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1 Minute of Latitude = 1nm (Nautical Mile)

60 Minutes = 1o Angle (1o = 60nm, 4o = 240nm etc)

1 Nautical Mile = 6080 ft
1 Statute Mile = 5280 ft
1 Kilometre = 3280 ft

Summarising LATITUDE:

All parallels of latitude are small circles with the exception of the equator.
All points on a parallel of latitude have the same latitude.
All parallels of latitude are parallel to the equator and to each other.
The equator has the longest parallel and parallels north and south become
progressively smaller until they become a point at the North and South Poles.
Parallels indicate direction east west, i.e. true direction (090oT 270oT) with
reference to the North Pole, and at right angles to the meridians.

Summarising LONGITUDE:

All great circles passing through the north and south geographic poles are
meridians of longitude.
Meridians are identified by the angular difference in degrees east or west of
the prime (Greenwich) meridian.
The anti-meridian of the Prime Meridian is 180oE/W.
Meridians indicate north/south direction in degrees True.
Meridians cross parallels of latitude at right angles.