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Financial Agents:-'

Dale and Judy Porter

M/M J,C, White' "

M/k-C,H,Porter" "

Casilla 21119

1516 Madison Blvd.

Rt4 .2 God'sMobile Acres

Correo 21

Bartlesville-, Okla,

En^d, Oklahoma

Santiago, Chile



Dear Friends in Christ,



Greetings from sunny Santiago! We are well'into summertime in this partof the vsorld, and it has really been beautiful. However, I want all of
you to realize that Ju.dy and I came to, Chile'because of the "ripe fields .
of harvest" and not for the nice weatherl

A lot of things have transpired since my last newsiettet, but I'll try to

mention some of the more major i:tems.. the Lord, has continually blessed
the' work here and I hope I can share just a part of the excitement I feel
with you all who have a part in the Chilean Vision, If you do not feel
that you do share in our work, simply pray daily for us. Then, we will be
constant partners in our goal to reach Chile for Christ!
Trip to Osorno . .

During December, I was able to accompany Ed Holt to Osorno, Chile and

take part in a Christian Training Seminar. Osorno is 600 miles south of

Santiago and has a Church of Christ with nearly 150 members, most of whom

are very anxious to serve the Lord.

Although the main purpose, of the !.

seminar was to teach lessons on the lif of Christ, they.were very.much,

interested in being shown how to distribute:the EL, Encuentro Bible Courses
door-to-door in the city. This represents a tremendous opportunity.since
Osorno is in a key location in Southern Chile. This congregation.of . .
Chilean Christians could possibly handle the promotional-outreach of
El Encuentro for all of the South,

? .


U.S. Postage Paid

Davis Park Christian Church

Permit Nb, 49

Enid^' Oklahoma -73701

Enid, Oklahoma


,i^v; P.O. Beat 6364

Ind. 46049

The Lord Opens More Doors!

In my last newsletter, I mentioned the great possibllites that could come

from the church meeting begun at the Center on November 17, But it didn't
materialize as we thought it would and most of us now consider it a premature
venture. However, because of this let down, we have begun home teaching '
sessions with the graduates of El Encuentro, There are now (Jan. 19) 15

home study classes set up on a weekly basis, already reaching over 50 people.
We have goals to set up 24 groups by the ist of February, and 50 by the end
of March, All of these people desire to.know more about Jesus and the

Christian life. Many have stated their;desire to accept Christ,iiandiiseveral

have been baptized as a result of these; classes, God has truly shown His
wisdom and love in the last few months.
Tract Production and Distribution

Last month I took charge in the area of tract production and distribution.

We currently have three tracts in print and all are used to help promote
enrollments in El Encuentro, I have been in the process of getting ideas
for more tracts suitable for seasonal holidays, Catholic festivals, and
general distribution. During the remainder of January, I have a goal to
see that tracts.reach the 50 or 60 thousand people who live within the
fifty blocks around the center. Last Saturday, (Jan 17) we enlisted the
help of some youth from the Laferia and Santa Rosa Churches of Christ to>

help distribute tracts in key locations downtown, Wth the ten people who
came to work, we were able to distribute 16,000 tracts in two hours, stop

ping then because we ran out of tracts. Thousands of people were still in
the streets. Please pray with us that these tracts fell into the right
hands. It costs $10 to print 5000 tracts, and we'd appreciate also, that
you would pray that the Lord supply all that we need in this area.
Judy's Notes

This morning (Jan, 10), grocery shopping was on my list of duties. This
was the week before Dale cashes our salary check, and grocery funds were a
little short, I wasn't sure how the money,we had would stretch to supply J
food for the entire week. We had some staples and fruit, but no meat.
Then a thought came to mind that I'd heard several times in my Christian
life, "God cares about our daily life, and that includes every day routine
tnings," I remembered that hamburger sells for 400 escudos a kilo (about

lOct: a pound), but it sells so fast, they seldom have it at our supermarket.
At that moment, I decided to pray that they would be restocking their
shelves at the same I arrived at the store.

Then I tried to estimate the

right time to reach the store, but soon realized my scheming wouldn't help.
So after I'd punched down and formed into loaves the bread I was making, I
strolled to the store, I picked out a few vegetables then anxiously hurried
towards the meat counter.

There it was, just what I had asked Him for.

The stockboy had just rolled out the cart of hamburger and was starting
to put it in the bin, I bought 6 packages, or about 12 pounds for $1,
I praise the Lord for being interested in everything His children do!
Financial Report

Included with this newsletter is the financial report for 1974. Should
you have any questions concerning contributions, please direct them to our
financial agent (address in letterhead). If there are questions about
expenditures, please write us personally on the field.

We are truly thankful for your partnership with us during '74, and I hope
that the Lord will bless you as you sJrve Him in 1975,
Serving Him in Chile,
Dale and Judy Porter



*East Bartlesville Christian-

Bartlesville, Okla.

Rhinehart Christian-Horton, Mo.

