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May 2010

A Miracle Plant from the Amazon Region

Latin Name: Annona Muriaca


“The time has come” - how many times we are hearing this sentence, nevertheless it
is true because we are living in times of huge challenges changes and shifts where
secrets of many different aspect of life are getting revealed to be known by the
public - people also are more courageous to speak out what all should know and
YES, if millions KNOW a fact, those who are hiding solutions, will have to

The biggest lie about Cancer Treatments and Chemo Therapy

The Powers of Graviola (Guanabana in Brazil - Soursop USA)
1) Beats 12 kind of types of cancer such as Breast Cancer, Abdominal Cancer, Ovary
Cancer, Uterus Cancer, Lung Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Boon Cancer, Pancreas Cancer,
Skin Cancer, Blood Cancer (Leukemia), Bladder Cancer, Liver Cancer


Salubrious way back to a healthy state

2) The Fruit contains a substance called ACETOGENIN that has been proven as 10.000
(ten thousand times) stronger as ACETOGENIN, the drug used for Chemo therapy all
over the world with the result of 90% to 10% survivors only - a Bingo Game with the life
of people in all nations because the cure is already known.
3) As it is a NUTRIENT it works from INSIDE OUT - eating up the cancer cells, any kind of
viruses, bacteria etc. Nutrients have no side effects on our body!!! - unbelievable, miraculous,
BUT TRUE (I had the honor to experience many people with cancer even in a very advanced
state who were getting well with a Power Juice containing Graviola and there are 1000s in Latin
America who had the chance to know about it since 9 years of applications. Solution, Real Cure
and permanently heal without Chemo. In case that the doctors ordain Chemo this Special
prepared Juice has the powers to protect the healthy cells from burning and allows just the cancer
cells to be destroyed, no nausea, no hair loss, neither any other common side effects taking that
power plant of healing simultaneously.
MY mother would not be alive without Graviola.
It is TIME TO SHARE and to SHAKE the World of Cancer and to shift
the 90% to 10% into a 10% to 90% of survivors !!!

here is the chance to learn about a fact that there is something that has the power to
cure cancer, that it has been scientifically proven and that it has been hidden away
from people because it comes from Mother Nature and can not be patented in any

General Information: About the Plant:

Graviola is an ever green tree growing in the Amazon region of Brazil and in other countries that
are touched by the Amazon Forest. It also grows in the tropical rainforest of North America. He
grows up to 15 meter high covered with green, long and glossy leaves. His divine fruit is green
sometimes a bit yellow shining, has the form of a human heart with a skin looking kind like a big
cactus. Its white fruit flesh is eatable and people can buy it on the local Markets. The diameter of
the fruit is 20 to 40 cm and local people are eating it out of the hand, the pulp is used to produce a
refreshing sour-acid drink or as sorbet.

Indian Tribes use Graviola as medicine since Centuries

Graviola counts with a very long history in the tribal herbal natural medicine. There are Healing
substances in every part of the plant: a part of the powerful effects of the fruit we find high
effective substances in the leaves, the roots, the trunk, the bark and the seeds. Indian Tribes know
about the value of that miraculous tree and they are using the different parts tor multiple and
diverse diseases and health Imbalances. Some examples:
In Brazil Roots, Trunk and leaves are used as sedative tee and against nervousness, in other Latin
America countries as sedative and as heart tonic medium, also for Diabetes. The leave tee is also
used for lever problems and mixed with olive oil it is used for Rheumatism, Arthritis and
Osteoarthritis pain in Peru. In Brazil they prepare a mixture out of an immature fruit mixed with
Olive oil as extern treatment against Arthritis and Rheumatism.
Leaves are also used against Parasites in Brazil and against Catarrh in Peru.
Fruit, Seeds and Leaves are applied against fever, all kind of parasites, worms, diarrhea, in Brazil
also to help increasing the milk of women after giving birth.
In other countries such as Haiti, West Indies and Jamaica are using Graviola as anti spasmodic,
sedative, coughs and flu, as nerve strengthening tee, for asthma, hypertension and all kind of
parasites, diarrhea and problems at childbirth.

