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Head Start Director of Community Action

Partnership of Ramsey & Washington Counties

Ballinger|Leafblad is proud to present the following information on behalf of our client,

CAP Ramsey and Washington Counties in its search for Head Start Director.




Community Action Partnership of Ramsey & Washington Counties
(Community Action) was established in 1964 as a program of the
War on Poverty. Community Action Agencies became the service
delivery arm of the Federal Office of Economic Opportunity.
Community Action is the only continuously funded anti-poverty
program in the country and is involved in grassroots public policy
and community engagement activities, such as voter registration
drives, legislative hearings, advocacy and education activities.
With a $22 million budget and more than 260 staff members, the organization is fiscally
strong and enjoys enthusiastic support from business, government and the philanthropic


Community Action Partnership of Ramsey & Washington Counties offers programs in four
1. Head Start & Early Head Start
Quality early childhood learning is a good predictor of success in school and later in life.
Head Start promotes school readiness through educational, health, nutritional, social
and other services to enrolled children and families. Early Head Start works with children
from prenatal to age three, while Head Start works with children age three to five.
2. Energy Assistance
Energy Assistance is funded by the federal government and helps with bill payment,
intervention and shut-off situations, advocacy for consumer rights and outreach.
3. Energy Conservation
For more than three decades, Community Actions Energy Conservation has been using
the latest technology performing energy audits and performing home weatherization
and construction.
4. Community Engagement
Self Sufficiency
Self-Sufficiency programs help people with low incomes achieve economic

independence through education, transportation programs, asset development, and job

hunting skills.
Civic Engagement
Community Action helps low-income people engage in the civic arena directly, through
voting and developing their leadership skills to increase community awareness and


Head Start & Early Head Start are programs designed to provide children essential learning
skills before entering kindergarten. These programs provide valuable one-on-one interaction
and socialization skills.
Head Start and Early Head Start are comprehensive child development, health and social
service programs for low-income families. Since 1965, Head Start has been serving the needs
of disadvantaged infants, children, and pregnant women across America.
Over 1400 children, from prenatal through age 5, are enrolled in Community Actions
programs each year throughout Ramsey County. Options include full-day, half-day,
therapeutic, and inclusion classrooms, and home-visiting programs.
Early Head Start & Head Start parent involvement activities include
Monthly local parent meetings or family fun events
Parent Representatives on Policy Council Meetings
Member of the Agency Board of Directors
Parent Representative to the MN Head Start Association
Being part of the interview team for hiring new staff
Participating on the Health Services Advisory Committee
Supporting ongoing recruitment efforts
Volunteering in the classroom, center, or field trips
Participating in the annual self-assessment
Early Head Start (at least twice monthly) socializations
Agency Efforts to Prepare Children for School
Using the Head Start Approach to School Readiness, Community Action Head Start & Early
Head Start have developed the following plan to ensure that children are ready for school,
families are ready to support their childrens learning, and schools are ready for children!
Children ready for school: As part of ongoing preparation for kindergarten, Community
Action Head Start & Early Head Start has developed with staff and parents School Readiness

goals which align with Minnesota State Early Childhood Indicators of Progress (ECIP) and
Head Starts five essential domains of child development. Teachers and Home Visitors use
the online assessment tool, Teaching Strategies Gold Online for ongoing assessment. Data is
viewed for each individual child on a quarterly basis with the childs family. Data is viewed on
several aggregated levels to ensure that progress towards school readiness is achieved.
School readiness goals are available upon request.
Families are ready to support their childrens learning: Families are given essential tools to
help support the childs learning. This is done via the family partnership which supports the
family unit, ongoing support in their childs educational process (such as determining
individual goals for their child and reviewing quarterly data regarding their childs
Schools are ready for children: Community Action works hard to establish and maintain
good relations with each school district within Ramsey County. Meetings are held to discuss
ongoing initiatives, kindergarten transitions, and other partnership opportunities.

