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The main purpose of bid evaluation is to determine the best responsive bid, in accordance with

the evaluation and selection methodology specified in the solicitation document, among the bids
submitted before the deadline. The responsive bid offering the best value may or may not
necessarily be the one with the lowest price. In order to accurately determine the best value, a
logical systematic evaluation procedure must be followed.
Bids must be evaluated in accordance with the evaluation criteria established in the bid
solicitation. Even though the onus is on the bidders to submit clear and well-organized bids, the
bids must be reviewed with diligence and thoroughness to ensure that no essential information is
missed. The evaluators must not use criteria or factors not in the bid solicitation or derive
conclusions from information contained in bids that may prove wrong. When evaluating, the
evaluators must consider all vital information provided in the bid, and must not base their
evaluation on undisclosed criteria.
It can be clearly seen that in our current projects, we did some mistakes in awarding the contracts
to certain sub-contractors that are not able to keep up with our demands. Surely, we should
rectify the problem as soon as possible and not repeat the same mistake in the future. However, it
is the humans nature to do something in their favor and that does not exclude greed. How can
we actually approve something without proper evaluation and comparison? Is it merely due to
the lowest price or liking to a certain contractor?
This mistake of wrongly appointing our sub-contractors is a threat to us that can affect our
image, credibility and also our future projects. Sub-contractors are considered as an extension of
our hand. Any negative views on them by the client would reflect back on us and that would
certainly cost us a deal. We live in a world of reputation and competition and we should strive to
be the best in the industry. These sorts of problems where the competency of our sub-contractors
are being questioned should be filtered from the very start of the bidding.
For the betterment of the company, a proper and strict steps have to be taken to protect the
company. The morals have to be at heart in every staffs as the survival of the company depends
on them. It would be a pity for a company as matured as ours to be tarnished by few. Everyone
should be held responsible for their actions and not shifted to anybody else. A healthy
organization means healthy business and would ensure a healthy growth of the company.

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