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Choose the best answer.
Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese method to relieve pain and treat diseases by
inserting needles into various parts of the body. It stimulates the nerves in the
skin and muscles, and increases the bodys release of natural painkillers. It has
been used in Asia for over 2,000 years, but interest in it in the Western world
really only began in the 1970s. The use of acupuncture alongside conventional
Western medicine is increasing and in the U.K. , for example, acupuncture is now
available in many hospitals clinics.
1. What is the text about?
a. Ancient Chinese method

c. Acupuncture

b. Painkillers

d. Chinese medicine

2. What are the functions of accupunture? (except)

a. It stimulates nerves
b. It stimulates muscles.

d. It increases bodys
release of natural

c. It releases pain.
The human heart is divided into four chambers, each of which serves its own
function in the cycle of pumping blood. The atria are the thin-walled upper
chambers to gather blood as it flows from the vein between heartbeats. The
ventricles are the thick-walled lower chambers that receive blood from the atria
and push it into the arteries with each contraction of the heart. The left atrium
and ventricle work separately from those on the right. The roles of the chambers
on the right side of the heart is to receive oxygen-depleted blood from there the
body tissues and send it on to the lungs; the chambers on the left side of the
heart then receive the oxygen-enriched blood from the lungs and send it back
out to the body tissues.
3. The passage indicates the ventricles
a. have relatively thin walls

c. are above the atria

b. send blood to the atria

d. force blood into the arteries

4. When is the blood pushed into the arteries from the ventricles?
a. as the heart beats
b. between heartbeats

c. before each contraction of the

d. before it is received by atria

5. Which parts of the heart gets blood from the body tissues and passes it on
to the lungs?
a. The atria

c. The ventricles

b. The right atrium and ventricle

d. The left atrium and ventricle

Hay fever is a seasonal allergy to pollens; the term hay fever however, is a less
than adequate since an attack of this allergy does not incur fever and since such
an attack can be brought on by sources other than hay-producing grasses. Hay
fever is generally cause by air-borne pollens, particularly ragweed pollen. The
amount of the pollen in the air is largely dependent on geographical location,
weather, and season.
In the eastern section of the US, for example, there are generally three periods
when pollen from various sources can cause intense hay fever suffering: in the
springtime months of March and April when pollen from trees is prevalent in the
summertime of June and July when grass pollen fills the air and at the end of
August when ragweed pollen is at its most concentrated levels.
6. The best title for the text above is...
a. the relation between season
and allergies

c. hay fever in the Eastern US

d. how ragweed causes hay fever

b. misconceptions and facts

about hay fever
7. Which statement will explain hay fever is somewhat a misnomer?
a. a strong fever occurs after an

c. hay fever is often caused by

ragweed pollen

b. the amount of pollen in the air

suffering in the spring
depends on geographical

d. grass pollen is prevalent in

June and July

8. Which one is not discussed above as a determining factor of the amount of

pollen in the air?
a. Place

c. Time of the year

b. Climate

d. Altitude

9. Which one is not true about hay fever in the eastern US

a. Suffering from hay fever is

b. Pollen from trees causes hay

fever suffering in the spring

c. Grass pollen fills the air earlier

in the year than ragweed

d. Ragweed pollen is most

prevalent at the end of the

The next hormone is epinephrine, or adrenaline. This hormone is a natural

secretion of the adrenaline glands in the human body. Its primary function in the
human body is to assist the body in the coping with sudden surges of stress.
When a person unexpectedly finds himself in a stressful situation filled with fear
or anger, a large amount of epinephrine is released into the blood and the body
responds with an increased heartbeat, higher blood pressure, and conversion of
glycogen into glucose for energy to enable the body to deal with stress.
It is possible to extract epinephrine from the adrenaline glands of animals or to
synthesize it chemically in order to put it to further use. It is used in the
treatment o f severe asthma, where it relaxes the large muscles of t the bronchi,
the large air passages leading into the lungs. It is also used in cases of severe
allergic reaction or cardiac arrest.
10.The paragraph preceding the passage most probably discuses
a. A further use of epinephrine

c. A different hormone

b. The treatment of cardiac


d. The secretions of adrenal


11.What is another name of epinephrine?

a. Adrenal gland

c. Stressful situation

b. Bronchi

d. Adrenaline

12.Which of the following is not mentioned as a result of the release of

epinephrine in the blood?
a. Severe asthma

c. Increased energy

b. Higher heartbeat

d. An increase in the blood


13.The passage implies that the increased heartbeat

a. Harms the body
b. Causes the release of
epinephrine into the body

c. Is helpful in combating the

stressful situation
d. Is useful in treating asthma

14.Epinephrine is used in the treatment of all of the following, except

a. Asthma

c. High blood pressure

b. Serious allergic reaction

d. Heart problems

15.What are the bronchi in the passage?

