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Title: Project Management Information System (PMIS

Client: Creed Global Consultancy Pvt. Ltd , Bangalore
Duration: Dec 2014 to APR 2015
Team size: 8
Environment: Oracle 9i, Windows, Reports, Java
Role: PL/SQL Developer
Project Description:
Project Management Information system is a Database System which is used for maintaining the entire
Database regarding Naval Projects developed by DMDE. This Project Processing Lifecycle of Products
from gathering of Technical Requirements to Final Production which includes Master data, financial data,
Purchase Orders, Quality Assurance report etc. The centralized data is maintained in the oracle
database. The end users will be able to take the Business Decisions based on our different Forecast
reports. Finally the data is maintained in different staging servers. The data warehouse systems will be
maintained internally for Business analysis and ongoing customization.
Requirement gathering and worked according to the CR.
Worked under the senior level guidance.
Data validation/Reconciliation report generation.
Code Development as per the client requirements.
Involved in the development backend code, altered tables to add new columns, Constraints, Sequences
and Indexes as per business requirements.
Perform DML, DDL Operations as per the Business requirement.
Creating views and prepares the Business Reports.
Resolved production issues by modifying backend code as and when required.
Used different joins, sub queries and nested query in SQL query.
Involved in creation of sequences for automatic generation of Product ID.
Created Database Objects like tables, Views, sequences, Synonyms, Stored Procedures, functions,
Packages, Cursors, Ref Cursor and Triggers.

Approved Test Plans. . drawings. Ltd . to service and disposal. Windows. through design and manufacture. Stored Procedures. Worked as per the CR Raised from the end user. Convert the functional requirements into technical document as per the business standards. Quality assurance Plans. Cursors. Purchase Orders.Testing of code functionality using testing environment. Synonyms. Views. Analyze the Existing code and do the impact analysis. Model files. Trial and inspection reports etc. Reports.PLM integrates people. The system is planned to be project with a single central data repository which would be accessible to all authorized users over the Local Area Network. Bangalore Duration: Jun 2015 to till date Team size: 10 Environment: Oracle 9i/10G. processes and business system provides a product information backbone for the organization. The deployment of PLM “TEAMCENTER” at DMDE is mainly aimed at establishing an efficient knowledge management system. sequences. The typically would include Tender Enquiries. data. functions. Ref Cursor and Triggers as per the Business requirements. Created Database Objects like tables. Java Role: PL/SQL Developer Project Description: Product Lifecycle Management is the process of managing the entire lifecycle of product from its conception. The System has a data Management module which serves as a tool for archival and retrieval of both product and project related information required for knowledge management. Project # 2: Title: Product Lifecycle Management (Team centre) Client: Creed Global Consultancy Pvt. Responsibilities: Requirement gathering from the Business Team. Design Documents. A major part of PLM is the co – ordination and management product definition data. Packages.

Used SQL Loader to upload the information into the database and using UTL_FILE packages write data to files. functions.Involved in modifying various existing packages. packages. Project 3 : Purchase Order System Designation : PL/SQL Developer Client : BrainEye InfoTech Pvt Ltd Team size :. Ref Cursor and Triggers. Cursor. views. design. . • Inolved in analysis. coding and Testing. • Involved in modifying various existing packages. Procedures. Process diagrams. Involved in explain plan for query optimization. function. Testing of code functionality using testing environment. Directories. • Front End Screen was developed using Forms 9i. stored procedures. Wrote SQL Queries using Joins. Involved in peer to peer code reviews. Key Roles & Responsibilities: • Collected User Requirements by participating in meetings and studying existing System. Sub Queries and correlated sub Queries to retrieve data from the database.10 Duration:-Jan 2016 – Till Date. • Creating E-R diagrams. Code validation as per client requirement. Function Hierarchy diagrams. Synonyms. • Created database objects like tables. Sequences. Data Flow diagrams using Oracle Designer. triggers according to the new business needs. functions and triggers according to the new business needs. procedures. Data validation/Reconciliation report generation.

• Wrote complex SQL queries using joins. • Used SQL LOADER to upload the information into the database. • Involved in writing Technical Specification Documentation. . • Wrote test cases and performed Unit testing. • Used Explain Plan for query optimization. • Created Database design and converting them into database objects. sub queries and correlated sub queries to retrieve data from the database.