Graviola and Science -

Cancer Research - Scientific Results on Graviola
The Graviola Fruit is already under research since the late 39 of last century - At that
Time the science found out that the plant has components, natural principles and
properties called “Annonacaeous Acetogenins”, natural chemicals that are confirmed to
be highly effective against many kind of tumor cells with components that are found as
toxins that kills the cancer cells in a very specific way. Simply spoken Graviola has
components that are able to isolate every cancer cell, to build a kind of bubble around it
avoiding that the cancer cell can get any further nutrient, so it dies. The dead cancer cells
are eliminated by the own body system without any side effects. Those components are
hidden in all parts of the tree and in different combination they are used for many
different kind of disease. They are documented as anti-microbus, anti-parasitic,
antitumorous, anti-cancerous, anti-depressive and anti-spasmodic. Several study results
have been published but few people reacted.
Since 1976 profound researches of the National Cancer Institute of the USA resulted in
curing an “Adenocarcinoma” of the large intestine after short time. The therapeutic effect
confirmed the power of Graviola and her components. This powerful component has
been discovered by the German Research Scientist and Oncologist Helmut Keller and
with three more Scientists they realized many studies on Graviola. As the Plant does
NOT ALLOW any chemical process without losing the healing powers never nobody got
to know about this effective cancer treatment. WHY??? - because it only works in natural
form and a plant cannot be patented in any form, so the Pharmaceutical World and the
Monopoles could not get any profit from it and that is the reason they hided the
information. Result:
Graviola contains very active, cytotoxic effects against cancer cells with a chemo
therapeutic power that is
10.000 x stronger as Adriamicin, the drug that is used for traditional Chemo
Therapy, - without any kind of side effects!.
(Since a while the HSI is offering now the copies of the results that can be bought for
After the confirmation that Graviola can cure naturally Cancer the National Health
Institute has indicated 20 Labs to studies the plant during 20 years without any result to
transform the active principles into a valid remedy. At the end they gave up and let the
miraculous findings in the drawer of their institutes.
Since 1996 other groups of scientists did researches on Graviola and found out that the
fruit possesses characteristics against tumor formation and that it produces selective
toxins against different kinds of cancer cells, without attacking healthy cells. They
confirmed the findings of their results were published 8 different clinical studies.
The different studies of different laboratories resulted in incredible findings that the
Acetogenines of Graviola have an unbeatable component in prevention of enzyme
formations, which are only found in the diaphragm by tumors and cancer cells. That is
the reason, why they are poisonous only for cancer cells without attacking healthy cells.
The Acetonines recognize the sick cells isolates the individual cancer cells and for
missing nutrients the cancer cell dies.
In the year 1997 a small group of scientists found out, that Graviola contains also
alkaloids which have an anti-depressive effect. In the same year the PARDU
UNIVERSITY published the information that they discovered even more powers within
Graviola. Their clinical studies confirmed that the “Annonacae Acetonine” in Graviola
are so effective, that they do not only kill normal cancer cells, but that they are also
very effective in killing those cancer cells that are resistant on Chemo Therapy. This
investigation explained how that is possible: Those cancer cells that survive the Chemo
Therapy are developing resistance against many other kind of drugs, called Multi-Drug-
Resistant (MDR) what makes them immune against any treatment and leads the patient
100% to death.
After 20 Year of research the Pharma Industry got aware of the Plant and started research
by their own seeking a form and way to transform the active principles and components
into a cancer remedy. They also failed. Graviola does not allow any kind of chemical
reproduction. It is reconfirmed that Graviola only works as it grows in nature and it
beats cancer better then any synthetic drug or heavy poison rays. Until today many
different groups of scientists are still researching to create a similar product as
Annonacins and it still works only like it grown in Nature.
All that information has been kept in secret because Pharmacies could not transform it
into something that would give them a huge profit. So they gave proof that they are not
really interested in heal people but in making huge profits from those who are already
sufficiently hidden by the disease itself. Why would somebody create so many
unnecessary pain when there is something much stronger and without any life threatening
side effect.
At the end of the nineties one of the Scientists who was part of one of the research teams
broke the silence for reasons of consciousness and some of the reports were accessible for
the medicine world. Simultaneously some people from Brazil got kind of divine guidance
to go to the Amazon and to study the Plants of the Rainforest. They were integrating the
native people to learn from them as their knowledge about healing plants of the
Rainforest is reaching back in time for many centuries.
The good thing is that for one time in this world the science is NOT finding a way of
manipulation - the power of healing cancer lies in Graviola and several further
plants that God preserved to be used like the Almighty lets it grow. It is a blessing
for Mankind and a gift from Mother Earth - A wake up call to become conscious
and to start honoring the gifts we have forgotten that they exist. When we destroy
the rainforests we destroy the lungs of our planet and without oxygen all life will die.
We need to open up our hearts to understand that all what we experience has a
solution and all what we suffer of different kind of disease has a natural way of cure
in nature.

