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Top 10 Strategic Predictions

for 2016 and Beyond:
The Future Is a Digital Thing
Daryl Plummer

2015 Gartner, Inc. and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Gartner and ITxpo are registered trademarks of Gartner, Inc. or its affiliates.

By 2019, enterprises will spend over

$1.2 billion on application security,
doubling the $600 million spent in
Analysis by: Ayal Tirosh
Predicts 2016: Application and Data Security

"Robos" Rising

Evolving Nexus


Three Things to Consider


The relationship between people and machines will go

from cooperative, to co-dependent, to competitive

"Smartness" is being applied across the fabric

of the work environment
The Nexus of Forces is evolving into a new set
of scenarios

By 2018, 20% of all business content

will be authored by machines
Identify opportunities to adopt automated
content generation services now
Near-Term Flag:
Next year, watch for a hiring freeze on
copywriters in favor of robowriting solutions
Analysis by: Karen A. Hobert, Martin Kihn

The "Robos" Have Already Begun to Rise

Have you ever
wondered how
narrative science
could be used
to enhance
your job?

Machines will create significant

amounts of business content

A Co-Dependent Relationship Can Be Beneficial

But how much
help can we
afford to give?

1 Million
New IoT devices
will be purchased
every hour of every
day in 2021

By 2018, 6 billion connected things

will be requesting support
IT Leaders:
Start viewing "things" as
customers of services
and learn to market to
them and to satisfy their
nonhuman requests
Analysis by: Jenny Sussin, Jim Tully, Kristin Moyer and Don

By 2020, autonomous software agents

outside of human control will participate
in 5% of all economic transactions
CIOs: Study technologies
based on crypto-currencies to
become familiar with the
predominant decentralized
value-exchange platforms
Use pattern matching
algorithms to detect
Analysis by: Magnus Revang, Ray Valdes, and David

If you found out

your dog was an android,
would you still love it?

If you found out

your boss
was a robot,
would you obey
its directives?

By 2018, more than 3 million workers

globally will be supervised by a "roboboss"

IT Leaders:
Train managers to focus on
"human" issues such as creative
leadership, worker relations and
strategic planning
Analysis by: Whit Andrews, Frances Karamouzis, Ken Brant,
Helen Poitevin, Tom Austin and Diane Morello

Connected Systems Offer More Openings to Attack

Cars remotely hijacked

Students hacking the school system

Smart Systems Exacerbate the Problem

Smart buildings offer multiple

interconnected attack

By YE18, 20% of smart buildings will

have suffered from digital vandalism
Digital Officers:
Commission algorithms to
detect and avoid obscenities
introduced from outside
the business
Technology managers:
Establish firewalls for
HVAC controls
Analysis by: Richard Marshall and Rob Smith

By 2020, more than 80% of CIOs in

social services, education and labor
departments will lead efforts to cope
with technology-driven job loss
Analysis by: Jerry Mechling
Predicts 2016: Government Continues to Adapt to the Digital Era

By 2018, smart machine

revenues will surpass


$10 billion
is the next smart
machine battleground

By 2018, 50% of the fastest-growing

companies will have fewer employees
than instances of smart machines
IT leaders: Establish a role for
governance and management of
a hybrid ecosystem consisting of
employees and smart machines

CIOs: Promote the use of smart

machine technology for higher
leverage as a supplement to
hiring people
Analysis by: Frances Karamouzis and Magnus Revang

By 2019, use of passwords and tokens

in medium-risk use cases will drop
55% due to the introduction of
recognition technologies.
Analysis by: Ant Allen
Predicts 2016: Identity and Access Management

are annoying

Our faces and voices

are our signatures

Active biometrics
are scary

By YE18, customer digital assistants will

recognize individuals by face and voice
across channels and partners
Enable customer-led
rules of engagement
with an opt-in "pull
approach" to avoid
perceived privacy
Analysis by: Adam Sarner

Monitoring the Employee

Another Step Toward Quantifying the "self"

Worries about system

data will be dwarfed by
concerns over personal
behavioral and health data

By 2018, 2 million employees will be

required to wear health and fitness tracking
devices as a condition of employment
IT leaders:
Establish policies for
gaining employee
permission to share
fitness data with
wellness providers
Analysis by: Angela McIntyre, Sylvain Fabre, and Adrian Leow

From Single
Task Apps

To Complex

The Post-Mobile/Post-App Era is Coming

By 2018, 15% of workers will rely on

proactive services to discover, organize
and contextualize information.

Analysis by: Mike Gotta

Predicts 2016: Have Content Your Way

By 2020, smart agents will facilitate 40%

of mobile interactions, and the post-app
era will begin to dominate
IT leaders:
Evaluate virtual personal assistants
(VPAs) for workforce productivity

Develop cloud services with open

Assess security and privacy
concerns for potential data leakage
Analysis by: Richard Marshall, Van Baker, Adrian Leow, Charles
Smulders, Ray Valdes and Jason Wong



Stop Blaming Cloud


Start Growing Your

Cloud Security

Cloud service providers

are more secure than
the average enterprise
data center

Customer errors
and security gaps
have always been
THE key vulnerability


Through 2020, 95% of cloud security

failures will be the customer's fault
IT leaders:
Use cloud access security brokers to
discover if your SaaS is exposing
sensitive data internally or externally
Security Leaders:
Do not assume that the security of small
or regional cloud providers is as good as
large or global cloud providers
Analysis by: Jay Heiser

The Future Is Ours

2015 Gartner, Inc. and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Gartner and ITxpo are registered trademarks of Gartner, Inc. or its affiliates.

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