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NO. 12

Hope for Firefighters 2016

Thousands from the downtown business community

jammed the pavement on Hope Street for this 19th annual
culinary fair, and to support their firefighters and the Widows,
Orphans & Disabled Firemens Fund ...................................06

Presidents Message ..........................................................................05
2016 LAFRA Scholarship Winners
Monetary awards for college-bound kids ........................................12
Battalion News ...................................................................................15
The Retired Guys
Three stories about our retired members ........................................32
Department in Action ........................................................................34
Firefighter Fitness
Never forget this part of your workout .........................................36
Station Fridge .......................................................................................39
Retirement Dinner Announcements ...................................................41
Retirement Dinners
Bruce Burkhart .............................................................................42
Peter Pulido, Robert Brown & Mark Gozawa .................................43
Mailbox ...............................................................................................45
World Police and Fire Winter Games
LAFD team wins 18 medals ..............................................................46
Fallen Firefighter Golf Tournament
The LAFD Historical Societys annual fundraiser ...........................47
Memorials ...........................................................................................49
Dollars and Sense
A message from the chair ..............................................................50
LAFD History
Harbor Fire Protection Part II ................................................51
Minutes of the Board of Trustees .....................................................54
Classifieds ...........................................................................................57
Tailboard ..............................................................................................60

Notice: Production of The Firemens Grapevine magazine is very expensive, and while your dues
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Los Angeles Firemens Relief Association.

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2 August 2016

On the cover: Fatality Structure Fire - Koreatown

Photo by: Yvonne Griffin


Inset photo by: Mike Meadows

Fatality Structure Fire - Koreatown
August 2016 3

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Ryan Babroff, David Blaire, Doc DeMulle, Greg Doyle, Harry Garvin,
Steve Gentry, Juan Guerra, Brian Haimer, Gavin Kaufman, Ryan Ling, Rick McClure,
Mike Meadows, Lloyd Payne, Jeff Zimmerman, Yvonne Griffin, Laura Lichter.


Robert Steinbacher................................................President
Jeff Cawdrey ..................................................Vice-President
Andrew Kuljis ........................................................Secretary

Chris Hart
Chris Stine
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David Ortiz
David Peters
Doak Smith
Frank Aguirre

Gene Bednarchik
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Steve Berkery
Steve Ruda
Steven Domanski
Tim Freeman Jr.
Tim Larson
Tyler Tomich


Barry Hedberg
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Dennis Mendenhall
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Tom Stires


To contact a chaplain, please call Senior Chaplain Rick Godinez at (213)

797-2404 or the MFC Floor Captain at (213) 576-8920
Greg W. Gibson...................Chaplain
Danny Leon..........................Chaplain
George A. Negrete...............Chaplain
Aquil F. Basheer..................Chaplain
Tim Werle............................Chaplain

Hershy Z. Ten.......................Chaplain
Roger Fowble.....................Chaplain
Mark R. Woolf.....................Chaplain
Jesus Pasos.........................Chaplain
Craig Poulson.....................Chaplain

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4 August 2016

Hello the Dog Days of Summer,

A special thanks to the Fire Hogs for the Fallen Heroes
Memorial Ride on June 25th! They did an outstanding job recognizing our widows and raising money for the Widows, Orphans
& Disabled Firemens Fund.

I think most of us had at least a few interesting jobs before
starting our careers with the LAFD. If you are anything like me,
maybe you worked in some sort of military type of organization,
or had some type of job dealing with customers or clients faceto-face, and hopefully rounded it all out with some heavy lifting. Those of you who were fortunate enough to have been in the
military got all of these experiences wrapped up into one (I know
some may not agree).

What did you do for work before the LAFD? Many kitchen table conversations have evolved from this question and the
memories seem to have molded how we view ourselves in the
workforce and the fire service.

Laughing and scratching about some of the stuff you did
for work as a kid seems to always lend its way into a lengthy
series of personal experience and topper stories. Nonetheless,
they were good experiences and I dont think anyone should be
shorted of these memories. Being able to draw off your lifes experiences is primarily what drives your actions today. At the very
least, we should all have learned a few things earlier in our lives:
the abilities to build, maintain or repair things; how to problem
solve for ourselves and others; or maybe the ability to calmly deal
with difficult people. These experiences certainly lead to the skill
sets that we have and build upon today.

Heres a quote for you: The purpose for which the Association is formed is to bind the members thereof together in
a closer bond of fraternity, for mutual protection, and to assist
fellow members and their families in sickness, distress and death,
and to promote and improve social relations and welfare among
the members.

This may sound somewhat like a run on sentence, but
this is straight out of your Relief Association bylaws. Most of us

are not overly interested in reading bylaws; however this one in

particular needs to be occasionally reread. It is with this lengthy
phrase in mind that your Relief Association is operating and I
hope that most of you would agree that we are living up to it.

Does anyone active or retired remember the word camaraderie? Camaraderie is a spirit of good friendship and loyalty
among members of a group. You might not even like your job
sometimes, but you still enjoy the camaraderie of the people you
work with . . .

Have we lost this valuable feeling towards our fellow firefighters and job??

I get it: Assign Hires, 10 after, 144s, not to mention all that
is going on at home. We all need to take a break at some time, and
we have three events coming up that will provide you with a lot
of camaraderie and at least a little relief.

September 19th is our annual golf tournament at Mountain
Gate CC. We still have a few firefighters spots left at just $195
bucks. Pretty cheap for a full day of fun and camaraderie!

November 5th is our annual Open House at the newer
LAFRA building. All you can eat and drink . . . and all on the
house! And of course theres the camaraderie!

AND LAST but maybe most important is our 110th Anniversary Dinner Dance on December 17th at the downtown Athletic Club. Itll be a great party at a great venue, so why not make
this get-together your fire station holiday celebration?
Be safe and be kind to each other.

Robert D Steintalker Steinbacher
(323) 259-5200

August 2016 5

FS 37 recreates Bay Watch on Hope Street

housands of Downtown Foodies

packed the pavement and plaza outside
333 Hope Street on June 2nd for the 19th
Annual Hope for Firefighters event. Besides all
the excited diners, there was music, family fun
and the enticing aroma of the amazing food
all being cooked by the firefighter chefs.

All the firehouse crews were busy
preparing well in advance of the event. There
were menus to plan and props to build.
Ralphs/Food4Less, the title sponsor in recent
years, helped to make the pre-planning process a little bit easier. They provided gift cards
for all the fire stations participating, making
their markets one-stop shopping for all the
food and supplies.

Things kicked off with a rousing
rendition of The Star Spangled Banner by
talented vocalist Lea Carranza. Throughout
the day, emcees Chief Steve Ruda and KTLAs
Mary Beth McDade kept the show moving.
And in the end, all the monies raised at this
event benefited LAFRAs Widows, Orphans &
Disabled Firemens Fund.

Photos by David Blaire, John Wiley & Yvonne Griffin

6 August 2016


There was no shortage of fantastic
support this year as Food Booth Sponsors
Capital Group and Har Bro provided several
enthusiastic volunteers. They manned the
food booths and raffle tables, assisted with the
Muster Games and awards presentations, just
to name a few of the areas where they pitched
in to help alongside our own volunteer Boot

Fire Station 66 & ORR Protection Services

Fire Station 2 & Capital Group 1

Fire Station 61 & Johnson Controls

Fire Station 10 & Capital Group 2

Hope founder Paul Linton

Ruda, Akahoshi and Kitahata

Bob with Emily Pizinger

August 2016 7

Fire Station 29 & Bay Alarm


The muster games are a favorite of the
event sponsors employee teams. Usually the
participants are soaked from fire bucket sloshing and inch-and-a-half overspray. But another
drought year brought another dry muster
games. The teams used buckets filled with
cement and the hoselays from the handcarts
ended with the hose still dry. If the smiling faces - even after the intense competition - were
any indication, the participants didnt seem
to mind the modifications. The team from US
Bank eventually took the top honors, followed
closely by Brookfield and LA Tourism.

1st Place Muster Team: US Bank

8 August 2016

Fire Station 64 & TRL Systems


Best Theme: FS 37 & Brookfield

Baywatch Second String

Best Dessert: FS 21 & Straussner Sherman

Pumpkin Roll

Best Entre: FS 2 & Capital Group 1

Ahi Tuna Poke Bowl


Our heartfelt appreciation goes to Heather Ross and Steve
Robinson, co-chairs of this years Hope for Firefighters and to the
Hope Executive & General Committees for their tireless work to
make this event our most successful fundraiser year after year.
And Hope founder Paul Linton was present, beaming with pride
and approval as he walked down Hope Street.

Many of the generous downtown sponsors also donated
great prizes for the raffle. There were two tickets from Alaska Airlines, a Staples Luxury box for the Lakers courtesy of ABM Industries, a Vegas trip contributed by R.E. Smith Company, and loads of
tickets for concerts, sporting events and theme parks.
August 2016 9

FPB & Environmental Contracting






The Location Portal

Kironix Corporation
Emcor/Mesa Energy Systems
Emerald City Band
Pez Cantina
Clune Construction Company
California Hospital Medical Foundation
New York Life
I Heart Media Inc.
Go Country 105 FM
100.3 The Sound
Los Angeles Downtown News

10 August 2016

Fire Station 3 & Co-op of American Physicians

Fire Station 9 & Operating Engineers Local 501

Fire Station 35 & Har-Bro Emergency Restoration

Fire Station 50 & Red Hawk Fire & Security

August 2016 11

AFRA established the Scholarship

Awards Program in 1996 for all eligible
dependents of active and retired Relief
Association members. Were proud to grant
financial assistance to students who exemplify
academic and personal achievements. Each
year, the Relief awards college scholarships to
the children of deserving members. These include:
The Leo K. Najarian Memorial Scholarship of $5,000
The Bill Goss Scholarship of $2,500
Three Relief Scholarship awards of
Memorial Scholarship of $5,000
The following are the winners of the 2016
scholarship awards:
Daughter of Engineer Patrick Palacios

A senior at Grace Brethren High
School, Amanda is involved in the student
body government in which she is the head of
the Encouragement Committee. She is responsible for organizing food drives, pep rallies,
and various fundraisers. She has leadership
experience through her school leadership committees, playing on the high school volleyball

12 August 2016

team, being a youth leader in her church ministries program, and Girl Scouts. Amanda has
been honored with the Girl Scouts USA award,
Senior Girl Scout Leadership award, Girl
Scout Silver & Bronze award, Silver Leadership Torch award, Junior & Senior Community
Service awards and is a member of California
Scholarship Federation & National Honor Society. She also has received her Certified Nurse
Assistant license and Healthcare Providers
CPR & AED certification.
Daughter of A/O John Wilkins

Nikki will be attending San Diego State
University in the fall. She is pursuing a degree
in health science with the aspiration of going
into the medical field. Nikki has volunteered
helping philanthropic groups such as Special
Olympics, Hope for Hannah, Loaves and Fishes, and Monster Game Basketball. At SMCHS
she is also part of the student ambassadors and
link crew programs. Nikki earned a 4.0 GPA
her academic achievements include academic
awards for English and Environmental Science. She has also received an award of excellence through the National Academy of Future
Physicians and Medical Scientists.


son of Firefighter Gerald Brown

Garrett, graduating as an AP Scholar,
will attend Arizona State University where he
will major in Business/Media and Sports Management. He has been an officer in Student Senate and is currently the vice president of ASH,
and will graduate with four years distinction in
the California Association of Student Leaders.
Captain of his hockey team, Garrett is also the
co-chair MYs Relay for Life program which
raises money and awareness for ALS and Cancer Research.
Son of deceased member Brett Harris

Corben will be attending Sonoma State
University where he will be depending upon
his hard work and ethics to get him through.
In high school, he campaigned for office, wrestled, ran track & field, and cross country. His
coaches and teammates helped to contribute to
his sense of hard work and commitment which
sparked his interest in Political Science. His
fathers firefighting passion carries on in Corbens pursuit of a Basic Life Support certification and classes in Fire Technology.

