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The main objective of this project is to intimate the concerned authorities about an unauthorized
access of secured areas such as museums, residential houses, banks etc. As crime rate is on the
rise and burglars are getting smarter, the security system for banks, shops and houses needs to be
full proof.
This proposed system ensures that at any moment if any unauthorized person tries to open the
bank locker; a telephone number will be dialed through the telephone line connected to it.
This project uses a microcontroller from 8051 family. An external memory EEPROM is
interfaced to the microcontroller to store the contact number to which the call is to be made. The
arrangement is made in such a way that when someone tries to open the door forcefully even
when it is locked the microcontroller gets an interrupt through a hidden switch mechanism
interfaced to it.
Microcontroller will automatically dial to the number which is stored in the EEPROM through
DTMF encoder interfaced to it. Microcontroller fetches information from external memory like
EEPROM using I2C (Inter IC communication) protocol.
Further this project can be enhanced to use a cell phone or GSM modem with a serial camera
connected to it. The camera will take photographs and sends it over MMS/ email attachment to
the concerned authorities.

Vehicle Theft Intimation to the Owner on his Cell Phone by GSM with User Programmable
Number Features using PIC Microcontroller
The aim of this project is to use wireless technology to intimate the owner of the vehicle about
any unauthorized entry. This is done by sending an auto-generated SMS to the owner. An added
advantage of this project is that the owner can send back the SMS which will disable the ignition
of the vehicle.
As the crime rate is going up, security system for vehicles is extremely essential. In this proposed
system if someone tries to steal the car, the microcontroller gets an interrupt through a switch
mechanism connected to the system and commands the GSM modem to send an SMS. T
he owner receives the SMS that his car is stolen. He can then send back an SMS to the GSM
modem to stop the engine. The GSM modem interfaced to the microcontroller, receives the
message, the output of which activates a mechanism that disables the ignition of the vehicle
resulting in stopping the vehicle. The project uses a lamp to indicate the engine ON/OFF
Thus, owner of the vehicle from anywhere can switch off ignition of his car. This project can be
further enhanced by integrating a GPS system, which will give exact position of the vehicle in
terms of its latitude and longitude. Further this data can be sent to the owner via SMS who can
enter this value on Google maps to get the exact location of the vehicle