regulation of the Program ;
c. That they will help the scholar to finish the course for every year level in the period specified ;
d. That they will help in the best way they can in :
Preventing truancy and / or absenteeism of their child ;
Making their child attend seriously to his school work and ;


Attend / participating in EDM Scholarship Program activities that needs their

presence ;
That the Enfants du Mkong foundation is not a full scholar ship and the parent / guardian
agree to pay a COUNTER PART (school transportation, food, ...)


That in case of problems relative to the fulfilment of this contract, they will consult the project
leader of EDM Scholarship Program.

On, ___/___/20__

at _________________________

Name & Signature of the Scholar

Name & Signature of Project Leader of


Name & Signature of the Parent (s) /

Guardian (s)

Name & Signature of the Coordinator of

EDM Scholarship Program