Clayton Christian-Deerfield, Mo.
Milford Christian-Milford, Mo.
Mission Christian- Sands Springs,

Granby Christian- Granby, Mo.

Hornet Christian- Seneca, Mo.
North Side Christian- OKC, Okla,
1st Christian-Newburn, Teno.
Hearts and Hands for Christ-Mission

Christian, Sand Springs, Okla.

Young Adult Class-Christian Church
Crockett Mills, Tenn.-


Alan Aubrey- Joplin, Mo,

Rodney Brown- Jopl'in, Mo.
Davi-4 Greer- Pryor, Okla.
Gene Barren- Joplin, Mo.
Dave Schoville- Joplin, Mo.
Clark Waggoner- Sapulpa, Okla.

Joyce & Joan Winterbert-Lakewood, Col,

M/M Steve Asbell- Edmond, Okla.

M/M Bernie Frazier- Joplin, Mo.
Mrs. Marie Traviss Hudson, Fla.

M/M Gary Taylor- Newburn Tenn.

M/M Otis West & Cynthia- Newburn, Tenn,
M/M Orville Mitchell- Enid, Okla.
M/M Neil Sisson- Enid, Okla,
M/M C.H.- Porter & Suzanne-Enid, Okla,
M^ J.'C, White-Bartlesville, Okla.
M/M. Larry Laws-Bartlesville, Okla.

Berean Class- 1st Christian,

Grandview, Mo.-

Total Committed Support $664.00 (plus)

(Three churches send varied support.)

*Sponsoring Congregation
(Judy's Tivi'n'g link)

Total monthly need $1,000



Raleigh Christian-Memphis, Tenn; from Enid, Oklahoma- Davis Park Christian

Church, Women's Council, Davis Park Christian, M/M Bill Bushnell, M/M Saloma
Bill, Terry Hull, Youth Group, Davis Park Christian, M/M Lyle Wellman, S
Shiela Hobbs;" Isf Christia'n-Siloam Springs', Ark,; Southside Christian, Pryor,
Okla.; WestTine Christian, West'line, Mo.; Diamond Grove Christian-Diamond,
Mo.;' Women's Missionary Society, Seneda, Mo'.; Metz Christian, Metz, Mo.;
Youth Churc'h, ist Christian, Dewey, Okla.; Northside Christian, Warrensburg,
Mo.; Rossville Christian-Rossville, Kahsa.'; 1st Christian-Owassa, Okla.;
Center Christ'ian-Columbus, Kansa.; Colony Christian-Colony, Kansa.; North
East Christian, Tulsa, Okla.; Wheatland Christian, Wheatland, Mo.; Cyokamo
Christian Camp, Alba, Mo.; Red R'bck Christian C'amp-Hinton, Okla.; King
Solomon Camp-Solomon, Kansa,; West-Central Christian Camp-Sedalia, Mo.;

Altoona Christian,' A'ltona, Kansa.; Lord's Reapers, Ozark Bible College,.

Joplin, Mo,;'-M/M Bob Baughman & M/M Harold Thomas-Bartlesville, Okla.; M/M
Mike Cowsert-Sarifia'go, Chile; Randy Carlson-Joplin, Mo,; M/M Mike Noble-

Joplin, Mo.; M/M Bob .Gurwell-Joplin, Mo,; M/M .Greg Johnson-Joplin, Mo.;
M/M A1 Ellis-Grandview, Mo.; M/M Lester Harris, Abilene, Texas; M/M Chuck
Morris-Pryor, Okla.; M/M J.A. McLain, OKC, Okla.; M/M Jim Winstead,
Bloomington, Minn.,; M/M Ralph White, K.C. Mo..; Dorothy Tull-K.C. Mo,; M/M
Hugh Sibert-Harrisanville,. Mo.; M/M Frank Xerr.el, -Denver, Colo.; Dr. & Mrs.
L.E. Thompson-Cathedral City, Cal,; Glenda Helm, Tul-sa, Okla,; Raymond Hall;
Rob Roberts

Present Budget:

$664.00 per month

Return travel -fund.......

$ 500.00

General office expense...


Language study


Travel expenses..





$ 664.00

"Unbudgeted" areas of need:

1) Out of town travel

2) Office salaries
3) Construction

4) Bible Course postage

5) Tract production
6) Newspaper and radio ads
7) Translations and printing

Financial Report for 1974 CHILEAN VISION

Contributions in 1974;

January through August 10, 1974i

August 10, through December.
Designated as personal gifts,,.,.,,,.,,,



Total contributions, 1974.,....,,...,,,


Expenditures in States;

Travel by car (6617 miles).,,

Photos, passports, paperwork, visas, and shots

$ 585,63
' 130.87

Shipping of household items, Joplin, Mo. to Valparaiso, Chile..,,,,

Basic Youth Institute,.,,,.,,,,.,,,,,,,,
Slide projector and slides,...,,,..,,.




Digital calculator
Central Chilean Evangelism.,.,..,
Airplane tickets, Tulsa, Okla, to Santiago, Chile,,,,,..