Son of deceased member Rick Piccione

Dominic will be attending the University of New Mexico in the fall and has been
accepted at the Anderson School of Management where he will complete a degree program
in Entrepreneurial Studies and an option for an
MBA. His ambition is to then return to California and attend law school, concentrating in
Entertainment law. He has volunteered with his
local Humane Society and found that to be a
rewarding experience.
Daughter of Chief Ralph Terrazas

Olivia will be graduating from Bishop
Montgomery High School this year and attending the University of California Santa Barbara
in the fall. She plans to pursue a major in Political Science and go into politics or law after
graduation. She is grateful to LAFRA for helping her to attain her collegiate goals.
Son of deceased member Michael Butler

Matthew will be attending San Francisco State University and has plans to study
medicine and eventually pursue an advanced
degree in radiological sciences. He will be competing in the NCAA for the Mens Soccer Team
on a soccer scholarship. He has volunteered
at a community soccer camp and has worked
with kids in other capacities. Matthews father
died in the Fire 3 crash just months before he
was born, and this scholarship strengthens the
bond between himself, his father and the entire
LAFD fire family.
Daughter of Engineer Scott Taylor

Kennedy will be graduating from La
Canada High School and in the fall will attend
Columbia College of Hollywood to study film
production. The LAFRA scholarship is helping
her to fulfill her dream of attending a college
which she would not normally have the ability to afford. Community service has been important in her development, setting her moral
compass and giving her experiences which she
can use in all her future endeavors.
Daughter of deceased member Philip Boukather

Attending NYU, Tisch School of the
Arts, Brooke will be majoring in acting. With
an eye on Broadway, Brooke says this scholarship from the Los Angeles Firemens Relief
Association will help her afford extra vocal
and dance training needed to pursue her dream.
She says being part of the LAFD family has
given her a deep understanding of community

Experts say it is in your best interest to review your

Estate Plan every five years.

Reasons to update your Estate Plan:

Marriage or divorce (yours or a beneficiarys)
New family members
Home or property sold or purchased
Change in financial situation or assets
Sold stock or other assets
Change of state residence
Change in tax laws
Los Angeles Firemens Relief
Association members are entitled
to a one-time, reimbursement
Estate Planning Benefit of up to
$600. And, starting July 1, 2015 a
new service, the $1,200 Trust
Preparation Advancement.

for details

Get your Estate Planning

Getting Started Kit today
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August 2016 13






Mail form with payment to:


Development & Marketing / Attn: M. Casillas
PO Box 41903 - Los Angeles, CA 90041
(323) 259-5217

Beneting Your



14 August 2016

12445 MountainGate Drive - Los Angeles, CA




A/O Dusty Clark goes under Truck 3

one last time before his promotion

FS 12 members greet U.S. Attorney General

Loretta Lynch in Highland Park

56-C on Inspection Day

August 2016 15

16 August 2016

Los Angeles Firemens Relief Association Medical Plan may

cover this examination. Contact your plan provider to verify.
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Can you say CREAM? All
members showed up for Battalion 5
inspection @ the Five Six C platoon.
Just want to thank all the members for
all their hard work. With all the overtime being worked and working your
coded assign hire days, thanks to you
all for fulfilling and not calling in SK.
Thanks also to Chief White for coming
by two times in one day to look at all
apparatus. Chief, you will be missed as
you are being detailed to Battalion 9.

As we work through the summer with all the anticipated vacancies
and vacation segments, may we all do
our part to fulfill our personal responsibilities.

Wishing well A/O Labrie and
Engineer Afflalo. This job can be
tough on our minds and bodies. Lets
continue to take care of each other and
maintain our mental and physical wellbeing.

A structure fire exposed eight acres of brush in Silver Lake

on 6/19/16. Photos by Yvonne Griffin and Juan Guerra

The Fire Chief joined TF 112 to canvas a San Pedro

neighborhood to talk about fire safety
August 2016 17

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18 August 2016

Truck 39 helps with a neighborhood clean-up project

Companies worked an MCI shooting in the 8500 blk of

Cedros Ave on 6/11/16. Photo by Rick McClure

FF/PM Dan Kush (100-C) ran the Vets for Vets 5K with
his father-in-law, former marine, Ruben Escanuelas.

LF 11-C after a drill on 6/17/16

August 2016 19

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20 August 2016

(800) 573-4829

11s and 3s take a break after a structure fire at 306

S Union Pl. on 6/2/16. Photos by Yvonne Griffin

29s and 52s handle a palm tree on Ardmore

St on 6/17/16. Photos by David Blaire
August 2016 21

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For advertising
please contact:
Eric Santiago
(323) 259-5231
or email:
or visit our website at

(800) 244-3439
P.O. Box 41903
Los Angeles CA 90041

22 August 2016

On 6/2/16, companies found a fire in an outside storage

area at 13040 San Fernando Rd. Photo by Rick McClure

Firefighters found an overturned auto on

Slauson on 7/4/16. Photo by Yvonne Griffin

TF 33 extricates a victim at a T/A. Photo by Tod Sudmeier

August 2016 23

An auto and vegetation fire snarled traffic on

the 110 Fwy on 7/2/16. Photo by Chris Conkle

33s handles a palm tree on the Fourth of July.

Photo by Jeff Zimmerman, EPN

Overhaul at 1569 S. Roosevelt Ave on 6/25/16.

Photo by Yvonne Griffin

Truck 21 overhauls and SFD on E. 43rd Pl.

on 6/8/16. Photo by Yvonne Griffin
24 August 2016

Capt. Larry Jackson and his crew on his

last shift at 70s after a 34 year career

Larry with wife Lisa, sons Matt (39-B) & Robby

(35-B) and daughters Ashley & Lindsey

E18 extinguished a truck fire that spread into adjacent grass

above Rinaldi on 7/5/16. Photos by Jeff Zimmerman
August 2016 25

$55 includes:
All Day Pass, Lunch and a T-Shirt
Bike Rentals available at Discount Rate
Lodging available
RSVP to Chris Hart:
Proceeds benefit:

26 August 2016

E 18 and RA 828 handle a T/A on 6/23/16.

Photo by Adam Van Gerpen

On 6/25/16 companies worked a T/A with fire at

Ventura Bl and De Soto Ave. Photo by Rick McClure

E-84 and Crew 3 picked up almost 10,000

feet of hose after the Old Fire in Calabasas
August 2016 27








>>> 30 TEAMS MAX. <<<




SEAN MILLETT (805) 717-0618


28 August


Greg and Lisa Peters (FS 72) on Gregs last shift on 6/22/16.




Truck 93 on the roof of an attic fire during the June heat wave

According to Engineer Jay Caesar (FS 84), the

pads were good and the rig purred like a kitten!

Capt II Craig Nielsen celebrated 33 years

of service with a party on his last day at
FS 92-C and a bash in Century City

August 2016 29

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30 August 2016

Dan McCarty is honored upon his

retirement with 35 years of service

Crew 3 practices fire shelter deployment

GOT NEWS!? Writers Needed

August 2016 31

f I were a bettin man, I wouldve bet a bundle of money that most reality shows never
would have been a hit. After losin that bet I
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I guess theres a reason why Im not a poker
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To me, Hoarders was conceived to develop other reality shows. Let me explain. Each
week we get to see people livin amongst junk
that most of us wouldve thrown away. These
people treasure their belongins and dont want
to part with anything. However, what you probably didnt know is that when families step in
to help and clear out the valuables, guess
where all the unwanted treasures end up? It all
goes into a storage locker, hence the concept of
Storage Wars was born.

So, now we have a band of gypsies that
travel from one end of the state to the other,
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I also figured out the show Naked and
Afraid. The people on this bizarre show, that
walk around on deserted islands in tattered loin
cloths, eatin lizards and bugs, were ex-contestants on Dancin With The Stars. However, because these people had so little talent and their
dancin costumes were mediocre at best, the
producers of the show suggested they not wear
clothes and audition for a show called . . . thats
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However, the show that has me stumped
is Keepin Up With The Kardashians. Ive laid
awake at night, tossin and turnin, tryin to figure why this show is still on the air. It needs
to be pulled from the airways. In order to do
this Ive concluded that Ill have to run for
President of the United States. What, you have
doubts about my priorities?

32 August 2016

As President, on my first official day
in office, I would make a call, probably from
Air Force One, to the producers of that show
and order the Kardashians to become permanent contestants on Naked and Afraid. I bettin
the shows ratins would skyrocket and heck, I
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Between 51 and 60 a woman is like
Israel. She has been through wars and doesnt
make the same mistakes twice. She takes care
of business.

Between 61 and 70 a woman is like
Canada. Self-preservin, but open to meetin
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After 70 she becomes Tibet. Wildly
beautiful, with a mysterious past and the wisdom of the ages. An adventurous spirit and a
thirst for spiritual knowledge.

Between 1 and 80 a man is like North
Korea. Ruled by a pair of nuts.

For those that know Bret Davis, his last
shift was March 26, 2016. Bret decided, hesitantly, that 34s years of service was enough.
Hes was assigned to FS 15-C. Also, if you
didnt know, FS 15 was rebuilt and now resides at 3000 S. Hoover Ave. Its a very nice
station and looks exactly like one of the dormitory buildins on the USC campus. Anyway,
congratulations Bret. It was a pleasure workin
with you and I know youll have a long and
enjoyable retirement.
Between 18 and 22 a woman is like Africa. Half discovered, half wild, fertile and
naturally beautiful.
Between 23 and 30 a woman is like Europe. Well developed and open to
trade, especially for someone of real value.

