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Policy: 4.26



It is the responsibility of the Falls Church School Board to determine the

name of schools in the division. The Board will solicit and carefully
consider input from the public regarding school names but reserves the
right to make the final decision regarding the name of any school.


Schools may be named for distinguished persons who have made

outstanding historical contributions to the state or nation, consistent
with the magnitude of the contributions made by persons whose names
are already used for schools in the division. The School Board will give
strong consideration to names of women and minorities. Geographic or
regional names may also be considered for new school buildings. These
names should be clearly identifying, widely known, and recognized. All
names should reflect the values of the community.

The Board welcomes suggestions for school building names on an

ongoing basis. These names will be kept on file by the Superintendent
and used as references.

Interim Name

In the event that it is needed for a new building, the Superintendent will
establish a temporary, generic name to designate a site or building for
planning purposes, until the School Board acts to name the building.


The Superintendent shall establish a process to solicit individuals to

serve on a name recommendation committee, as well as to solicit broad
community input in name suggestions. The Superintendent will appoint

Adopted: 9/28/04 Revised:

Falls Church City Public Schools
Policy: 4.26

the committee, and its chairperson. The membership of the committee

will comprise, at least: a chairperson, a representative from each
school-affiliated organization, one professional employee, one support
employee, one administrator, and four community representatives
(either individual or as representative of community groups).
Appropriate student representation will be included.

Once appointed, the School Board will give the committee its charge,
including a time line for completion of its work. The committee will
recommend five names consistent with the criteria as outlined in this
policy, in no rank order, for consideration by the School Board.

The School Board’s decision is final.

Legal Reference: Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended, Sections 22.1-78,


Adopted: 9/28/04 Revised:

Falls Church City Public Schools