(A) COMPREHENSION (4 points) BULLFIGHTS TO DISAPPEAR? Spanish matadors may soon have to change their names.

The matador, which in Spanish means “killer”, may soon be banned from dispatching bulls in “las corridas”. Spain’s Environment Minister, Cristina Narbona, said that the law should be changed to spare the bulls from their traditionally bloody end. Instead, Spain should follow Portugal’s example, and hold bullfights without killing the animals. Ms. Narbona told the Spanish daily El Mundo: “We have to try, perhaps in the next legislature, to finish with this bloody moment at the end of the bullfight. There is a growing movement in the European Parliament against bullfights and each time it is harder to defend them.” Ms. Narbona said recent legislation introduced by Madrid which involved jail terms and though fines for animal cruelty and holding “unauthorised shows” such as cockfighting or illegal greyhound races, should also include bullfights. Although the level of support the minister has in Spain’s ruling Socialist party for her proposal was unclear, El Mundo speculated that politicians, including the Industry Minister Joan Clos, would support a ban on killing in bullfights. Mr Clos was the major of Barcelona when the city officially declared itself opposed to bullfighting in 2004. Ms. Narbona’s comments met with immediate opposition from those keen to preserve Spain’s controversial national “sport”, some from the most unlikely quarters. Gaspar Llamazares, leader of the United Left Party, said that he opposed a measure which would “incorporate the prejudices of the Anglo-Saxons.” Enrique Garza, president of the Association of Organisers of Bullfights, said: “This spurious attitude of the minister goes against the interests of a section of Spaniards.” And a bullfighter, Miguel Abellán, said: “They want to end bullfighting little by little.” But animal rights activists and ecologists supported the suggestion, which came after Barcelona’s city council announced that the city’s only working bullring might have to close soon because of lack of business. Consuelo Polo, spokeswoman for Ecologists in Action, applauded the minister’s suggestion. This is an open window to hope. What we have lacked is a brave and dignified government who can finish with this macabre fiesta for once and for all,” she said. On the other hand, bullfight promoters at the Monumental Plaza de los Toros in Madrid said they were losing €28,000 each time they held a bullfight, owing to falling attendance. (Adapted from The Independent) a) ANSWER QUESTIONS 1-2 ACCORDING TO THE INFORMATION GIVEN IN THE TEXT. USE YOUR OWN WORDS. (1 point per answer) 1. What changes in the law regarding bullfights would Ms. Narbona like to introduce? Why?

2. What does Miguel Abellán considers?

3. Are Animal rights activists pessimistic about the eventual ban on bullfights?

b) ARE THESE STATEMENTS TRUE OR FALSE? JUSTIFY YOUR ANSWERS WITH WORDS OR PHRASES FROM THE TEXT OR WITH YOUR OWN WORDS. (0.5 points per answer) 4. The Industry Minister has promised Ms. Narbona unconditional support for her proposal.

5. Barcelona’s city council has always shown its opposition to bullfight shows.

(B) USE OF ENGLISH (3 points) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Find words or expressions in the text that mean: “opposed to, contrary to” (0,25 points) Find in the text a synonym to “because of” (0,25 points) Give a noun with the same root as “DECLARE”. (0,25 points) Complete the series with another word of the same semantic group. (0,25 points) COCK, GREYHOUND, BULL… Turn the following sentence into reported speech. Ms. Narbona said, “We have to try, perhaps in the next legislature.” (0,5 points) Rewrite the following sentence without changing the meaning. Begin as indicated: There is a growing movement against bullfightings. (0,25 points) There is a movement against… Join the following sentences with a relative pronoun. (0,25 points) Bullfighting is considered an art by many people. Bullfighting is hated by ecologists. Turn the following sentence into the passive voice. Animal rights activists and ecologists supported the suggestion. (0,5 points) Join the following sentences using an appropriate linker (do not use AND or BUT). Make changes if necessary. (0,5 points) I can’t stand animal suffering. I like bullfighting. (C) PRODUCTION (3 points) 15) Write a composition (120 WORDS) Choose ONE of the following options. Specify your option. a. Killing animals for pleasure is ethically wrong. Do you agree? b. For or against bullfighting?

bull bullring bullfighter bullfighting supporters detractors bravery bloody shocking sword abbatoir roots sacrifice combat fight ban crowd sword servant team of bullfighters sun/shade show

toro plaza de toros torero toreo defensores detractors valentía sangriento impactante espada matadero raíces sacrificio combate lucha prohibición multitude mozo de espadas cuadrilla sol / sombra espectáculo

controversy identity fox hunting greyhound major sport debate legislation pain suffering cruelty protection employment pleasure preserve right wrong demonstration banners ecologists opposition business

controversia identidad caza del zorro galgo deporte muy importante debate legislación dolor sufrimiento crueldad protección empleo placer conserver correcto erróneo manifestación pancartas ecologistas oposición negocio

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Write down your ideas. Write down words related to the topic you would like to use. Organize your ideas into paragraphs. Don’t forget: introduction, body, conclusion. Use linkers. Use the grammar you have studied: passive voice, reported speech, comparatives…

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