Between 31 and 35 a woman is like
Spain. Very hot, relaxed and convinced of her
own beauty.

Between 36 and 40 a woman is like
Greece. Gently agin but still a warm and desirable place to visit.

Between 41 and 50 a woman is like
Great Britain, with a glorious and all conquerin past.

LAFD Retiree
Makes Good in

n June 18, 2016, the Junction City,

CA community gathered to honor and
thank Robert Bob Winkler for his
34 years of service with the Junction City Fire
Protection District.

Winkler, upon retiring from the LAFD
after a 26-year career, relocated with his wife
Jean to Junction City. While the groundwork
for the Junction City Fire Protection District
had already begun, Winkler was tapped by
other community members to assist.

Not one to be deterred by hard work,
Bob put to use all of his skills, and with several
like-minded community members, set about
making the FPD a reality. The original charter
for the JCFPD was signed in 1983.

In 34 years of service, Winkler served
as the fire chief and president of the JCFPD
Board of Directors. During his tenure the district grew from just an idea to a main fire station, two smaller fire houses and the acquisition
of equipment necessary to fight fires and train
the volunteer firefighters.

Bob Winkler with Junction City Fire Chief Justin Kerwick

Winkler was honored with the dedication of the main fire house in his name. A
plaque with that designation has been mounted
between the engine bay doors.
Reprinted with permission The Trinity Journal

Journey of Love

any retired LAFD members have relocated to Nevadas Carson Valley.

One of these is Lou Chatin, retired
B/C and a Vietnam vet. Lou stays busy building
homes for a lot of retired guys and as a hunting
guide in Alaska. He has taken trophy sheep in

British Columbia, Alaska, Nevada, and finally

took a Rocky Mountain bighorn in Colorado
after applying for 38 years.

In 2015, Louie attended the WSFs
Sheep Show in Reno. What a night it became
when he won the drawing for a $50,000 desert
sheep hunt in Sonora, Mexico. Lou wanted to
share this trip with his son Mike, who was his
hunting partner and best friend. Lou had been
taking Mike hunting since he was five years
old. The two then spent a lot of time preparing
for this hunting trip to Mexico.

In September, Lou was guiding in
Alaska when he received a message that Mike
was in intensive care in Colorado. Lou boarded
a plane as soon as possible from the remote
camp, but Mike died before he could make it to
the hospital.

Because of the lack of work in Nevada,
Mike had moved his family to Colorado where
he was supervising a construction crew. Mike
felt like he had the flu, but went to work. His
boss looked at him and sent him home. He collapsed at home, was transported to the hospital
and died from what was diagnosed as meningitis. This unexpected tragic event was a major blow for Lou and his wife Marcia. Since
Mikes passing, they have spent a lot of time
in Colorado helping Mikes wife Jennifer and
twins get established for their future.

The date of the Mexico trip was rapidly approaching. Lou knew Mike would have
wanted him to go for this once in a lifetime
sheep hunt. Lou decided to take his good friend
Alton with him. Alton was with Lou in Alaska
when Mike became ill.

On the first day in Sonora, they didnt
see any sheep. On the second day they spotted
two rams chasing a ewe. After a four hour stalk,
they saw the sheep in heavy brush. The sheep
had to cross a steep ledge to keep out of sight.
As the big ram stepped out to the ledge, Louie
took the 200 yard uphill shot and the big ram
was his - along with his Grand Slam.

Alton summed it up when he said, No
one can understand how big a deal this was to
Louie. He is a fine gentleman, a wonderful person.

Submitted by Robert Neamy

Mike and Louie in Colorado, 2007

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(800) 244-3439

P.O. Box 41903
Los Angeles CA 90041


August 2016 33



Photos by Yvonne Griffin, Mike Meadows, John Conkle and

LAFD Photos by Christopher Wan

34 August 2016

It took 147 firefighters more than two
hours to extinguish a fire in a vacant two-story
office building at 2411 W 8th Street on June 13,
2016. Units arrived to find intense fire on the upper floor and while tackling flames, rescued three
unauthorized occupants of the building - and discovered another person dead, before switching to
defensive operations.

LAFD air crews assisted with a 4,500 acre
brush fire in Fish Canyon which broke out on June
20, 2016, at Melcanyon and Brookridge roads in
Duarte and burned for days


Photos by Mike Meadows, Craig Durling,

Jeff Zimmerman and Rick McClure

August 2016 35

heres more to fitness than just pure

strength flexibility and mobility matter too. In your teens and early twenties,
your body recovers rapidly and youre
still naturally flexible. But as the years
pass, even basic movements like squatting and lifting can become labored
and difficult.

Firefighters often suffer from
the it wont happen to me syndrome
but it will. If you want to spend
three decades in this dangerous and physically
demanding job, youll have to be aware of the
roles flexibility and mobility play in preventing


Flexibility refers to the ability of a
muscle to lengthen without breaking or tearing.
Being flexible allows you to move your body
throughout space with relative ease. As we age,
flexibility tends to decrease, making activities
of daily living (ADL) increasingly difficult and

Flexibility is involved in everything
from the most complex power movements
involved in sports, to the most mundane, everyday activities like using the restroom. Its
important to include flexibility training such
as stretches, dynamic warmups, and full range
of motion (ROM) activities into your exercise
program in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Loss of flexibility often results in a decrease in
quality of life. Lacking flexibility can cause
aches and pains when moving around and can
also lead to severely limiting injuries.

The best way to improve flexibility
is to never lose it; so never stop moving and
stretching on a daily basis. Unfortunately, that
may not always be the case for everyone. If
you have already lost significant flexibility or
may not be very flexible currently, theres good
news: theres still time to get it back!

36 August 2016

First, begin by identifying the physical

problem area(s). These areas will likely be in
pain, tight, stiff, and/or sore. Most common
areas in need of increasing flexibility are
the neck, shoulders, hips, and low back,
and hamstrings.
Once you have identified the areas
that you need to improve, incorporate
light stretches and dynamic movements targeting these areas into your
workout regimen. If you dont already
have a workout routine, begin one. Add
a dynamic warmup to the beginning of your
program, and include 5-10 minutes of static
stretching at the end.
Guidelines for flexibility training
Dont overdo it; work within your limits.
Pay attention to your breathing. Exhale as
the muscle lengthens to assist in relaxation.
Choose flexibility exercises from all
muscle groups, improve everywhere.
Warm muscles lengthen more easily and
with less discomfort. The best time to do
flexibility training (static stretching) is after
your workout.

There are many methods of flexibility training that promote relaxation,
such as yoga, meditation, Pilates, and
breathing techniques. Gradually progressive programming is the key to success, so wherever you are, thats right
where you begin. You should start seeing improvements in just the first week
of stretching!

Flexibility is a fundamental
component of FF/PM Paul
Saavedras (12-A) exercise

By Matt Mickey
BS Exercise Science, CPT


Joint mobility is the ability to move
a limb throughout its full range of motion
(ROM) within a joint(s), under control. Unlike
flexibility, mobility is not passive and requires
strength in order to produce full ROM movements. Flexibility is just one factor that affects
the mobility of a joint.

Mobility is essential for your bodys
adequate performance in both sport and life.
Its important to understand how to properly
move your body throughout its many different
ranges of motion in order to achieve and maintain proper form during exercise and ADL. It
is also crucial in injury prevention. Having the
ability to properly move and control your body
through space allows for safe and effective performance without increasing chance of bodily
injury or harm. Balance and coordination are
directly linked to mobility: the greater mobility
and control an individual has, the easier it is
to achieve balance, stability, and to move
multiple body parts in unison.
The same principle of flexibility
applies to mobility: if you dont
use it, you lose it. The best way
to maintain and improve mobility is to move, and move often! If
you are just beginning a program,
identify the areas
that need the most
improvement. Common problem areas
include the hips, back, shoulders, and
knees. Next choose from a series of:
Foam Rolling Techniques provides a
myofascial release or self-administered

deep tissue massage. This is usually painful, but very effective at loosening up tight
muscles and providing tremendous relief.
Mobility Drills exercises geared specifically around increasing range of motion
about a joint(s).
Static and Dynamic Stretching involves
breathing techniques for passive and active
stretches designed to increase the mobility
of specific joints.

Guidelines for mobility training

Choose exercises within your current
Gradually increase your activity based on
your current level, dont go from 0-60
Wear appropriate clothing, dont limit
your improvement by wearing clothing that
restricts your movement
Stay consistent
Any questions or comments?
Ask me anything, Im
always available for you!
Matt Mickey BS Exercise
Science, CPT
requested subject line:

Engineer Tim Aguayo (12-B)

concentrates on squeezing
his back muscles in the fully
contracted position

August 2016 37

20th Annual Craig Alder

Charity Golf Tournament
COST INCLUDES: Green Fees, Golf Cart, Mexican Buffet,
Golf Shirt, Raffle & Tee Prizes
Monday, October 3, 2016
9 AM shotgun start
For more info, call Mike @ (951) 972-7878
or email:
Temecula Creek Golf Course
44501 Rainbow Canyon Rd
Temecula CA 92592
Check-in between 7:00 AM - 8:30 AM
38 August 2016

August 2016 39

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(800) 244-3439

40 August 2016

P.O. Box 41903
Los Angeles CA 90041



Automobile Driving Museum
610 Lairport Street, El Segundo CA
Social Hour: 5:00 PM

Dinner: 6:00 PM

Hawaiian Buffet - $60 includes tax & tip

Casual Hawaiian Attire - Bring your hot rods and bikes
Call Fire Station 15 - (213) 485-6215


Odyssey Restaurant
15600 Odyssey Drive, Granada Hills CA
Social Hour: 5:00 PM

Dinner: 6:00 PM

Buffet - $60 includes tax, tip & gift

Buffet Style Dinner

MIKE PALMA, Firefighter III, MFC-C

Knollwood Country Club
12024 Balboa Blvd, Granada Hills, CA
Social Hour: 5:00 PM Dinner: 6:00 PM
Buffet Style - $60 includes tax, tip & gift
Call Natalie Goshi - (213) 576-8900
RSVP by July 22, 2016

MICHAEL GREENUP, Battalion Chief,

Batt 4-C
Brookside Country Club
1133 Rosemont Avenue, Pasadena CA
Social Hour: 5:00 PM
Dinner: 6:00 PM
Buffet - $40 includes tax, tip & gift

Call Fire Station 70 - (818) 756-7670

or (818) 756-9319. Spouses welcome!

