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Centre For Modern Architecture Studies in Southeast Asia

Bachelor of Science (Honours) (Architecture
Prerequisite: None
Project: 3
Finishing & Presentation
Submission date: 11/07/2016
Learning Outcomes of this Project (as stated in outline)
1. Ability to visually communicate ideas and own design to others clearly.
2. The ability to work efficiently and deliver within a set timeline.
3. Create a cohesive and captivating package based on your acquired skills and natural strengths
Assessment criteria (as stated in outline and in lecture)
The students are to prove their ability as mentioned in the learning outcomes through the following

Creating a highly legible board (a set of panels that can speak and present for themselves without
an oral presentation)
Understanding their skill set and strengths
Identifying what material they need and can produce within set timeframe
Extra marks for visual identity and/or a consistency in style

Marking rubric

Guideline: Considerations when awarding points
Learning outcome # 1: Ability to visually communicate with clarity
This will be evident in:
Legibility of panels
Are the boards able to speak for themselves?
Can others identify the design concept and intention without
asking questions?
Are they easy to read, or is it a struggle to comprehend what
is going on?
Legibility of drawings/images
Are the drawings labelled?
How are the drawings sequenced? Are they arranged in a
manner that tells a story?

Has the student used appropriate labelling/legends,

lineweights, linetypes, etc to enhance the reading of his

Learning outcome #2: Working smart

This will be evident in:
Process of material selection (this is How
to be graded in consideration with in- drawings/images/models to produce?
class consultations)
Does the student demonstrate an understanding of the
variety of media he can use vs. what he is strong or
comfortable in producing?
Has he considered what he needs to illustrate his design
process and final product?
Delivering on time
Has the student met the set deadline?
How has he/she strategised and optimised their working
Having failed to meet the deadline, has the student
considered actions he needs to take to do so? Has he restrategised?
Learning outcome #3: Creating a cohesive and captivating package (bonus section)
This will be evident in:
Visual strength & composition
How has the student chosen to present his visual material?
Has he given considerable thought to the overall
composition and aesthetic of the panels?
And does it work to his benefit?
Style & language
Has the student created an IDENTITY for his design and
How has he used other elements such as text, labelling, etc.
to further enhance this identity?
Does it help to sell his design?


Drawings must either be scanned or photocopied and reformated into the portfolio
Drawings from a photograph are not accepted
Portfolio consisting of 4 pages of A3 (please refer to the diagram & the stated format)
Placed your folio into a clear plastic folder
Your hardcopy folio will be kept by the lecturer for moderation, be sure to have your own copy for
future usage

Feedback sheet for Project: 3: Finishing & Presentation

Student name:

Project title:

Assess the following criteria by filling the boxes with the following:
X No/Weak
Learning outcome # 1: Ability to visually communicate with clarity
Can the design intent be identified without any verbal presentation?
Has the student annotated, labeled and used other technical skills (lineweights, linetypes, etc.)
appropriately to produce clear and legible drawings?
Learning outcome # 2: Working smart
Has the student produced the necessary drawings/images/models that illustrates his/her design
Does the produced work help to describe his/her project and design intentions sufficiently?
Has the student achieved quality over quantity?
Has he /she completed her work on time?
Learning outcome #3: Creating a cohesive and captivating package
Are the board visually captivating? Are they interesting?
Is there a strong sense of composition and consistency of language throughout all the work?
(Drawings, models and boards)
Has the student managed to create an IDENTITY to sell his final design?
Does the IDENTITY work?