Graviola shows us the way

Nutritive Values of Graviola
Iron, potassium, calcium, copper, magnesium, manganese, sodium, phosphorus,
sulfur, Selenium, zinc,
Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin C
In addition
Dietary fibers, Tannin, Proteins, Lipides

Ethno-medical Uses of Graviola in different Tropical Countries and

Latin America:
Abscesses, Tumors, Edemas, Worms, all kind of Parasites, Bronchitis, Breathing Difficulties,
Coughs, Diabetes, Digestive Imbalances, Dysentery, Intestine Parasites, the Intestinal/Colic
Attacks, Fever, Liver Problems, Neuralgias, Nervousness, general Body Pain, Rheumatism,
Tumors of all kind, Intern Ulcers, Parasites, Lice, Hypertension Diabetes, Dysentery, Indigestion,
Inflammation, Flu, Liver Disorders, Spasms, Fever and as a Sedative
Tumors, Ulcers, Parasites, Worms, Digestive Disorders (Dyspepsia), Diarrhea and Kidney
Problems: Renal Insufficiency - Renal Failure
Tapeworm, Indigestion, Diarrhea, Dysentery, Fever, Chest Colds, Ringworm, Scurvy, Styptic
The Carribean:
Colds, chills, fever, flu, diarrhea, indigestion, nervousness, palpitations, rash, spasms, skin
disease, and as a sedative and calmative agent
Gallbladder Problems, Nervousness, as a Sedative and Calmative Agent, Childbirth
Parasites, Lice, Flu, Digestive Sluggishness, Diarrhea, Fever, Coughs, Pain, Weakness, Wounds,
Pellagra, Nervousness, Cardiopathy, Spasms, Sedative, Lactation Aid after Childbirth,
Parasites, Worms, Asthma, Fevers, Heart Disease, Hypertension, Lactation Aid after Childbirth,
Nervousness, Sedative, Spasms, Tetanus, Water Retention and general Weakness,
Ringworms, Blood Cleaning Agent, Hypertension, Palpitations, Fainting, Insomnia, Lactation Aid
after Childbirth, Flu,

Cancer, Tumors, Ulcers, Fungal Infections, Intestine Parasites, Hypertension, Depression

Asia - Malaysia
Furuncles, Coughs, Colds, Diarrhea, Dermatosis, Hypertension, Rheumatism, and to Reduce

British West Indies:

Tumors, Intestine Parasites, Asthma, Childbirth, Lactation Aid, Hypertension

Other Countries:
Cancer, Kidney Problems, Bladder Insufficiency, Liver Disorders, Dysentery, Malaria, Stomach
Problems, Ringworm, Lice, Parasites, Childbirth, Asthma, Hypertension, Heart Disease, Arthritis,
Scurvy and as a Sedative

Native Wisdom
After learning about ethnological medicine and their high evolved knowledge we should ask
ourselves who is more advanced. They have no hospitals and they have NO CANCER or did you
ever see a Native in a Cancer Department of a Hospital? They do not have Laboratories, they
don’t transform any plant into a pill and they are heal.

The Natives still show us today how to live with nature and how nature provides all what we need
for a healthy life. What do we as the so called Civilized World with Nature and with ourselves?
We allow destructive exploitation, depletion, exhaustive cultivation, robber economy, not only
with Mother Nature but also with our own lives. We burn the candle at two ends disrespecting the
holiness of our body. We abuse a maximum and the end is deadly disease. Is that a wonder? No it
is just a consequence of our issues, our habits, our believe systems and our actions, of out
thoughts, words and the ability to look away when things are not in harmony with the cosmic
order. We just don’t care when it does not hit us personally. To heal really we have to heal ALL
THE REALMS we are living in otherwise we only get a momentum cure. Can you feel that? It is
NOT a question of understanding but of feeling!!!!! We shot our feelings down
You go against your feelings and you get sick!!!
How many times a day we do that???? We have to come back to the heart and stand up to safe the
natural resources that are still intact like the rainforest as biggest source of healing plants that
exists in our world.
A German Doctor made holiday in the Amazon Region and he was wondering how many natural
remedies are there on the market. He took some of the to try and as I started to teach in Germany
about Graviola and the Rainforest he showed up and said: I am director of a Hospital and I was
looking for a way to make people the Amazonian Healing Powers available. I our Hospital we
have a new system and are open for alternative healing methods. We offer open Seminaries and
you can come whenever you want to talk about cancer and other disease. I did for Diabetes ….. it
was amazing
So the Western Countries are learning about Graviola and the Healing Powers of Graviola, the
miraculous fruit that brings never ending surprises to people with cancer and other heavy disease.
Graviola is a chance for all those who are hidden by Cancer or one of the other diseases of