Call FS 5 - (213) 485-5205

or Linda Greenup - (805) 573-9723
or email:

GREG MALAIS, Captain II, FS 11-C




Odyssey Restaurant
15600 Odyssey Drive, Granada Hills CA

Bistro Garden
12950 Ventura Blvd, Studio City CA

Social Hour: 11:00 AM

Luncheon: 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Buffet - $50 includes tax, tip & gift

Social Hour: 5:30 PM

Dinner: 7:00 PM
Menu TBA - $55 per person

Call Mark Carcamo at FS 11 - (213) 485-6211

Casual Attire. RSVP by September 1, 2016

Call Sean Davis - (661) 917-9188

or FS 98 - (818) 756-8698

August 2016 41

n Saturday June 4, 2016, a retirement

celebration was held at Fire Station
48 honoring Engineer Bruce Burkhart
for his more than 36 years of dedicated service. Bruce was appointed to the Department
on May 4, 1980, and retired from FS 48, A
Platoon on June 1, 2016. Bruce was assigned

42 August 2016

to Fire Stations 33, 14, 15, 46, 3, 5, 85, 38 and

48. He was promoted to Engineer on April 13,
1986, and held this rank for more than 30 years.
Bruce was joined by his family, including his
lovely wife Kathy, and his sons Daniel and Andrew. Many friends and co-workers, both past
and present, joined in congratulating Bruce for
his countless contributions.

Bruces retirement is also bittersweet as
the LAFD was such a huge part of his life. It is
difficult to say goodbye to both friends and a
career that spanned nearly four decades. However, the Burkhart family received news that
Andrew was selected to join the Los Angeles
Fire Department in the next firefighter recruit
class beginning in June at Drill Tower 40. The
Burkhart name will be stenciled onto the back
of a turnout coat once again - as one chapter
ends and another begins.

Bruce was presented with his 35-year
service pin by retired UFLAC President Ken
Buzzell, who spoke of the symbolism this token
of thanks from the City represents. A presentation by Tony Gamboa from United Firefighters of Los Angeles included both a beautiful

plaque and a thank you to Bruce who served as

a UFLAC Battalion Steward. Bruce was also
presented with resolutions from Councilman
Joe Buscaino and Fire Chief Ralph Terrazas. In
addition, he was recognized by South Bureau
Commander, Deputy Chief Daren Palacios and
Assistant Chief Ronnie Villanueva as a role
model. Bruce was presented with his retirement badge from Relief Association Trustee
Tim Larson, who described the pride and symbolism of the badge to those who are privileged
to wear it. A retirement gift of a stand up paddle
board was presented with from all of the members of Fire Station 48. We would also like to
thank United Firefighters of Los Angeles and
Captain Brian Hishinuma for their generosity
in providing the mobile barbeque for the breakfast.

We wish Bruce and Kathy a long,
healthy and happy retirement. On behalf of the
members of Fire Station 48 and the Los Angeles Fire Department we thank you for your
service and dedication. Countless lives were affected through your 36 years of service and you
should be proud of your contributions.

Retirement Beach Party

eter Pulido (33 years), Robert Brown

(36 years) and Mark Gozawa (37 years)
threw a beach party retirement bash at
Will Rogers on June 30th. The trio from 23s
treated all their friends and co-workers a day of
SoCal sunshine and a fabulous catered BBQ.
Congrats, thanks and all the best to the three
of you!

August 2016 43


Starting July 1, 2016 | For Relief PPO Medical Plan Members

Maximum coverage increased to $700 per person

l Scan from contracted provider Medical Imaging Center of Southern
California, includes (at no out-of-pocket expense):

MRI abdomen and pelvis scan for liver, kidneys, adrenals, pancreas and spleen

Heart scan, including calcium score and CT coronary angiogram

Low-dose Lung CT - lung cancer screening

You may select other providers whose rates may vary and could include
out-of-pocket costs
l Limit one scan every 3 years

Consult your personal physician

before undergoing health tests.

Visit to find more about

this provider or call (310) 829-9788
*All benefits subject to change; for Questions about
the Relief PPO Medical Plan, call (866) 995-2372

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44 August 2016

Visit for more info

Send your letters & comments to the editor at:

Dear Bob:

The enclosed donation is in memory of our son Sean Patrick Stilson, a third
generation LA City firefighter. The entire
Stilson family will be ever thankful for
your guidance during this sad time. The
fire family came through in so many ways
and is continuing in support roles. Chaplains George Negrete and Rick Godinez
were instrumental in seeing that family
members received necessary counseling
and follow-up care. We feel truly blessed
to be part of the LAFRA.
Judy and Mike Stilson
Cambria, CA
Dear LA Firemens Relief Assn,

Please accept this donation to the
Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemens
Fund in memory of Sean P. Stilson.

Although I never worked with Sean,
I did work with his father John (Mike) at
Old 17s during the mid-70s and with his
grandfather John E. at Old 4s when I left

I still remember the stories Mike
would tell about his twins competitiveness and how they tested their parents
patience on more than one occasion. The
one that stuck in my mind after all those
years resulted in them causing damage to
both their parents cars during one coasting lesson in their driveway.

As a parent of two boys, I cannot begin to imagine the grief of losing a
child, no matter the age.

From what I heard at the funeral,
Sean was determined from an early age to
join the Fire Service, and it was apparent

that he stuck to his goal, with a number of

steps in between the LAFD Explorer program starting in 1986 and finally earning
his LAFD firefighter badge in 1995, with
promotions to A/O, Captain I and finally to
Captain II in 2014.
Richard L. Watters, LAFD retired
Agoura Hills, CA
Capt. [Gerald A.] Jones was my
TFC at T-22-A in 1968. It was my second
rookie house and the busiest truck company in the city at that time. Deep impressions are made in our early years on the
job and Capt. Jones exemplified courage
and determination.

That summer of 1968 marked a riot
in south LA that never made it into the media. It lasted a full weekend as we formed
into heavy task forces of five engines, one
truck, a squad and B/C. No one left an
incident until all were accounted for and
ready to go to the next fire. As I stood on
a roof top at one fire, axe in hand, I looked
around and counted five other structure
fires nearby. For dinner, FF John Paulsen
searched all the mess lockers and created
Task Force Stew for over 30 hungry eaters.

Capt. Jones will always be a fond
memory of my early days on the LAFD!
Jim Kinninger
Wellington, NV
Captain Bob Linnell was truly dedicated to his profession. He spent many offduty days collaborating with other medical

professionals, and Council Members making sure we maintained our staffing levels.
He formed the Los Angeles Paramedic
Association because of the concept of 1+1
staffing. With his political connections,
he was able to get that staffing model set

When my father died in 2001, Bob
was at the hospital ready to help my family in any way. My mother was always impressed with his caring and quiet nature.
God Bless you Bob. You will be missed by
many, but never forgotten
Kevin Nida
El Cajon, CA
LA Firemens Relief Association,

Please accept this donation in memory of my husband John E Kemper and my
son Lane Kemper. Thank you for all you
do to help firemen and their families.
Beryl Kemper
Deer Park, WA
I had the good fortune to work with
Howard [McManigill] twice, first time
when I was at 20a as a firefighter, then
again at 89a as A/O. Howard was always
there for you to learn from, to give you
encouragement, and just be an all-around
nice guy.
Jim Littlefield
Wrightwood, CA
Dear Relief Association:

Please accept our check for the
Widows, Orphans and Disabled Firemens
Fund in memory of Tom Laski, Penny
Peck and Dick Nunnally. Three incredible
people we enjoyed and will miss.
Denny & Sue Coville
Arroyo Grande, CA
August 2016 45

Active and retired LAFD won 11 Gold Medals at the games

Front Row: Tony Varela, Jeff Moir, Kim Ingraham, Bill Archibald, Rich Enciso, Glen Prine
Back Row: Scott Anderson, Bobby Hatfield, Rene Herrera

he LAFD made a strong showing at the

first annual World Police and Fire Winter Games at Mammoth Mountain. The
LAFD team of active and retired members, ten
in all, earned 18 Medals: 11 Gold, four Silver
and three Bronze medals. In addition, there
were three fourths, three fifths, one sixth and
three sevenths.

The events consisted of Giant Slalom,
Slalom, Dual Slalom and Super Giant Slalom
in both alpine and snowboard, as well two Nordic events with racers from across the globe.

Our results as follows in the Alpine

Super Giant Slalom:
50-59 yr. old - Bobby Hatfield Bronze
60-69 yr. old - Glen Prine Bronze
70 yr. old plus - Bill Archibald -Gold

46 August 2016

50-59 yr. old As - Kim Ingram

50-59 yr. old - Bobby Hatfield Bronze
70 yr. old plus - Bill Archibold - Gold.

Giant Slalom:
50-59 yr. old As - Kim Ingram
70 yr. old plus - Bill Archibald - Gold.

In the Open Division, the fastest racers
were: Scott Anderson 7th Slalom, 4th Giant
Slalom and 4th in Super G, Marty Riviera 5th
Slalom, 7th Giant Slalom and 7th in Super G,
Tony Verela 6th Slalom, 6th in Giant Slalom.
These races are determined by hundreds and
thousands of a second.

In snowboard, Jeff Moir raced in the
50-59 yr. old Snowboard Division and com-

peted in the Seed Race, Giant Slalom, Slalom,

Dual Slalom and Super Giant Slalom. Jeff
boarded his way to Gold, Gold, Gold, Gold and
Gold. You could hear comments like, Who is
that guy, The Dude is almost 60 years old
and Hes frickn fast too. And like father,
like son, Jeffs son Robert, a Federal Firefighter from Louisiana, grabbed two Golds and
a Bronze in the 18-39 yr. Snowboard Division.

The Nordic 7.5 skate (AKA cross country) saw Rich Enciso skate to a Silver and Bobby Hatfield received the Bronze. Nordic 5K
Classic saw Rene Herrera grab the Gold.

Now one for the old guys (Old Guys
Rule) Bill Archibald was the sixth fastest racer
on the mountain in the Supper Fast Super Giant Slalom.

Go out and get your speed suit for next
year and we will see ya at the top.

By Roger Gillis

A Stacked Deck

Bob Sherman & Ringers Minus One

Daniel Murphy Nobles

Big Dave, The Weeze & Smooth Dave

Harbor Rats

First Place Champs

Battalion 1 Alumni

Team Brennan - 2nd Place

n Monday, May 23, 2016, the LAFD

Historical Society hosted their Fallen
Firefighter Memorial Golf Tournament at the beautiful Porter Valley Country
Club in Northridge. Those who attended the
tournament couldnt have asked for a more
perfect day for golf, with the temperature being
in the low 70s, no wind and the course being
in perfect shape.

The day started off at 0700 hours with
registration and a professional putting contest run by none other than Dave Blue Eyes
Murray and Steve The Weeze Norris. On a
side note, Im still trying to figure out why the
winner of the putting contest gets a new sand
wedge instead of a putter?!?

