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Prepare a specific action plan for Foster to help her deal with the need for

continued growth in China. What should be on her agenda for the meeting
with Chen?
The way Foster wanted to lead the Levandary Caf business in China will not be
fruitful because of the difference between the cultures of the two countries. So,
whatever business strategy is working in US may not work in China. Foster have to
take his each and every steps considering the differences in the way business runs
in both the countries. The first thing which Foster should do is incorporating a
strategy for the growth of Levendary Caf business in China. They should have a
global integration which will help them to coordinate their value chain activities
across all the international units. Communication which is one of the most important
thing for global organizations was missing, and a proper knowledge sharing across
global units along with showing responsiveness to the local market is necessary for
the company to implement a global strategy and have operational control.
Also, Foster should focus on building a relationship with all the units of Levendary
Caf businesses in China and monitor them. Mea also have to create a small team
in China consisting of business people from Denever unit representing marketing,
food, operations and business development so that consistency is maintained in the
way business is working in China and US along with the needed localization. All
these representatives will work closely with Chen and also maintain relationship
with headquarter. Any new decision should be taken after approval from the
international divisions and then incorporated. Some of the existing caf in China
which were not up to the Levendarys standard should be revamped according to
the US standard so that quality and brand of Levendary is maintained. All the menu,
pricing, location, customization etc. decision have to be made at international level.
While maintaining global standard, Levendary China should also adopt to the local
culture wherever needed so that it can maintain profitability needs by selling local
While meeting with Chen, the first thing which Foster should make her understand is
the global brand value of Levendary Caf and that it cant be compromised just to
earn a small profit in the short run. As the Chinese market is ever expanding, Mia
should ask Chen for her strategic plans for expansion of the caf and how she is
going to handle the localization along with maintaining global standards. Each and
every plan of Chen have to undergo a global scrutiny by international team for
approval. Foster will ask Chen for the reasons for expansion in a particular location,
and if that location is viable anymore. All the past decision will go for approval by
international team. Also, Foster should ask Chen to follow all US rules and
regulations related to finance, even if it leads to a fall in profit. Mia will also explain
Chen about the way business is to be grown in China and her responsibility for the