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Melissa Kinkade

Field Log 5
The meeting that I attended was an Oak Creek School Board meeting. The
purpose of this meeting was to approve different items on the agenda and
allowing the public to present questions to the board. In the school board
meeting the board addresses a question about why they were not going to
move into the new 9th grade building. Also they addressed what was
happening with the cell phone tower that is in the way of the auditorium that
they were planning to build. The board responded by saying that they dont
plan on being in the 9th grade building because based on projections on the
growth of both of the middle schools the school population will outgrow
capacity. They are looking into a personalized learning for some middle
school students that would take place in the 9th grade building. The cell tower
at this time cant be move because Verizon will not allow it to be moved.
They stated an environmental reason I dont know why. They accepted the
resignation of the lead reporter of the school board meetings who accepted
another position. After the open questions they accepted donations for the
school. Some were specifically for the robotics. The board approved a new
website vendor and a new website design for next school year. They also
updated a part of the policy for advanced learners. It sounded like they were
trying to be more inclusive in their policy so that students that were special
needs in one area were still considered for advance programs if they
qualified. They approved the upcoming repairs of the Edgewood roof and the
West Middle School concrete. The board requested an itemized list of what
the school payed on extra-curricular programs from the finance department.
Overall the meeting addressed specific concerns of the public and
approved what needed to get done for the meeting. It was a very quick
meeting. Sometimes if became confusing because I am not aware of
everything that is going on with the school district. They didnt give a lot of
prior information before moving to the next topic. Overall if you were very
well informed then you would have found the meeting very informative.
The one thing that I would do if I was actively involved would be to ask
them to go over more background before transitioning into another topic.