During this time, the attendees spent
some quality time catching up with their fellow golfers and enjoying a continental breakfast. The turnout this year wasnt up to par
with those in previous years, but those that did
attend were the best of the best and the same
individuals that continually support the various
fundraisers throughout each year. A huge and
sincere Thank You to all of you!

No fundraiser would be successful
without the continued support of our major
sponsors who, year after year, step up to the
plate. This year was no exception and sincere
thanks go out to the following:
CHIEFS SPECIAL Lewis, Marenstein, Wicke, Sherwin, & Lee, LLP and Liz &
William Bamattre
GOLD SPONSOR Jeannie, Jennifer
& Jim Finn
SILVER SPONSORS Aszkenazy Development, Inc, Sheryl & Tom Brennan, Sue &
Denny Coville, Firefighters First Credit Union,
Industrial Metal Supply, and United Firefighters of Los Angeles, Local 112

welcome to all in attendance and introduced

Chief Deputy Joe Castro who was representing
the Fire Chief. Chief Castro gave his usual inspiring speech readying the participants for the
field of battle and reminded everyone of what
the tournament was all about. With that, the
golfers hit the links and the day of fun began.

On completing their round of golf, all
participants adjourned to the club houses banquet room where a fabulous prime rib and a
multitude of delicious hors doeuvres were provided. During this time, a Silent Auction was
under way that included numerous high-end
gift baskets prepared by Andrea Everett, family and friends. Along with the baskets, there
were several great trips, restaurant certificates,
sporting events, an antique fire alarm box, axe
plaque, and the list goes on.

During this same time, the tournament
sponsors were acknowledged with special
one-of-a-kind plaques personally made up by
our president Jim Finn. In addition, beautiful
plaques were presented to the team members
who finished First, Second and Most Honest
in the tournament.

To conclude the days events, Mr. Tim
Lampros, a special friend of the Historical Society, held a Live Auction of one-of-a-kind
art items he had created exclusively for our
event. One such item was a LED backlit LAFD
badge that was to be personally designed for
the highest bidder. To explain what goes into
Tims creations would take another whole
chapter. Suffice to say that they truly are extraordinary pieces of art and as testament to
that they brought healthy bids in support of our
fund raiser. Thanks Tim.

Again, thanks to all who attended and
supported this years golf tournament and once
again made it a huge success!

To get the festivities under way,
LAFDHS President Jim Finn gave a warm

August 2016 47

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48 August 2016

Robert H. Lawrason, Fireman. Appointed August 26, 1946.
Retired on a service pension August 1, 1966 from FS 109.
Passed away June 4, 2016.
Gerald A. Jones, Captain. Appointed January 29, 1959.
Retired on a disability pension January 22, 1981 from FS 10.
Passed away June 10, 2016.
Edwin W. Burr Jr., Captain. Appointed February 3, 1958.
Retired on a service pension July 10, 1983 from FS 82-B.
Passed away June 12, 2016.
Carroll M. Williams, Captain. Appointed March 16, 1948.
Retired on a service pension June 30, 1975 from FS 83.
Passed away June 15, 2016.
Jerome S. Crandall, Apparatus Operator. Appointed January 6, 1973.
Retired on a service pension February 25, 2002 from FS 105-C.
Passed away June 29, 2016.
William S. Mills, Fireman. Appointed October 22, 1946.
Retired on a service pension April 2, 1972 from FS 83-B.
Passed away June 29, 2016.
Raymond B. Goozey, Fireman. Appointed July 15, 1947.
Retired on a service pension July 31, 1972 from FS 38-B.
Passed away July 1, 2016.
John R. Boyd, Firefighter III. Appointed January 4, 1976.
Retired on a service pension April 10, 2011 from FS 87.
Passed away July 9, 2016.

Jeanne Kolb, surviving spouse of James L. Kolb, passed away June 10, 2016.
Beverly Feltman, spouse of Duane E. Feltman, passed away June 18, 2016.
Mary M. Kearns, surviving spouse of William P. Kearns, passed away June 23, 2016.
Patricia L. Westcombe, surviving spouse of William H. Westcombe, passed away June 27, 2016.
Patricia R. Cooper, surviving spouse of Robert E. Cooper, passed away June 28, 2016.

August 2016 49

L. Scott Gribbons, Board Chair

Firefighters First Credit Union

A Message from the Chair

HE GOOD OL DAYS . . . Many of us

remember the good ol days back when
we fought fire in our comfortable dungaree jeans, no donning of the breathing apparatus and face piece at every fire (breaking
our backs and limiting our visibility). No hoods
either . . . we could use our ears as heat sensors, and lets not forget about those great open
cab rigs and open air tiller buckets allowing us
to maintain greater visual awareness. Being an
LAFD firefighter was much simpler and life
was good!

The Credit Union was great too.
We had simple savings accounts . . . nothing fancy. All of us received the same rate
on our loans (no matter how good or bad
our credit was) and Mary at the front desk
always remembered my name when I
walked in the door.

Today, we are mandated to wear full
turnouts, B/As and hoods. Were fully encapsulated and at times its uncomfortable
50 August 2016

and more difficult to communicate. Our

rigs all have fully enclosed cabs making
its difficult to view overhead hazards and
upper floors. Change was painful and we
resisted it. However, along the way some
interesting things have occurred. We experienced fewer and less severe burns and
we didnt expose ourselves to toxic smoke
nearly as much as before. And those open
cabs were great until we got a move-up
in pouring rain at 2 am - wearing soaking
wet turnouts all day and night was common.

Today, the staff at the Credit Union
is still great, but its not Mary and they
may not know my name. Things have
changed and we have resisted it. However, along the way some interesting things
have occurred. I rarely need to drive to the
Credit Union because today I can execute
almost all of my banking online or through

my mobile app whenever I want. I get an

even lower rate on my loans because I take
pride in having good credit. I use my exclusive firefighter Credit Union Visa card,
my check is directly deposited into my
account, and I transfer funds within my
account and even to my friends with ease
and from wherever I happen to be - work,
home or on vacation in Hawaii. I have exclusive access to a professional financial
planner and its free . . . and much more.

Yes, change is inevitable . . . and we
may resist it initially, but with good planning, good things will happen. Until then,
lets try to remember that today is the good
ol days of 30 years from now.
L. Scott Gribbons
Board Chair
Material provided is for your information and convenience only.

Submitted by Frank Borden Director of Operations, LAFDHS

LAFD History - Fire on the Waterfront PART II

LOS ANGELES HARBOR (1542 - 1984)
By William E. Dahlquist, Pilot, Fireboat 2 C
Franks note: This is Part II of Bill Dahlquists
story. It was written by Bill in 1984 when he was
a Pilot on Fireboat 2, The Ralph J. Scott. It is
part of the many stories in a new exhibit funded
by the Port of Los Angeles through a grant in
the LAFDHS Harbor Fire Museum titled The
History and Evolution of Fireboats in the Port
of Los Angeles. This visual interactive exhibit
opens this summer. I have written a continuation from Part II of Bills story that brings it up
to date in the 21st Century.

Bill, now retired, volunteers his time supervising the restoration of Old Fireboat 2 on
the dock in San Pedro next to Fire Station 112.
The work is done by volunteers and the funds
are from donations.

Little progress was made during the depression years and the same was true for the
war years of the early 40s. The Main Channel
was dredged to a minus 35 feet and a second
section was begun on the breakwater. The 1933
Long Beach earthquake did a quarter of a million dollars damage to L.A. Harbor property.

Several large fires occurred during this
period. 1,200 feet of wharf and warehouse
were destroyed on May 14, 1941 at Berth 88.
In 1943, an early morning fire took the South
Coast Cannery near Fish Harbor. Birth 223 was
the scene of a disastrous explosion and fire on
October 21, 1944 with 16 killed and 50 injured.
The fire destroyed 200 feet of wharf, two Navy
LSMs and 25 vehicles.

It was June 22, 1947, however, that
the firefighters of the day recall most vividly.
At Berth 167 in Wilmington, the tankship
Markay was taking on a cargo of gasoline
and butane blend when it exploded killing 11,
injuring 22 and setting fire to wharves and
warehouses. At one point, Boat 2 was forced to
plow its way through a sea of fire to protect the
upper reaches of the slip. Fire loss was over $5
AND 1950S)

The late 40s and early 50s saw more

large fires, including: three ship fires, three refinery fires and a major tank farm fire at Berth
119. It also was a period of more harbor growth
and improved fire protection.

Fireboat 2 received new gasoline engines during the mid and late 40s and in 1949,
a new slip and covered boat house was built for
Boat 3 on the south side of the station.

In Wilmington, the old frame house
of Engine 38 was replaced with a modern station. The same thing was done to Station 40 on
Terminal Island in 1950. One year later a new
company, Engine 86, moved in with Engine 40
and remained there for ten years until replaced
by Truck 40. Drill Tower 5 would later be built
in the field behind the station.

1951 was also the year that Fire Station 53 was remodeled and Fire Station 85 was
built in Harbor City at 1331 West 253rd Street.
Several years later the San Pedro Signal Office,
which had been located upstairs in Fire Station
36, was moved to a new building across the
street from 53s.

Old Fireboat 2 fighting the wharf fire caused from

the explosion of the tankship Markay - 1947

The first of the LAFD divers jumping off

old fireboat 3 in the early 1960s.


The decade of the 60s was a period that
saw major changes and improvements. It started with a greater alarm wharf fire at Matson
Steamship Company March 17, 1960. A few
days after this high loss fire, some firefighters volunteered to use diving gear to retrieve
lost equipment. Division Chief W. W. Johnston, a diver himself, asked them to handle a
1-1/2 inch line while they were in the water.
From this humble beginning evolved a whole
new concept in fighting wharf fires using scuba
equipped fire divers. It is still in use today in
Los Angeles and many other port cities of the
world. The divers are also used for rescues and
fireboat maintenance.

The time was right for a second large
fireboat. The economy was strong, fire activity was up and it was recognized that two large
boats were needed to guarantee that one would
always be available. Fireboat Number 4 was to
be the ultimate fire vessel and A/C Bethel F.
Gifford supervised the design and construction.

A major fire at the Matson Steamship

Company dock - 1960

New Fireboat 4 sailing into the Port of LA in 1962

after her voyage from Portland Oregon.

August 2016 51

On December 27, 1961, she slipped into
the Willamette River at Portland, OR with six
engines, two propellers and a capacity of 9000
GPM. The 76-1/2 foot vessel had a 24 foot
beam and cost $639,000. A classic-of modern
design, she featured variable pitch propellers,
maneuvering jets, special underwharf nozzles
and dual pilot house controls.

February 22, 1962, she sailed into Los
Angeles Harbor with blaring horns and water
displays. Located temporarily at Boat 2s quarters, she eventually moved to Berth 29 at Fort
MacArthur where the boat sat outside and the
crew lived in some old government buildings.
That same year, Fire Station.101 opened in the
South Shores area of San Pedro.

