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Critical areas in Political Law:

1) Rights that can be exercised by other countries in res communes (high seas) ?
2) In relation to the issue of Grace Poe read :
a) Maquiling case
b) Manzano case
3) Distinguish the immunity granted to Diplomats against Consul (a scenario maybe asked)
4) Distinguish internal versus external self- determination ( a scenario maybe asked)
5) Be familiar with Ombudsman Act Sec. 14, Sec. 21, Sec. 24, Sec. 27,
a) relate to Sec. 40, R.A. 7160
b) Exception : Lingating v. COMELEC
6) Election protest versus Quo Warrantu:
7) Be familiar with the following cases:
a) Case: Loong v. COMELEC
b)Miranda v. Abaya
c) Macquiling v. COMELEC
d) Mercado v. Manzano
e) Vidal v. COMELEC (en banc, De Castro ponente)
8) Be familiar :
a) Territorial sea
b) Contiguous zone
c) Exclusive Economic zone
9) Be familiar with Baseline Law in relation with Scarborough Shoal, res communes,
freedom of navigation and overflight
10) Be familiar absolute v. functional immunity (case: Liang v. People)
11) Be familiar ICJ versus ICC
a) Jurisdiction
b) Principle of complementarity
12) Be familiar with Art X Sections 1, 5, and 18 in relation to BBL