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*N. C. Future Ready Graduation Requirements

Emma L. Broady Academy

2505 S. Mebane Street
Burlington, N. C. 27215
School Office:
Hours: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm M-F
After Hours: (336) 380-7339

N. C. Non-Public School

NC HS Future Ready
Graduation Plan
This graduation plan seeks to prepare students for
Career and Technology careers. Not all students will
want or need to go to a 4year college iin order to
have a productive career.
One of the ways Broady
Academy promotes Future
Ready is through Work
Based Learning for HS
Work-based learning (WBL) is an educational strategy that provides students with real-life work experiences where they can apply academic and technical skills and develop employability skills.

The Broady School

2505 S. Mebane Street
Grades 4 - 12
Our school is registered as a North Carolina NonPublic school. We accept eligible students receiving the NC scholarship grant.
Campus # 140522 School Identifier 644919
College Board Number 446098
Our private school campus will give your child the
opportunity to grow spiritually, academically, socially, and individually. We focus on old school
values and teach our children to be positive God
fearing contributors to society.

Our Name
Emma Lee Broady Academy is named posthumously in
honor of our Founders Mother-in-Law; a locally born and
raised Texas high school teacher.

Our Mission
The mission of Emma L. Broady Academy is to engage and
develop students in a Christian academic culture that is an
innovative, challenging, individualized, and career oriented
learning environment that prepares graduates to thrive as
tomorrows leaders, workers and citizens in an ever
changing, technology rich, and global society.

The philosophy of Emma L. Broady Academy is to educate the community, recognizing the various needs pre-

Work-based learning is tied to a specific course

using the cooperative method, or can be independent from specific coursework.
With the cooperative method, the work-based learning is tied directly to a specific course, allowing an
entire class to learn from the same training.

We will help your child discover their God-given

talents and realize the connection between their
gifts and careers.

Examples of independent work-based learning include job shadowing, internships, mentorships,

and service learning. These examples are often not
tied to a specific course, however students would
earn HS credits while working.

Christian Environment

Through work-based learning our students will

meet employers that can offer future networking
potential, industry
insight, and opportunities for job
shadowing, career
mentoring, on-thejob training, and

Emma Lee Broady Academy

sented in a society operating without the guidance of the

Lord. It is our aim to educate learners on campus as well
as digitally support parents who home school their children. In addition, we help adult learners complete their

Small Class Sizes w/Highly Qualified Teachers

Blended Learning Environment

Individualized and Group learning
School Uniforms
Field Experiences
Independent Learning Plans
Entrepreneurship Focus
Entrepreneurship Themed Campus

high school education and pursue post secondary training.

Our educational model consists of on campus instruction
as well as distance learning.
We believe in the Bible as the inspired Word of God. We
believe that God created the world, sent His Son Jesus
Christ to be born of the Virgin Mary. Jesus Christ died on
the cross in our stead and rose on the 3rd day with all
power in His hand. We believe in the trinity; Father, Son,
and Holy Ghost.
Jesus Christ is our mediator, intercessor, and sits on the
right hand of God the Father making intercession for us.
He will return to claim the Church, His bride.
We further believe in teaching our students the way of
salvation and educating them within the scope and belief
of the Holy Word of God.