Fire Service Day in 1965, Fireboats 1,
2 and 4 were christened with the names Archibald J. Eley, Ralph J, Scott and Bethel F.
Gifford, respectively, in ceremonies honoring
these outstanding Chief Officers. 20,000 peo-

The Ralph J. Scott now modernized, coming

out of the boathouse on Terminal Island

December 1976 - Fireboat 2 The Scott stands by

the stern of the supertanker Sansinena

Old Boat 2 the Ralph J. Scott retired and the new Boat 2
The Warner L. Lawrence is christened - 2003.

52 August 2016

ple watched as the boats put on a water display

parade in the Main Channel.

1967 was the year that new Fire Station 49 was completed at 400 Matsonia Way
in Wilmington, and Fireboat 4 was moved into
the adjoining covered boat house. On July 28,
the LAFD also took delivery of two new identical twin fire/rescue boats, one to replace aging
Boat 3 and the other designated Fireboat S and
quartered at Boat 4s old berth at Fort MacArthur.

Built by Drakecraft in Oxnard, they
were 34 feet long with a 12-1/2 foot beam, had
a fibre-glass over plywood hull, three engines,
two propellers and a 750 GPM pump. A third
Drakecraft was later launched with the same
hull but a different cabin and engine arrangement. It was designated Fireboat 1 to replace
the old boat in the Fish Harbor.

The decade ended with still another
major improvement in fire fighting capability.
Because of its age, Fireboat 2 was slated to be
scrapped in favor of a smaller, less effective
craft. Through the outstanding efforts of Captain Warner L. Lawrence, a decision was made
to cut the size of the crew and spend $239,000
on remodeling to make it one of the most formidable fire vessels in the world.

It took one year of planning and another
in a local shipyard to produce the new fireboat.
She sported the latest in state of the art hardware including all new stainless steel hydraulic
turrets, underwater maneuvering jets, large capacity underwharf nozzles, six special bulwark
nozzles, hydraulic steering, direct control of
propulsion engines, a power lift boom and hydraulic winches. At her recommissioning, October 29, 1969, she was described as the most
modern and practical fire fighting boat afloat.

The 70s brought fewer changes. New
station numbers were assigned to Boat 5, Boat
1 and Boat 2, listing them as Fire Stations 110,
111 and 112 respectively. Budget considerations caused the closing of Fire Station 36,
and Engine 40 was moved into Fire Station 112
to facilitate training needs at the drill tower.
This was the first of several openings and closings of Fire Station 40 until finally the station

and drill tower were abandoned and later torn

down to make way for harbor expansion.

The evening of December 17, 1976,
was suddenly shattered by an enormous explosion and fireball in outer harbor. The supertanker Sansinena had blown up at her moorings
at Berth 46, killing nine and injuring 22. Fireboat 5 rescued 18 crewmen from the water as
firefighters battled the awesome holocaust for
many hours. As a result of this catastrophe, a
new policy of company tanker inspection was
inaugurated by the LAFD to help prevent similar disasters in the future.

April 15, 1980, a new station was
opened in Harbor City on the same site as old
Fire Station 85. It was joined at the new station
by a task force later in the year.
Bills great story ends here. The following continued history was written by Frank Borden

The commerce in the Port continued to
grow through two decades with the fire protection capability and services remaining about
the same with a few exceptions to increase
services such as tank ship inspections. In 1989
Fireboat No. 2 The Ralph J. Scott was designated as a National Historic Landmark and was
also designated a City of Los Angeles Cultural
Heritage Landmark.

After serving the Port for nearly 78
years Fireboat 2 The Ralph J. Scott was retired in 2003 with a major ceremony in the harbor. New Fireboat 2, The Warner Lawrence
was christened along with three new fire rescue

In 2004 the Scott was removed from
the water and placed on a land berth adjacent
to Fire Station 112 where volunteers from the
LAFDHS began the work to restore the boat.
It remained outside in the weather for several
years until the Port of LA provided a large
canopy to cover the boat making the restoration work far more effective and long lasting.
Remember Bill Dahlquists saying rust never

Our newest Fireboats are taking the
heights in capability and technology. The new
boats are the result of a ten-year, joint effort
project between the Fire Department and the
Port of Los Angeles. This process researched
the current and projected future port protection
role of the Fire Service. The ports hazards, potential, and expansion projects were studied in
close detail. Target hazards were measured for
fire flow, fire stream reach, potential Firefighting Foam requirements, alternate water source
needs and a wide range of other criteria. Once
this was accomplished, the data was compared
against our existing Fireboat capabilities, and
the potential for enhancement, or reduction
was carefully studied. On completion, a list of

store, thats not there anymore sped the crew

and the engineer. With the steering gear torn
the rig went airborne it was a devastating
sight, then plate glass was flying and Grigsby was crying and Red Hursts hair turned
white. Now when the dust settled there they all
said a prayer as the injuries they found to be
none but old Lulubelle was destined for hell
as she just made her very last run.
John L. Gilchrist
The 1937 American LaFrance Shop #1075 at FS 38. Later
sent to FS 67 in the West Adams district where it met
its demise.

The four new LAFD fireboats in 2003 Boat 2

The Warner L. Lawrence and Boats 1, 3 and 5.
equipment and capabilities required to address
the ports needs was developed. This list included items such as Firefighting Foam capacities and flow rates, on board EMS facilities,
SCUBA program needs, towing capabilities,
improvised water supply ability and many others. Among the top priorities for the new boat
were overall strength, longevity, technological
superiority, and a wide range of enhanced capabilities. Ultimately, Marine Architects and
other specialists were hired to formally develop
the Departments specifications, and the new
large and small boats became a reality.
by John Gilchrist

Retired Captain Bill Quinn told me
about a poem that was written about a 1937
American LaFrance Lulubelle. This was
after Bill saw the one in our Hollywood Museum. Captain John Gilchrist wrote the poem
and presented it to Engineer Harry Miller at his
retirement dinner in early 1960. It was about an
accident that caused the demise of Engine 67, a
1937 Lulubelle in 1957. The crew of Engine
67 that night was: Fireman Robert Hollis (Acting Captain), Engineer Harry Miller, Fireman

Alfred Guin, Fireman Gene Grigsby, and Fireman John (Red) Hurst
(detailed from E 34-A).

It was a night in November,
as I remember, that the Lulubelle
took her last run. Old ten seventy
five is no longer aliveher firefighting days are now done. The
crew working that night, who joined her last
flight on a ride where her seams fairly burst,
were Hollis, and Miller, Guin and Grigsby and
a detailman Red Hurst. When the fire phone
rang the crew fairly sang for a ride in the cool
night air, but little theyd know that theyd
later bemoan what cruel fate had lurking there.
Miller spun the rotor on her tired old motor
to prod her to life was his right she groaned
and she farted and finally got started then thundered off in the darkening night. She behaved
like a dream under a full head of steam as she
headed for the LaBrea intersection, then all hell
cut loose when some teenage goose made his
hot rod a front end connection. Do you know
how itd feel to lose a front wheel, the brakes
and the power to steer towards a furniture

Calendar for August 2016

LAFDHS Calendar for 2016 Events

(As We Know it Today)
U.S. Navy Fleet Week at the Port of LA.
The Ralph J. Scott project will be open
to visitors Sat. 9/3, Sun. 9/4 and Mon. 9/5
(Labor Day)
Annual September 11th Memorial at LAFD
Fallen Firefighters Memorial - Sun. 9/11 at
0700 hrs.
Annual LAFD Memorial at the LAFD Fallen
Firefighters Memorial, Sat. 10/8 at 1000 hrs.
Fireboat #2, The Ralph J. Scott 91st Birthday, Sat. 10/22
US Marine Corps Birthday at the Hollywood
Museum, Thur. 11/10
LAFDHS Annual Holiday Party at the Hollywood Museum Sat. 12/17
All of our LAFDHS members, guests and
friends are invited to attend our monthly
meetings at the Museum.
The Los Angeles Fire Department Historical
Society and William Rolland Firefighters
Educational Institute is a non-profit
501 (C) (3) organization.

* Fridays from 0800 to 1200 are work days on the Ralph J. Scott Fireboat
August 2016 53


June 1, 2016
President Robert Steinbacher
called the meeting of the Board
of Trustees of the Los Angeles
Firemens Relief Association to
order at 10:18 a.m.

Robert Steinbacher entertained
a motion to ratify and dispense
with the reading of the minutes
of the Board of Trustees meeting
held May 4, 2016. David Peters
so moved. Mike Sailhamer
seconded. There was no further
discussion or objections.

Robert Steinbacher, President

Jeff Cawdrey, Vice President
Andrew Kuljis, Secretary
Trustee Frank Aguirre
Trustee Mark Akahoshi
Trustee Juan Albarran
Trustee Gene Bednarchik
Trustee Steve Berkery
Trustee Rick Godinez
Trustee David Peters
Trustee Steve Ruda
Trustee Mike Sailhamer
Trustee Chris Stine
Trustee Tyler Tomich
Trustee Steven Domanski Pension
Trustee Tim Larson Pension
Trustee Doak Smith Pension
Todd Layfer - Executive Director
Liberty Unciano ControllerTreasurer

Motion carried to ratify and

dispense with the reading of
the minutes of the Board of
Trustees meeting held May 4,


3) Bob Steinbacher and Board

members provided updates on
members statuses.

Trustee Tim Freeman (Excused)

Trustee Joe Vigil (Excused)
Trustee Chris Hart (Excused)
Trustee John Jacobsen (Excused)
Trustee David Ortiz (Excused)
Trustee Craig White (Excused)
Dave Wagner, Grapevine Editor
Tom Stires, Retired
Dennis Mendenhall, Retired
Jim Dolan, Asst. Secretary
INVOCATION & Flag Salute
Tim Larson led the invocation.
Rick Godinez led the flag salute.

54 August 2016

1) Bob Steinbacher presented
Employee Recognition plaques
for Alex Juan and Andy Kuljis
for their 10 years of service to
2) Bob Steinbacher referred
to the Pechanga Reunion and
thanked Juan Albarran, Tim
Larson, Steve Domanski and
Doak Smith for their hard
work planning and running a
successful event.