The mission of Community Action is to reduce the causes of poverty and its impacts on
peoples lives.
Community Action Head Start/Early Head Starts mission is to help children and parents
achieve their full potential through high-quality child development and family support services.
Community Action Partnership of Ramsey & Washington Counties envisions a society where
the causes and consequences of poverty are abolished and where social justice, economic
opportunity, and human dignity exists for all.
We Value:
Community Engagement

Community-Focused Programs and Services

Partnerships and Collaborations
Respect and Caring for All

An Employment Engagement Survey was recently conducted with the following results, (203
employees responded=78% of all staff-24% male, 76% female),
88% love their job
93% are proud of CAPRW
98% are proud of the work they do
80% find their work energizing
97% believe their work makes a difference at CAPRW
86% feel their direct manager is a knowledgeable leader
85% feel their direct manager is caring and approachable
97% enjoy working alongside their co-workers
80% feel their ideas are heard by the right person
75% feel they receive helpful training that will allow career growth
76% feel they are recognized for their good work
92% believe that CAPRW is an agent of change in the Community
93% are proud of CAPRWs social responsibility efforts.
94% believe CAPRW cares about the community we serve
75% believe senior directors show a strong commitment to ethical decisions and conduct
92% believe that CAPRW is fair and honest in its dealings with customers and the Community
Action Partnership


Reporting to the Executive Director, the Head Start Director is responsible for directing all
aspects of Minnesotas second largest Head Start, Early Head Start and childcare programs,
writing major funding grants, ensuring compliance with applicable regulations, developing
and managing budgets, leading the development of the program design, and evaluating,
planning, and monitoring the performance of programs.

Primary Responsibilities:
Responsible for the day-to-day
management of the Head Start (HS)
and Early Head Start (EHS) programs,
in compliance with the Head Start
Performance Standards and applicable
State regulations. Responsible for
direct supervision of direct reports and
responsible for ensuring appropriate
supervision, monitoring, and
evaluation of all HS/EHS staff.
Leads all compliance with and
reporting on Head Start and Early
Head Start requirements including
Program Plan, Systems Plans, Budgets,
PIR requirements, Outcomes
measures, Head Start Performance
Standards program areas including
program design and management,
Early Childhood and Health Services,
and family/community partnerships.
Leads all Head Start and Early Head
Start budgetary planning and
management in compliance with
federal and state regulations.
Oversees all HS/EHS staff recruitment
and selection in accordance with
applicable laws, Performance
Standards and agency personnel
Responsible for annual planning,
tracking and monitoring of program
activities including: monthly Board and
Policy council reports, program and
staff calendar, staff plan and training

calendar, program self-assessment and

evaluation, Performance Standards
compliance issues, program Federal
Reviews and semi-annual reports to
funding sources.
Leadership responsibility for initiating
and maintaining a positive and
professional working relationship with
the Policy Council, including monthly
meetings, information and decisionmaking responsibilities, and on-going
Manages and develops diversity
competence in all employees.
Develops competency in interacting
effectively with culturally diverse
Provides opportunities for HS/EHS
employees to participate in regular
staff meetings, HS/EHS management
meetings, trainings, technical
assistance, supervision and evaluation.
Actively participate as a member of the
Senior Leadership Team whose
purpose is to provide input on the
global direction of the agency; steer
the organization at the strategic and
policy level; facilitate information
sharing across programs; and to offer
guidance to team members on other
key issues.
Collaborates with the senior
management team and others in
completion of funding applications,

innovative grants/projects, budgets

and required reports.
Develops and maintain positive and
professional community partnerships

for the purpose of collaboration,

networking, and information sharing.

Supervisory Responsibility:
This position manages the Head Start Assistant Director, Early Head Start Manager, Family
Services Manager, Transportation Coordinator, Maintenance Supervisor, Management
Analyst/Recruitment Manager, Special Needs/Mental Health Manager, Administrative
Assistants, Registered Nurses, Dietary Supervisor, Health Services Coordinator, and
Compliance Manager.


Strategic Thinking,
Business Acumen,
Problem Solving/Analysis,
Decision Making,
Performance Management,
Results Driven,
Communication Proficiency, and
Financial Management
Education and Experience:
Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education, Public Administration or related field with 10
years of experience in education or early childhood education including 7 years management
experience and 3 years Head Start experience.
This position requires having working knowledge and familiarity with federal and state HS
Performance Standards, DHS Licensing regulations, HHS Grants Management Regulations,
Federal interagency collaborative regulations and of grant writing and funding procedures.
This position must have the ability to work as part of a team in managing a program that
addresses the dynamics and changing needs of children and families; must understand the
HS philosophy in relationship to a self-sufficiency, child outcomes and shared decision
making with parents.
This position requires the capacity to prioritize, manage multiple tasks, deadlines and
complex situations and the ability to function both as a team leader and team member. This
position requires management skills and leadership qualities sufficient to manage a large

complex program with a high degree of coordination. Position requires the ability to
manage both union and non-union staff.


Diane Steele
Vice President, Executive Recruitment

Marcia Ballinger, PhD


Community Action Partnership of Ramsey & Washington Counties is

an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer