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Remaining Ethical and

Performing: Challenges

Submitted To:
Dr. Vineeth Kumar

Submitted By:
Bhavitha Kanikanti

A person can also be defined how much ethical he is. Being

ethical is not always easy and in the current scenario being ethical is bit challenging. Every
individual in his life will face some ethical dilemmas where he is stuck and struggling with the
brain what to decide and what to do.
Ethics can be defined as the principles and rules which
govern an individual behavior and way of conducting the activities. It is all about what an
individual ought to do in a situation and it is regarding right or wrong. Ethics are the fundamental
principles of human conduct. Ethical behavior of an individual depends on their individual
characteristics and social factors. Values, morals, ego are the individual traits and rules, norms,
culture, friends, family are the social factors which would affect an individual behavior. Ethical
behavior in a company also includes the structural variables and organization culture. Rewards,
appraisals, job pressure, peers and leaders behavior are the structural variables which would affect
the ethical behavior of an individual.
For example, lying to parents, stealing money etc. are
unethical behavior and these are dependent on individual characteristics and social norms.
Individual is unethical may be of the environment where he is surviving or his ones individual
characteristic. Taking dowry is a popular unethical practice. It is dependent on the individual
whether to accept the dowry or not.






organizations would be misusage of time of resources of the company, leaking confidential

information to others, illegal activities etc. Here both individual and organization factors. Both
will have significant effect on the individual ethical behavior.
Ethical dilemmas are the situations where an individual
is struggling with mental and moral aspects whether to do right or wrong. Ethical dilemmas in an
organization would be an employee is in dilemma whether to do or not if his employee ask him to
do something unethical. Employer asked employee to bribe the government official to get work
done because the work is being pending since long time, now your organization got an opportunity
to get work done by bribing and this will help the organization to develop and expand their
business. Now whether to bribe or not is in employee hands. Here comes ethical dilemma, whether
to bribe or not. Your moral values will guide you not to bribe. But the mental traits will also come

in, your organization future is dependent on this act. Now the individual has to struggle and choose
one option and go ahead.

Ethical issues in Business:

Fundamental issues:
The fundamental issues are the integrity and trust. Integrity means the way
of conducting the business honestly and treating every customer equally. It would be the minimum
responsibility and duty of every organization to treat every employee and customer equally.
Decision making issues:
This is related to the process of decision making which would affect the
organization and the employees personally. Ethical decision making would be taking correct
decisions which will protect the interest and rights of the employees and customers. Every
employee should get equal and same opportunity in the decision making process of the

Diversity issues:
Providing equal opportunities to every employee of the organization is the main
diversity issue and providing better environment to the employees. Every employee has right to
get an opportunity to prove his skills and capability.

Every individual will face the ethical dilemmas where he will struggle between his moral values
and mental issues, he has to choose between good and bad which is a trade off his moral values.
More challenges would be there if the person is being ethical and performing as well. The
following are the common challenges faced by an individual while being ethical and performing
Being consistent is the major challenge that would be faced by an individual while
performing activities which are ethical in nature. There would be high risk involvement in
this. This may affect your future, family and professional life. For example, you are
following the ethical values and you dont want to do any unethical practice that is bribing
others. But if you bribe, then your position in the organization increases and you will get
promoted. This helps you in improving your financial status and social status too. But you
didnt bribe, the risk is losing promotion that is professional life and your social life is also
related to it. So this can be one of the major challenges of being ethical always and
When you are performing less than the coordinates. You want to follow the ethics but your
mind says to do unethical work which may help you to improve your status and position in
the organization and in the society too.
Misusage of personal and professional relations, challenge is not to use the relations for
the wrong intentions. For example your uncle is a Minister of central government. You got
arrested for the drug dealing case. Now you want to get out of the jail, you seeked the help
of your uncle. Now the issue comes for the central minister. He can protect you from the
punishment by using his influence, but he is a sincere person and always believes in moral
values and ethics. Now he is ethical dilemma whether to save this relation or to be ethical
as he believes in being ethical. He has to decide between these two. The decision made by

him may affect his personal relation with his relatives or depletion of his character and
ethical values.

All the challenges will affect the individual directly or indirectly or some other way. Being
ethical or unethical is always dependent on your thoughts and behavior. It is all about how
you want to be whether it ethical or unethical.

It depends upon the individual how he is tackling the situation and being ethical. There are
various studies conducted on the ethical dilemmas and some solutions are being used to
solve these ethical dilemmas. There is framework guided to solve these situations. First
identify the problem and predict the consequences. Prioritize your issues and values. Now
choose the steps that has to be followed. Then decide what to do and the decision should
be taken carefully as it affect your personal life and professional life too.