a. A large muscle

c. Air passages

b. Lungs

d. Part of the heart

16.What is the topic?

a. Epinephrines natural
functions and further

b. Various effects of epinephrine

c. Causes of sudden stress
d. Epinephrine and Adrenaline

Manic depression is another psychiatric illness that mainly affects mood. A

patient who suffers from this disease will alternate period between periods of
manic excitement and extreme depression, with or without relatively normal
periods between them. The changes in mood suffered by a manic-depressive
patient go far beyond the day-to-day mood elevation experienced by the general
population. In the period of manic excitement, the mood changes can become so
intense that it could result in extended insomnia, extreme irritability, and
heightened aggresiveness. In the period of depression, which may lost for
several weeks or months, a patient experiences feelings of general fatique,
uselessness, and hopelessness, in serious cases, may commite suicide.
17.The paragraph preceding the passage most probably discusses .
a. When manic depression develops
b. How manic depression can result suicide
c. How mood are determined
d. A different type of mental disease
18.The topic of the passage is
a. Various psychiatric illness
b. How depression affects the mood
c. The intense period of manic depression
d. The mood changes of manic depression
19.A manic depression patient in a manic phase would be feeling?
a. Highly emotional

c. Unhappy

b. Listless

d. Relatively normal

20.The passage indicates that most people

a. never undergo mood changes
b. switch highly from highs to lows
c. experience occasionally shifts in mood
d. become highly depressed
21.It in line 5 refers to
a. the general population

c. mood elevation

b. insomnia

d. heightened aggressiveness

22.the passage implies that

a. changes from excitement to depression happen frequently and often
b. only manic-depression patient experience aggression
c. the depressive phase of this disease can be more harmful than the manic
d. suicide is inevitable in cases of manic depression
Complete the table below that shows the name of the organ and its
parts and functions
The skin is the outermost organ of the body and limit the external environment.
Area of skin in adults is about 1.5 m2 and weight abaut 15 % of the overall
weight. Skin consists of three main parts, namely epidermis, dermis, and
hypodermis. Epidermis consists of stratum corneum which is rich in keratin,
stratum lucidum, stratumgranulosum, rich keratohialin, stratum spinosum and
stratum basal mitotic. Dermis is composed of supporting fibers including collagen
and elastin, while the hypodermis is composed of fat cells, the tip of peripheral
nerves, blood vessels and lymph vessel. The skin has many functions, which are
useful in maintaining body homeostasis. These functions can be grouped into the
function of protection, absorption, excretion, perception, body temperature
regulation (thermoregulation), and the formation of vitamin D.

Name of organ: ___________

Main Parts




1. could me you care of baby take help the please?

Arrange the jumbled words above into a correct sentence!



2. As usual, tourits love to try hang glide and mountain climbing when they visit
that area.
The error is
a. A
b. B
c. C
d. B
e. E
3. Manhattan residents usually ... less populous areas when they go on vacation.
a. dont like
b. prefer
c. hate
d. dislike
e. dont enjoy
4. The library in this university is as ... as the one in my university.
a. big
b. bigger
c. more big d. less big e. too big
5. The doctors cant believe that the baby gets into his the best condition that
The error is ... and the correct form is ... .
a. A couldnt believe
b. A cant believes
c. B get

d. C best
e. D soons

6. The students ... in the workshop when a group of students from another
province came to do comparative study.
a. practice
c. have paracticed
b. are practicing
d. were practising
7. Education in Indonesia is the ... of school, government and society.
a. responsible
c. responsibly
b. responsive
d. responsibility
8. New products ... in the electronic exhibition in Jakarta Expo Centre a week ago.
a. display
c. were displayed
b. displaying
d. is displayed
9. Amelia is smart and dilligent and ... she is nice to all her classmates.
a. however
c. nevertheless
b. besides
d. therefore
10. Yusuf Kalla who comes from South Sulawesi is one of the ... people in eastern
a. more richer
d. most rich
b. richer
c. richest
11. Many children could not go to school because economic reasons and the
distance between their home and schools.
12. After finishing my study here, I do not continue studying at a university.
13. Mr. Smith lives in Paris for ten years, but now he is living in Rome.

14. Mr. Tanaka would be fired if he had not finished his project before the due
15. Scholarships are provided for students which get the first and second rank.
16. Every customer are served very well in the shop, that is why, it is always full.
17. They asked me to copy the report, but I told them to do theirselves.
18. Everyone must impress by the beautiful scenery of the island which was
quite impressive and want to come back another time.
19. TV today is an indispensable technology in every household. A TV set what is
usually put in the living room has become an apparatus that can unite a
family as well as separate them.
20. Montreal is a fascinating city where you can go skiing, wind surfing,
sightseeing, biking and hiking. Although you can shop all year round in our
elegant shops. Plan your next travel adventure in Montreal.