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Justin A.

1204 E. Palmer St. Compton, CA 90221| 310-213-6689|

Over 12 years of diversified experience in the music, entertainment, electronic, grocery,
retail, and customer service industry; prefaced by a lifetime of first-hand knowledge of
living with a father who owned a studio in Compton, CA and a mother who needed
hustling help in Shreveport, LA at an early age. Had to grow up fast, became a leader
quick, and still uses these skills to this day to stay on top of his business goals, family
life, and protection of intellectual assets and future stakes.
Highly motivated, results oriented, and customer satisfaction driven. Works daily with
musicians, customers, and clients alike to assist with their needs, wants, and concerns and
cocreates value and the best product possible with them to provide the best service
Knows the importance of customer relationship management, customer centricity, market
reach, search engine optimization, market implementation, and gaining customer
awareness and loyalty. Can run a team but can also listen well and be a part of a team.
Knows how to work on self-employment goals, non-profit work, industry relationships,
and outside company projects simultaneously without forgetting any of his tasks or
assigned work.


Bachelor of Science in Business Management
Bachelor of Arts in Music Education & Training



Engineering Class Updates with Music Education Expansion



Certified Audio Engineer Technician Graduate



Undergraduate work in Business

Key Qualifications:
Quality Customer Service
Internet Expert on every platform (including Apple and Microsoft co-habitation)

Sales Leader with records and numbers to prove it

Technology Savvy with 10 years of IT background
Pro-tools Certified
Cubase Expert
Logic Expert
Reason Expert
Photo Shop Guru
Comfortable on any new/or small and (potentially) unknown platform and how to
implement these up and coming products into the industry standards
Teaches drum lessons and music industry lessons
Years of landscaping and construction work

O.I.B. Inphiniti Entertainment, Co-Business Entrepreneur @
Compton, CA
Owner of entertainment business that is housed in Compton, CA and mobily
wherever we may be traveling at the time. An un-plugged, raw, and real company that
brings the Southern viewpoint combined with the "Kalifornia Love Movement" of
More information can be learned at:
Hub City Slam Productions, Audio Engineer @ Compton, CA
Audio engineer for one of Comptons oldest and most renown artist development
and production studios in the greater Los Angeles area. Son of Louis McKenzie (the
owner) and soon to be partner and future stakeholder of the direction of the production
company. Works hand in hand with O.I.B. to cover all avenues of artist development,
control, marketing, music production, and market implementation.
More information can be learned at:
B8 Inc., Business Entrepreneur and Co-Owner @ Vegas, NV &
Compton/LBC, CA
Co-wner of 5 LLCs and 3 Non-Profit Organizations. These businesses include
personal training businesses for men and women; a book publishing company; an
entertainment company; a clothing company; a kids aid Non-Profit Organization(NPO); a
sports and outdoor promotional NPO; and a voice and safety awareness NPO.
More information can be learned at:
Save A Lot, Meat Cutter/Assistant Manager @ Natchitoches, LA
Meat Cutter AKA Butcher for a very large and busy grocery food chain.
Outstanding sales record for over 5 years. Became assistant manager after 1 year
probationary period and was in the process of another promotion upon leaving to go to
California for music career expansion.
Target, Entertainment Specialist @ Compton, CA
Helped open new target location and set up shelving and key product locations.
Also was electronic department salesperson in charge of advanced product knowledge as

well as the sales goals for new product implementation and how this correlated with the
top entertainment products. Had to know how to sell products from Dell, Apple, HP,
Samsung, and more; and used schooling from LA Recording School to back up his
opinions with actual entertainment knowledge and first hand recording experience.
Nextel Wireless Connection, Sales Representative @ Monroe,
Sales representative for one of the up and coming wireless companies at this time.
Had to know how to set up phones, set up customer profiles and accounts, service
customer accounts, fix customer issues and complaints, and also was one of the
representatives who doubled as a phone repair person for the easy-fixes that were done
in store. Had sales and upgrade goals, and was the leader of almost all of the storewide
competitions for sales, customer service quality satisfaction, and was on the manager
fast-track ladder.

Serves on multiple boards of directors and community projects in Southern California,
Louisiana, and Las Vegas. High School Marching Band Drum Line Leader

Kenneth McKenzie Teacher & Leader of Band Dirty Harvard, 323-358-3856, 26
years known
Howard McKneely Hypnotist Expert, 323-903-6260, 22 years known
Jaclyn Bermingham Business Owner and Musician; 360-597-5602, 10 years known
More references available upon request.