This Newsletter again is a Wake up Call and a Chance to survive Cancer. I

Graviola is not only a miracle against cancer cells, but has also components (results of researches)
that can eliminate other chemicals like cortisone, drugs and all kind poisons in our body. This is
UNIQUE as Cortisone remains into people’s bodies forever with the horrendous side effect that
people are gaining weight fro nothing. Graviola is the power of life that is able to clean all
poisons we are exposed today in our daily life in air, water and nutrients. It has the amazing
natural potency to clean and to regenerate our body cells. Just remember that our body is the Holy
Temple of Life that deserves all our respect because the body makes us the gift to be alive and to
experience this wonderful personal journey on this beautiful planet, to have fun and grow in all
senses when we maintain us in a healthy state.
This Plant and many others are a gift of Divine Source and Mother Earth preserved for our times
to remember the love we should have for our divine vehicle, for ourselves and for all life. Divine
Source and Mother Earth have the medium for people who have lost faith in the daily battle for

This fruit has the form of a huge heart to show you even by its form that only the heart can
heal without any kind of human manipulation, pure and natural like it is given.
A little insight of my own experiences:

As Multi-Dimensional Free Way Healer I learned to go straight to the cause of a disease that is
created by denying feelings, psychic shocks, and heavy experiences on heart and soul level as
well as body misuse of any kind. It can be karmic origin or even living on a place that is over
poisoned by electricity or environmental. Nevertheless we can never get sick when our body
defense is working properly and that opens the door to all what we experience. The way of cause
and effect never fails and even incurable disease is curable by cosmic law. I always was driven to
the Rainforest and I knew deep within that some kind of cure for the physical body should exist in
that huge natural pharmacy of Mother Earth. I asked God to get something into my hands that
helps people faster to understand and faster to heal so they can learn on big scale and not just one
by one.
7 years ago - I was at about to travel to Germany and the day before a friend of my spiritual group
from years ago over sudden crossed my way (we had moved both at the same time without
thinking to exchange addresses). She asked me when I am going to travel again to Germany and
if I could help the next time I go to open an enterprise that sells Amazon Natural Nutrients that
are a power house of healing and there is nobody who speaks well German. Well, the word
Amazon was hiding me like an electric shock and I was just going the next day… Is this the
answer of my prayers I thought but I did not reacted so far as my journey had another purpose.
After one week something drove me to get in touch and I felt the obligation to call and the
representative came to my place to present the products, 7 at that time. He started to explain each
product and as I held the bottle of a mixture of Graviola and 6 other anti cancerous components in
my hands instantaneously my entire body was increasing tremendous heat waves and source
transmitted: that is what you have asked for and of course I learned all I had to learn and stood
in Germany for 9 month to get the information out there fighting the meanings and beliefs of
traditional cancer cure.
Within three weeks we had a intestine carcinoma disappearing, one prostate cancer patient who
had the surgery marked, he was called into the hospital three days before the marked date for last
examinations and o wonder all metastasis had disappeared. The doctors did not belief it and they
said that those tumors cannot disappear just like that, that they are certainly hidden in some place
and they ordained surgery anyways. Is this normal?
A single mom with an 9 year old girl: after three chemo therapies and one surgery -close to death
has a friend marries to a German knowing my mother - he head heavy heart surgery and just came
back from Germany after 6 month Hospital - got the power juice and as he felt better after 3 days
only he brought us this lady - she took three different juices at once at she was in a very advanced
stat, no hair , no more faith and with a lot of fears to let her girl behind alone - after 4 days she
started to feel better after 10 days her hair started growing again, after 2 weeks she was sure that
she will survive and she said: I am not going to tell this my doctor, I just will go there to the next
control in 6 weeks and I will be safe. She did - as she had the next examination the result was so
amazing that the doctor made a national seminary on her case, but nobody wanted to listen to her
how she got better and she told me that this is not important for her - her life is more worthy then
what doctors belief or not.
There are so many cases I was testimony of that it would fill books and it would made you cry as
it does with 100s of people when they hear at the annual gathering people telling their stories of
survival in the last moment - their despair facing death and their families without a penny left
because no assurance would take the bills anymore - family selling everything they have to safe a
beloved one.
One friend of mine Brazilian Plastic Surgery Specialist got Leukemia Myeloid and the needed
urgently a cell transplant - she was on a list number 989 - I past 4 month with her working on her
and finally we could access the products and the doctor of the enterprise said to her: You know
that you are in the hands of God? Yes - but nevertheless we will give it a try - you got to take 5
different products and we found a sponsor - today she has a foundation for abandoned animals -
she left her wheel chair behind and she is fine!!!!
All those experiences are divine one by one but I think that more people need to know about it -
from mouth to mouth it is just to slow - there are so many people suffering for nothing. The Lady
who became director of the German enterprise had 5 types of cancer - 5 children - her best friend
a director of a Hispital - he told her to go home and to spend the last time with her children - that
his art has come to an end and that he is so sorry. At home a friend passed by and told her about
those products - she loves life and she took one product only - after a week she felt stronger - her
life powers came back she felt that she could make it and she said she would only go and show up
front of her doctor and friend when she was fine. After 6 month she visited him in the hospital -
he cried and asked what she did - she talked about the products and halleluiah the doctor today is
working in his hospital with those products too. There is not only hope THERE IS HEALING
OUT THERE and people need to be informed!


Here some more evidence I found in different reports of the 100

strongest Underground Cures:
CANCER “MAGIC BULLET” DISCOVERED - but drug giant hushes it
10,000 times stronger than chemotherapy with no adverse side effects

DARYL S. HAD 12 TUMORS IN HIS PROSTATE. But he received a cutting-edge

treatment that helped save his life. And... In 3 months, his PSA dropped AND THE
HOW? Daryl’s secret was the help of an amazing tree that grows deep in the Amazon
rainforest. Called Graviola, it may well prove to be the ultimate cancer-fighter.
Studies by the National Cancer Institute already show that Graviola extract is 10,000
times stronger than top chemotherapy drugs...
Yet it’s incredible precision hunts down cancer cells while leaving healthy cells
completely alone! Graviola just seems to “know” which cells to kill and which to avoid.
There’s no nausea, no hair loss, no weight loss, no weakening of the immune system.

The news about Graviola sent shockwaves through HSI’s extensive medical network. But
the story behind Graviola is just as shocking.
As we learned, this lifesaving discovery was very nearly denied to mankind. And I’m
sorry to say the reason is that somebody sat on the research. The trail of evidence
clearly shows...
For 7 long years, a billion-dollar drug company covered it up!
What’s more, this is undoubtedly not the first time that something like this has happened.
Following is a textbook example of how modern drug research works, and how your
health falls victim to the pursuit of money and power:
It all started in the early 1990s, when this well-known drug giant started pouring
money into the search for a cancer cure...

What gave Jacqueline the power to CONQUER BREAST CANCER?

JACQUELINE HAD BREAST CANCER, but she also had a huge advantage in her
battle. Best of all, it works by using your own body’s army of natural “killer cells.” So, it
actually makes you feel more energetic, rather than sapping your strength. Like many
such firms, they were intrigued by the healing powers of rainforest plants. They
discovered that Graviola was being used by Amazon Indians to treat a huge range of
diseases. And when they tested its cancer-fighting powers, bingo, they discovered a
But you can’t make megabucks from any cure UNLESS YOU PATENT IT...
And no one can patent a tree that’s been around for millions of years. So the drug firm
tried for seven years to come up with man-made duplicates. But they hit a brick wall. Try
as they might, they couldn’t match Mother Nature. Finally, they tossed in the towel...
Okay, they’re in business to make money. Fine. But let me ask you...
If the research files for this breakthrough were sitting on your desk, what would you do
with them? Call a news conference? Send out press releases?

At the very least, wouldn’t you publish them all in a prominent medical journal? After
all, more than 6 million Americans have died from cancer in the last few decades.
Think how many might have been saved if a discovery like this had been available. But,
instead of turning it over to independent researchers…….-
They boxed it up, put it on the shelf - AND TURNED OFF THE LIGHT
Happily, one courageous researcher just couldn’t live with that decision. He spilled
the beans... and the result may turn out to be the most life-saving substance on earth.
More clinical trials are needed, but more than 20 studies to date have already established
Graviola can wipe out 12 types of cancer cells, including breast, prostate, colon, lung
and pancreatic tumors
Yet, unlike any chemotherapy drug, it leaves healthy cells undamaged.
A miracle? Perhaps. Yet even now, not one drug company we know of has picked it up
and run with it.
WHY? Same reason. No one can legally patent it.
Are you starting to see?

AMAZON MIRACLE TREE fights much more than cancer

While scientific research on Graviola has focused on its cancer-fighting powers, the tree
has been used for centuries by tribal healers to treat an astonishing array of diseases,

hypertension flu
ringworm rheumatism
muscle spasm diarrhea neuralgia
scurvy malaria
insomnia rashes
dysentery arthritis

My report continues here:

Healings -Cures - and Lies about Conventional Treatments
True example: In Germany one of the Patients of Dr. D. Hamer (working on the psychic shocks
for cancer cure) suffered breast Cancer and she was asked three times in the hospital if she is
Jewish and she denied - she had family members who were but she wasn’t. She was wondering
first why they asked that. The next day another doctor appeared in her Hospital room offering her
a heavy treatment apart of the chemo therapy and he told her that people with cancer have only
10% chances to survive but she could be one of the 10% when she would accept this incredible
expensive proposal. The got aware of why she was asked if she is Jewish and as it was not the
same doctor, she answered, sorry I cannot do that as I am Jewish - the doctor replied: oh I didn’t
know and leaving the room he remarked: you will be fine anyways…… can you believe that?
But that is the truth about heavy and expensive treatments and people believe the Chemo (90%
are not making it) and suffer for nothing…. The Lady reported the doctors and left the hospital.
One thing is the big lie about Cancer - the other side has the solution and is not sufficiently
known yet to help many people and children avoiding so much unnecessary pain. You will
become porter of the secret - during May I will send out a report about the plant and how to get
the juice product that is saving 1000s of lives since 9 years in Latin America and 5 other countries
- not in USA yet apart of some friends of mine I sent the product to help them get well.
(She is German and the report is to find on Dr Hamer’s German Website)

What more can I say now as that I have experiences with Graviola since 7 years - As I
learned by guidance how cases are set into motion that ends up in heavy disease or
chronicle disease, even aids is one of the biggest lies, during this year I will publish more
reports on products and natural powers for many of diseases that are used by the science to
as a good income instead to inform about simple cures from inside out. Graviola helps
reproducing the killer cells without our body that is the reason self defense it growing fast
as the own body helps the nutrients to fight the sick cells in the body structure -any of them.
The latest studies in Brazil have confirmed that the product combination with Graviola has
a component that kills even the Hospital Virus - this is a killer virus without cure until
today that is 1000% deadly - we got results that are amazing. In the meanwhile the
component who does that that been found.
We are working to get information out to doctors and alternative healers. There is so much
to learn and to do because the greatest shift has to be done in education. It is not easy to
teach people who have been driven in only one direction to believe denying all other
ways,even if their own life depends on that.
The reason of cancer is a psychic shock and it is not so difficult to learn about it - recreate your
life from inside out and use the fruits, plants and natural elements that Mother Earth grows so we
can get well. Let’s open our hearts and minds for the Amazon Rainforest and join people work fro
the protection of this last wonder of an intact ecosystem and stop burning down 5000 square
miles each day so some people can make their profit. They are killing life itself and we are the
crown of creation and should honor all LIFE in first place as holy!!!!
Healing of cancer is possible knowing about the cause of self creation and with the help of
Mother Earth Cancer has no chance !!!!!
Soon I will do some webinars on the topic and you will be informed……

Information about Graviola and the power products and where to get them:
Info: -
For automatic news - sign up for the free newsletter and email teachings at: more about my work:
If you want to help people get well inform your family members, your friends, your
colleagues, your associations, your communities you can share that report…..; it is time to
stop monopoles and manipulations. It is time to honor life and to love the fellow as

GRAVIOLA HAS THE POWER TO PREVENT and it is just a fruit in the Garden of Life -
GRAVIOLA is reproduced in plantations to let the Rainforest intact……

Blessings and time for reflection

And don’t forget: Miracles of life are there for everybody

Regina E.H.Ariel