Executive Session at 10:34
am. The Board adjourned from
Executive Session at 10:44 am.
Bob Steinbacher entertained a
motion to approve the action
taken in Executive Session
regarding a personnel matter.
Juan Albarran so moved. Doak
Smith seconded. There was no
discussion or objections.
Motion carried to approve
the action taken in Executive
Session regarding a personnel


1) Jeff Cawdrey reported on the
Washington Legislative Update
conference he attended in
Washington, D.C. He indicated
that the Cadillac Excise Tax
imposed on medical premium
and subsidy maximums has been
delayed from 2018 to 2020.
2) Jeff Cawdrey referred to the
Policy Manual changes and
indicated that he has emailed
them to all the Committee Chairs.
He asked that they discuss them
with their committees and
indicated that the changes will
be brought to the July Board
meeting for approval.
3) Jeff Cawdrey referred to the
Benefits Communication and
Technology Institute conference
July 18th & 19th. He asked those
interested in attending to let him
know by June 6th in order to
get the discounted rate on the
registration fee.
1) Todd Layfer referred to
the Lane Kemper Softball
Tournament and reported that
the day of event revenue was
$5K. He mentioned that they
were able to utilize the new mini
iPads for credit card transactions.
2) Juliet Brandolino provided
an update on the Hope for
Firefighters and indicated that
so far, they have $100K in
sponsorships. She reported that
the planning was coming along
great and scheduled coverage
in the areas not yet filled. She
provided parking and validation
3) Todd Layfer referred to
the insurance renewals and
indicated that they will meet
with the Broker on June 21st to
discuss coverage.

4) Todd Layfer reported on the

final open enrollment period
statistics and indicated that
150 individuals (members and
dependents) were added to the
medical plan and 40 individuals
termed and went to other plans.
He indicated that this number
did not reflect the new drill
tower recruits.
5) Todd Layfer reported that
Chris Hart is planning a Big
Bear Mountain Bike event on
August 3rd.
6) Todd Layfer presented the
Tim Larson indicated that they
were waiting on the capital calls
from Montauk.
Doak Smith indicated that he
had a brief discussion with Todd
Layfer about the possibility of
switching auditors for next year.
He stated that they will discuss
further in the next couple of
months to determine if it is wise
and prudent.
Frank Aguirre presented the
following motions.
The committee recommends and
I so move to pay the usual and
customary bills in the amount
of $911,446.84. There was no
discussion or objections.
Motion carried to pay the usual
and customary bills in the
amount of $911,446.84.
The committee recommends and
I so move to approve $500 for

the Drill Tower 40 Graduation

ceremony. There was no
discussion or objections.
Motion carried to approve
$500 for the Drill Tower 40
Graduation ceremony.
The committee recommends and
I so move to approve the CLO
request for $300 for the LAFD
Badge Ceremony. There was no
discussion or objections.
Motion carried to approve the
CLO request for $300 for the
LAFD Badge Ceremony.
David Peters presented
following motion.


Steve Berkery read the names of

members who recently passed
and asked for a moment of
silence from the Board.
Clair E. Buskirk
Clarence S. Kleidosty
Ralph N. Nelman
Howard Mc Manigill
Sean P. Stilson
Steve Berkery presented the
following motions.
The committee recommends and
I so move to accept the donations
in the amount of $16,792.93
to the Widows, Orphans &
Disabled Firemens Fund. There
was no discussion or objections.

The committee recommends

and I so move to accept the
applications to the Medical Plan.
There was no discussion and no

Motion carried to accept the

donations in the amount of
16,792.93 to the Widows,
Orphans & Disabled Firemens

Motion carried to accept all

applications to the Medical

The committee recommends

and I so move to approve the
financial assistance applications
for surviving spouses, active and
retired members. There was no
discussion or objections.

Steve Berkery presented the
following motion.
The committee recommends and
I so move to pay:
The Sick & Injury benefits in the
amount of $26,497.60
The Estate Planning benefit in
the amount of $4,490,
Withdrawals in the amount of
The Life & Accident Death
benefit in the amount of $24,000
The Relief Death Benefits in the
amount of $22,500
There was no discussion or
Motion carried to pay the above
Relief benefits.

Motion carried to approve

applications for surviving
spouses, active and retired
The committee recommends and
I so move to advance funds for
both active and retired members.
There was no discussion or
Motion carried to advance
funds for both active and retired
Andy Kuljis reminded the
Trustees to read their emails and
keep up with the flying of the
memorial flags. Juan Albarran

asked that when sending those

emails, to include a time line of
when the flags are needed.
David Peters informed that the
next committee meeting will be
on June 22nd to discuss the final
updates to the Policy Manual.
Rick Godinez informed that the
final scholarship award had been
given. He indicated that all the
winners should be in the next
Grapevine magazine.
Rick Godinez presented a video
presentation on Arson Canines.
He indicated that this video is
currently running on the website.
Marlene Casillas informed that
the website calendar has been
updated to offer more support
and more options.
1) Hope for Firefighters June 2nd
2) Morningstar Conference
June 13th 15th
3) LAFD Fire Hogs Fallen
Heroes Memorial Ride
June 25th
4) LAFD Career Expo
June 25th
5) Big Bear Mountain
Bike Ride August 3rd
6) Colorado Springs Memorial
September 15th 18th
7) LAFD Invitational Golf
Tournament September 19th
8) LAFRA Open House
November 5th
9) IFEBP Annual Conference
November 13th 16th
(Orlando, FL)
10) LAFRA Holiday Party
December 17th

2) Mike Bowman & Tom
Ottman Saturday, June 4th A
@ FS 4 (Bednarchik)
3) Art Burgess Monday,
June 6th C @ Brookside Golf
Club (Steinbacher)
4) Ed Larini Monday,
June 10th C @ Brookside
Golf & Country Club (Larson)
5) Paul R. Nelson Friday,
June 10th C @ Odyssey
Restaurant (Hart)
6) Mark Hill Saturday,
June 11th A @ Fire Station 49
7) Andy Vidovich Monday,
June 20th A @ Dalmatian
American Club (Kuljis)
8) Phil Bernal Saturday,
June 25th B @ The Bernals
9) Craig Nielsen Wednesday,
June 29th A @ Intercontinental
Hotel (Hart)
10) Peter Pulido, Robert Brown
& Mark Gozawa Thursday,
June 30th (Steinbacher)
11) Dan Rodriguez Friday,
July 1st A @ Odyssey
Restaurant (Godinez)
12) James Medley Friday,
July 15th A @ Ports OCall
13) Mike Monroy Friday,
July 29th B @ Top of the Fish
Market (Larson)
14) Scott Akahoshi Tuesday,
August 2nd A @ Automobile
Driving Museum (Akahoshi)
15) Mike Palma/Richard
Newton/Robert Gonzalez
Sun., Aug. 7th B @ Knollwood
Country Club (Bednarchik)
Robert Steinbacher entertained
a motion to adjourn. David
Peters so moved. Juan Albarran
seconded. There was no
discussion and no objections.
Motion carried to adjourn.
The Board of Trustees meeting
adjourned at 11:55 a.m.
Robert Steinbacher, President

1) Bruce Burkhart Saturday,
June 4th A @ Fire Station 48

August 2016 55

Donations to Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemens Fund

June 2016



DENNIS L.COVILLE in memory of

Tom Laski, Penny Peck &
Dick Nunnally

memory of John Verdone, Severino
Trapletti, Sam Mundt, Benjamin E.
Scherrer, Robert Morrison, Thomas E.
Laski & Richard L. Kampff


87s Pancake Breakfast


the Buckle Sales


Kemper Softball Classic



the Kemper Softball Classic

87s Pancake Breakfast
87s Pancake Breakfast
TRUST in memory of Milly Johnson
Kern County Breakfast Club
memory of G. Mahoney & R. Rojo
87s Pancake Breakfast
87s Pancake Breakfast
Kemper Softball Classic
FIRE STATION NO. 92 from the
Fire Extinguisher Fund
KIRK P. BINGHAM from the
Firefighters Breakfast in
Thousand Oaks
56 August 2016


Kemper Softball Classic

JAMES E. GILLUM from the

Simi Valley Breakfast Club

DON L. GILLETT in memory of
Irene Mcleod
DON L. GILLETT in memory of
Dick Mandichak
PHYLLIS R. STAPEL in memory of my
51st wedding anniversary to Clay Stapel
ARCHER R. MORGAN in memory of
Gene Mahoney
ARCHER R. MORGAN in memory of
Bob Furr

FIRE STATION NO. 1 from the

Fire Extinguisher Fund

DARIO O. REYES from the

Kemper Softball Classic

STEVE W. ROMAS from the

Kemper Softball Classic


Kemper Softball Classic

BOB L. STEPHENS in memory of

Bob Furr

PAUL D. SCHORI from the

Kemper Softball Classic

YVONNE HOERNER in memory of

Milly Johnson

ANA G. SALAZAR from the

Kemper Softball Classic

JOHN KIRKORN in memory of retired

Battalion Chief Eugene F. Mahoney


from the Kemper Softball Classic


from the Kemper Softball Classic



Kemper Softball Classic
Kemper Softball Classic
FIRE STATION NO. 98 from the
Fire Extinguisher Fund
FRED A. MILLER from the
Kemper Softball Classic
SAMUEL L. SERRA in memory of
Clair Buskirk


rom the Kemper Softball Classic
KURT FASMER in memory of
Richard Nunnally
TIMOTHY G. LARSON in memory of
Sean Stilson
ADELE J. MERRIMAN in memory of
Reynaldo Rojo
JASON UHLEY in memory of S
ean Stilson
LISA MARQUEZ in memory of
Richard Mandichak

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LAFD retired - Les Hunt
SUNSOLAR US. We make it effortless for you to go green. We
custom design and engineer your
Solar Power system. Permits and
association approvals, rebates and
tax credits, 24 hour monitoring for
the life of the system - we handle it
all. Serving all Southern California
counties. Financing available. Firemans Discounts. Contact Brian
Koster (949) 525-6181. brian@ (888) 207-6411
Preferred provider for most PPO,
HMO, MPN, Union, Auto accident
and Workers Compensation
Plans. (818) 527-7246.
- vinyl replacement windows &
Patio doors. I also carry aluminum,
wood and entry door systems.
Rick Brandelli, Capt. LACoFD, FS
8-C (800) 667-6676.

BIG BEAR CABIN - All season,
restful views from decks. Two
story, sleeps 6, half mile to lake,
two plus miles to slopes. Fireplace/Wood, cable TV/DVD/VCR.
Full kitchen, completely furnished
except linens. Pets ok. $100/$110
(two day minimum). $550/$650
a week, Beep or Donna Schaffer
1+(760) 723-1475.
BIG BEAR CABIN. 2 bedroom,
2 bath, 2 story. Sleeps 6-8. About
6 miles from ski slopes & lake.
Fireplace/wood, cable, full kitchen
- furnished. $100 per night M - Th.
$110 per night F-Sun. Weekly

available. Sheri (909) 851-1094 or

(760) 948-2844.
BIG BEAR LAKES FINESTDeluxe lakeside townhouse, 2
bedrooms, 3 baths, 2 cable TVs,
HBO, DVD, WiFi, 2 wood burning
fireplaces, laundry room, tennis
court, indoor pool, sauna, spa,
boat dock. Fully equipped, including all linens. Sleeps 6. 310-5418311 or
Bath 1,850 sq ft home on the
Eagle Point peninsula. Very close
to the lake, ski slopes, downtown
and grocery stores. Sleeps 9
comfortably. 50 cable TV, DVD,
VHS, WiFi, wood burning stove,
fireplace, fire pit, fire wood, BBQ,
laundry. 2 night min. Winter $160/
night. Summer $130/night. +$90
Cleaning. (4 days+ = no cleaning
fee) Some holiday rates apply.
Tony Zermeno (805) 625-1192
BIG BEAR CABIN - Sugarloaf Cozy upgraded 2 bedroom cabin.
Sleeps 8. Fireplace, deck, Wifi internet and cable TV. On a large
lot with sled hill. Fully furnished
except linens. $125 Winter $100
summer. Details and availability,
Call/text Jessica (949) 874-5294
- 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, one block
to beach, view, fully equipped
housekeeping unit. Marci (818)
347-6783 or Clarence (310) 5102721.
COVE. Ocean front, 1 bed, 1 1/2
bath, sleeps 4. Steps to beach,
pool, gym, putting course, tennis
and more. Newly refurbished,
fully equipped. Includes golf cart,
WiFi. Contact Bart @ (310) 5100190. Ask
for LAFD 8-89 discount. Owner
active LAFD.
Fully Equipped, Furnished in a
Very Quiet Private Area. Two
balconies, view of the valley, two
bedrooms/two bathrooms, 2 fullqueen bed sets, full bath with hot
water, wall closets, AC, washing
machine, Kitchen fully equipped,
parking for 2 cars, wifi, cable tv,
swimming pool, gym.
DESERT CONDOS, RANCHO MIRAGE (near Palm Springs). 2 bed,
2 bath. Fully furnished condo, TV,

August 2016 57

internet, pools and spas. Gated

community from $115/night. 3
bed from $125/night. No smoking.
Barbara (626) 798-2484.
cabin with Carson Peak view. Close
to fishing & skiing. Furnished, wood
deck, equipped kitchen, wood
burning stove, tree swing, cable /
DVD/phone. Garage/ample parking.
$95/night plus cleaning fee. Email
for pictures. Jeff Easton 93-A (805)
HOUSE. Panoramic view, lawn to
water, boat tie up. 4 bedroom, 2
bath, sleeps 10, nicely furnished
house and patio. gas BBQ, A/C,
pool table, 3 TVs/DVD, WiFi,
complete kitchen with microwave.
Washer & Dryer. Gated resort.
No pets. No smoking. Bud Bowen
LAKE HAVASU LANDING-Waterfront, steps to the water. Boat
mooring out front, off-road desert
behind house. 3 bed/3 bath, fully
furnished w/linens. Direct TV/DVR,
BBQ, Casino, Grocery/Meat Market, Launch Ramp, Marina with
Boat House, Gated Community.
No pets/smoking. $350 Dan Cook
310 418 1577.
RENT - 3 bdrm, 2 bath, 1600 sq.ft.
Fully furnished with all amenities- Laundry & BBQ. 13,000 sq.ft.
lot. 3 car boat-deep garage. 3
miles from launch ramp. Close to
downtown shops & restaurants.
View of the lake. Quiet street in
good neighborhood. No pets. No
smoking. Snowbird rates. Call
Mike (661) 510-6246
gated community. 3 bedroom, 2
1/2 bath, large loft. 3minute drive
to main marina in Oak Shores.
Large flat driveway. Fully equipped
kitchen, BBQ, washer/dryer, TV/
DVD. No cable. No pets/smoking.
$185/night. 3 night minimum. Call
Ben (805) 444-2264.
MAMMOTH - 1 bedroom Summit condo, sleeps 6. Convenient
underground garage parking.
Jacuzzis, gym (pool/tennis in
summertime), shuttle right outside!
Across from Eagle Lodge, Winter
$110 per night, Summer $80 per
night plus $65 cleaning fee and
13% tax. All linens included. Drew
or Nancy Oliphant (661) 513-2000

58 August 2016

MAMMOTH CONDO. 2 bedroom

& large loft, 3 full baths, sleeps 8.
5 minute walk to Canyon Lodge.
Fully furnished, TVs, VCR/DVD,
pool, spa, rec room, sauna, linens
included. Winter $175 weekdays,
$195-weekends/holidays; summer
$125, plus cleaning. No smoking; no pets. Craig Yoder (909)
MAMMOTH CONDO. 2 bedroom,
2 bath, sleeps 6. Near Canyon
Lodge. Newly remodeled recreation room with pool and spa.
Laundy facilities, condo has been
beautifully remodeled. Photos
available on website. Winter $300 per night, Summer - $150
per night. $150 cleaning fee. Call
for holiday terms and pricing.
Joseph Angiuli (626) 497-5083.
MAMMOTH CONDO - 2 bdrm, 2
bath, 2 TVs, phone, garage, pool,
jacuzzi, fully furnished - exept
linens. Near shuttle/chair 15.
Winter $125/night. Weekends and
Holidays $110 midweek. Summer
$95/night. $495/week. No smoking. No pets. Jim Johnson (818)
992-7564, FS 80C.
furnished, three bedroom, two
bath with towels and linens, newly
remodeled kitchen, internet and
cable TV, pool and Jacuzzi. Walk
to the gondola, shops, restaurants
and ski in on the new comeback
trail. Parking at the front door.
Winter: $250/night. Summer $150/
night. Holidays $300/night. Cleaning is included. Call Mike Whitehouse, Retired, 805-987-6122,
or Bruce Galien, Retired, 661-6457448, email:
bedrooms, 2 bath. Fully furnished,
WIFI, 3 TVs, pool, spa, walk
to shuttle, Old Mammoth area.
Winter $115, Summer $90, plus
cleaning fee $139 and 14% city
tax. Includes linens. No pets, no
smoking. Call (310) 540-4648.
10, fully furnished, 2 TVs, DVDs,
WiFi, towels/linens, fireplace. Full
kitchen. Walk to Gondola Village
and shuttle. Complex has pool, spa,
sauna, laundry. Winter $335/night,
Summer $215/night, plus cleaning.
Includes city bed tax. No pets, no
smoking. Dory Jones (310) 918-0631

or Kelly Corcoran (310) 619-5355

Manors Sleeps 7. 3 bedroom 2 1/2
bath. Fully furnished except linens.
2 TVs/VCR/DVD, stereo/CD.
Dishwasher, microwave, sauna,
jacuzzi, pool. No smoking/No
Pets. Shuttle at door. Winter $155/
night, Summer $100/night, Plus
$80 cleaning fee and City Bed
Tax. Brian & Karen Salvage LAFD
Retired (805) 499-7752.
bedroom, extremely charming
wildflower condo. Full amenities,
close to shuttle. Antiques, art,
satellite TV, fireplace. Sleeps 4.
Winter $110, Summer $85 plus
cleaning fees. Call Bill Clark (818)
Studio/loft, 2 bath, king bed,
sleeps 4. Full kitchen, TV, VCR,
DVD. Garage parking. Walk to
Canyon Lodge. Ski back trail. 2
night minimum. Winter $100/nite,
$125 Fri, Sat & Holidays. Summer
$60/nite. Plus $120 cleaning &
linens. Jeff & Lisa Moir (661) 2545788.
Walk to Canyon Lodge. Studio loft
sleeps 4. Queen beds, full kitchen,
2 baths, garage parking, TV, VCR,
DVD. Winter Sun-Thurs $100.nite;
Fri & Sat $115/nite plus cleaning
fee $100. Non smoking complex.
Joel Parker, LAFD retired.
email: or
(213) 399-6534.
FOUR RESORT. Charming and
cozy furnished 1 Bedroom sleeps
5. Updated unit with amenities
including wifi, sauna, jacuzzi,
phone, rec room, 2 flat screens ,
DVD players. W/D on site. Shuttle
stop. Walking distance to village.
$120/night + $80 Cleaning fee
ON NAPILI BAY - 50 from water.
Studios and 1 bedroom. Luxury
furnishings + full kitchen. All the
amenities! Mauis best snorkeling/beach. All island activities &
Kapalua within 4 minutes. 5-day
minimum, from $150 per night
(regularly $310/night). Call Sherrie
or Bill for info/reservations (805)
530-0007 or email: pmimaui@aol.
com or visit:

MAUI CONDO 1 AND 2 BEDROOMS. Centrally located on

beautiful Maalaea Bay. Excellent
swimming and snorkeling; white
sandy beach. Minutes from golf,
tennis, fishing, shopping, airport
and resort areas. Marsha Smith or
Jeanne McJannet. Toll free (800)
BEACH - Napili Bay. Beautiful furnished condo that sleeps 4. Lanai/
balcony, full kitchen, king bed, flat
screen TVs/DVD, ACs free WiFi
(internet), complimentary maid service, complimentary coffee every
morning and breakfast on Fridays.
Special firefighters discount - Best
value in West Maui! Nice pool &
BBQ area - Close to beach! (800)
Don Sprenger - retired LAFD (949)
PALM DESERT-3 bed/2bath,
one level. New re-model, fully
furnished w/linens. Cable TV/
DVR, Private Patio, BBQ, Laundry,
Garage, Gated Community, two
(Pools, Jacuzzis, Tennis Courts).
Near College of the Desert. $175
Dan Cook 310 418 1577.
Chalet Family getaway. 3 bed/2
bath plus loft. Sleeps 810. Cable
TV, washer/dryer, microwave,
woodburning stove. 7 minutes to
casinos and Heavenly. Located in
Tahoe Paradise. $105 per night
plus cleaning. Call Shawn or Rose
Agnew at (661) 250-9907 OR
(661) 476-6288.

The Los Angeles area track starters unit is looking for new members. If you have a track background and would enjoy making
a few extra $$$ working with high
school athletes, this might be for
you? For information contact Greg
Fox at:

For advertising information, please contact:

Eric Santiago
(323) 259-5231
or email:
or visit our website at

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August 2016 59

Engineer Mark Howell (retired) from 66-B pumping at a structure fire at 11th Street and
Hyde Park Blvd sometime before 1980. Note: The mark of a true engineer is the red rag in
the rear pocket!
Photo by Phil McBride
60 August 2016

Submitted by Duane Warth

Senior Vice President
Financial Advisor
Morgan Stanley
CA Insurance License #0E11022

LAFD Invitational
Historic Society Member
Lane Kemper Team Sponsor
LAFD Golf Club


All Members and Family of the LAFD

Active/Retired call for a oneonone
investment review and consultation


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Income Planning
Estate Planning Strategies
0.00% No Advisory Fee
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August 2016 61

Los Angeles Firemens Relief Association

7470 N Figueroa Street
Los Angeles CA 90041-1725


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