Facilities Management Report

March through May 2010 Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library • Contractors have completed overhauling several air handlers that control air flow throughout the building. Most of the repairs center around replacement of bearings. • All preventive maintenance has been completed on cooling systems and the building converted to cooling for the summer season. • All routine preventive maintenance was completed during the months of March through May. • New energy efficient lighting is being installed on sectors of the Washingtoniana and Black Studies departments. • The carpenter shop has completed construction of additional mobile art display cases for the Great Hall. • New ceilings were installed in all four stairways and landings from the 1st through the 4th floors. New drain pans were also installed to eliminate past leaks from cooling coils. • GSA began working on the steam station outside of MLKML just after the steam was turned off for the season. They are now installing new pumps for the return condensation to the GSA plant. • Chill water line replacements were completed throughout the building prior to switching to cooling season. • All fire extinguisher inspections have been completed for this inspection period and several repairs were done to the fire panel by SimplexGrinnell. • The painters are continuing painting of all doors/trim in the building. • Printing and duplication work area received minor renovation to include a wall and door so the staff could get additional storage space. Neighborhood Libraries • The DCPL carpenter shop has been working to complete a large number of requests for services in the closing neighborhood libraries and the newly opened neighborhood libraries and interims. • A new chiller was installed at Woodridge along with chilled water pumps and hot water pumps for the building. • Landscaping services have begun at the neighborhood libraries throughout the city. DCPL has received help through the Way-To-Work Initiative which is funded through District Department of Employment Services. They provide DCPL with three participants and we are hoping for three additional people. • Facilities is working with the DC personal property division to handle all excess furniture from the neighborhood libraries that are closing and move it to interims or new buildings. • Fire extinguishers have been tagged and inspected at all branches. • New fire alarm monitoring contracts have been completed for 10 neighborhood libraries including all newly open libraries and interims. Document #9C Board of Library Trustees Meeting May 26, 2010 1

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DCPL’s boiler contractor has made repairs to radiators at Takoma Park. DCPL’s painters have completed projects at Northeast, Cleveland Park, and Chevy Chase. Our carpenter shop staff is also working on several carpet installation/replacement projects at different branches.

Miscellaneous Items • The energy stimulus MOU has been completed by all parties and DCPL is awaiting the actual funding transfer, once this is completed facilities will be working with our contracting staff to place the bid packages on the street for the stimulus work. • Full time contract cleaning services are in place for both Benning and Anacostia Neighborhood Libraries. • All chillers in neighborhood libraries are on line and operating with no major problems. • DCPL engineering staff will now start to prepare for the heating season by breaking down boilers and preparing for boiler inspections. • All preventive maintenance schedules were completed during this period at MLKML and all neighborhood libraries. • Facilities staff has worked with other divisions of the library to provide additional storage space for books and materials coming from the neighborhood libraries that are closing for construction or renovation.

Document #9C Board of Library Trustees Meeting May 26, 2010 2

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