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Monitoring, Remote

management, ...HACCP!
PlantWatch offers the complete, integrated solution for all
monitoring and remote management requirements in more
compact installations.
PlantWatch is a versatile data recorder, a flexible installation
management system and an exceptional instrument for remote control.
PlantWatch allows installers, managers, technicians and
maintenance personnel complete control of refrigeration, air-conditioning,
heating and other systems. Up to 32 instruments can be connected
to the system, including controllers for cabinets, cold rooms,
compressor packs, roof top units, chillers and air-conditioners.
PlantWatch can be easily configured to identify and control
the applications available on all the pCO platforms, including
those developed independently using EasyTools. In this case,
the PlantWatch Manager configuration program must be used.
PlantWatch is available in two models, a basic version and
a version with internal analogue modem. The modem management
functions, on both the internal and external versions, include sending
SMS (text messages) or faxes and communication with PlantVisor
or the configuration software, PlantWatch Manager. (1)
Indeed, PlantWatch can be perfectly integrated into the PlantVisor
system, and can also communicate with PlantVisor Remote and
PlantWatch Manager over an RS232 network. The serial adapters
are optional. Management of a printer (using an optional module)
and two relays complete the functions of PlantWatch.
All the messages can be displayed in any of the five languages

Technology & Evolution

Printer module


serial line




I/O module

PC PlantVisor/PlantWatch Manager

Automatic recognition of the instruments connected.

Display of:
the status of the instruments connected and critical events;
instant values of the sampled variables;
event logs;
status of communication with the instruments or other devices.
Firmware update and configuration via serial connection or modem
using PlantWatch Manager.
Possibility to access all the parameters relating to the connected
instruments, for reading or modification via access password, using

Technical specifications
Maximum number of instruments connected: 32
Events saved: at least 4500
Variables saved: 100, max 64 analogue or 64 digital
Log size with 10 analogue variable sampled every 15 min: 85 days
Log size with 32 analogue variables sampled every 15 min: 29 days
Power supply: 230 Vac (15%) 50/60 Hz
Power input: around 10 VA
Digital outputs:
1 x 220Vac relay with normally open contact, contacts protected by
varistor, 250V~ 2A max resistive/inductive load, for external modem

1 x 220Vac relay with changeover contact, contacts protected by

varistor, 250V~ 2A max resistive/inductive load, for alarm signal
Data connections
optically-isolated RS485 serial with 3 screw terminals for connection
to the peripherals, max. length of the RS485 line 1000m
RS232 serial connection via 8-way telephone connector for external
modem and connection to the computer
Only for version PLW00M0000: internal 33k6 PSTN modem
Operating temperature: 0T40 C, 20%...80% rH non-cond.
Index of protection: IP65
Assembly: wall-mounting

Codes and accessories


Dimensions (mm)

230 Vac basic version

230 Vac with internal modem

Modem connection kit, 25-pin/9-pin connector

PC connection kit with software for Windows,
9-pin connector
Printer and remote control module on DIN rail
Printer and remote control module, desktop version
Dual band (900/1800) GSM modem kit, with cables,
antenna and 230Vac power supply.


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Cod. +302240311 - rel. 2.0 - 01.10.04

Modem management: internal or external, analogue or GSM, for:

sending faxes on alarms to a maximum of 3 numbers; (1)
sending SMS messages on alarms to a maximum of 3 numbers; (1)
calling PlantVisor to download logs and/or forward critical events; (1)
sending SMS messages via a dial-up connection with the TAP or
UCP protocol. (1)
Printer management: manual or scheduled printing of events, real time
values, daily or weekly values (one of the optional modules,
PLW0PPRT00 or PLW0PPRD00, is required).
Management of two relays to signal abnormal situations and reset
the external modem.

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System characteristics

CAREL reserves the right to modify or change its products without prior notice

PC PlantVisor/
PlantWatch Manager