' 35.26

Medical expenses before leaving (DDS, EyeDr,, oral surgeron)

Office supplies, printing, phone calls, gen. office expense
Salary, February through July




Total expenditures in the U.S

Expenditures in Chile;


Taxes for money exchange.

Language study,
*General office expenses.

*Office salaries,,.


*Bible course postage,


Set aside for flight home (thus far),,.,


388 25


Salary, August through December (approx. $500,00 per month)

Personal gifts (see "Contributions" above,,,,.
Total expenditures in Chile.


Customs for household items,,.,...,,,,.,..,,,,.,,

Shipping, Valpraisoto Santiago,





.., $5269.38


**Total gifts, 1974..,

**Total expenses in U,.S
Total expenses in Chile...
***Balance, December 31, 1974,...

$ 633.43

*Thse are expenses shared monthly by all the missionari'es here in Sahti'ago.
**These figures do not include the expenditures or the money given to finance
the newsletter, as those figures were not available to-me in Chile,

***Because ofthe distance, we are always a month behind the bank's statement,
thus, this figure represents the money available for January.

L,. H i L L A N

Vis ion..#

"That His Word might reach all the people" .

Dear Friends in Christ,

March-April 1975

VSantiaao adeqautely
^ know before
starting this newsletter tha.t I won't be able to express
all the joys, anxieties, frustrations, and other various
feelings that are inherent in a missionary's life. There are; Joys over
answered prayers and victories won for Jesus; Anxiety about those who've
almost turned it over to Christ; Frustration with Chilean "red tape" and
spending hours of a week's time waiting to ride crowded buses. But I sus
pect we'd be going through other trials in the U.S. I'm only glad we have

the chance to share the good news of Jesus with people who hear it less
often, and many times v^o seem more, ready to leave their life in this
world for an exiting life in the Soni (See articles on other sidel)
A Week in Puerto Montt

About 700 miles south of. Santiago is the coastal city of Puerto Montt.
February is a month when everyone seems to migrate out of the cities,
mainly to the beaches. So, instead of staying the entire month in Santiago,

^e went south on February 23, We had planned on staying in Puerto Montt


for only 4 days, but as it turned out we stayed 8 days because we

were unable to buy bus tickets back to Santiago until March 3. With
that experience, we should be able to write a book called, "How to

Stretch Your Vacation Budget!"

March-New Season, New Start

Summertime has begun moving back north again and Autumn has begun to settle in
Central Chile. Today (March 25) it has rained, and motorcycle season has flown
out the window. However, there's a bright side to the clouds, and that means
that schools are back in session, and people are settled back to work again.
This is giving us a tremendous opportunity to reach millions who were otherwise
preoccupied the months before. March-already added hundreds to the El Encuentro

Bible courses. Ads have been purchased this month in 3 major newspapers on
five different occasions to help promote the Bible course, and within the next
few weeks we hope to put an ad in another newspaper. The combined circulation
of these papers is well over one million, reaching into all parts of the country.
The result?

In the last 2^ weeks, over 500 new students have enrolled in

El Encuentro. Total enrollmeat is nearing 25,000 people, and we hope to double

that number in 1975!

Praise the Lord!! VT"'

Judy's Notes

For the first time since we've been married, I have recently been able to be
a full-time housewife. Although we are still studying a little, I have more time
on my hands than I'm used to. It's great! But wanting to use this time wisely,
I've asked God for specific opportunities to be creative. Only recently this
prayer was answered in that I now have an opportunity to tutor, or possibly

teach in anEnglish school. Our neighbor, who had just returned from Bolivia,

'warvn.heir 10 year-bid daughter and 2 of their friends to learn better English

together. Yes, God is interested in individuals! "For the Lord is good; His
stedfast love endures for ever, and his faithfulness to all generations."
(Psalms 100:5}

Commitments to Christ - A Church Begunl

Eighteen people have been baptized into Christ since the completion of the
baptistry (although 7 of th-ese were at the beach), with a total of 23 who have
confessed Christ as Savior. There are as many as 10-15 others who're on the
verge of commiting their lives to Christ, and all of us are praying hard for
their decisions.

I believe I mentioned before that after a student graduates from El Enucentro,

we visit with them personally to talk about their commitment to Christ. Then
we are usually able to set up teaching sessions with them, and they invite their
friends or family to a meeting in their home. ;Since my language ability has
improved, I now accompany Chris calling and teaching sessions in
San Bernardo.

In one situation a group of university age young people formed a group that
resulted in the seven beach baptisms, and the formation of a chutch, which now
has 18 or more people attending the meetings twice a week. At the start of
these meetings, one young man was an atheist, with little desire to hear the

claims of Christ. After hearing the Gospel and.the evidence of the Resurrection,
he too accepted Christ. In fact, only minutes after being baptized this same
young man asked what the Christian view was or" smgk-ing (most Chileans smoke

like chimneys!). "After Ed explained to him how God wants us to take care of-^hebody, especially since the body of a Christian is the "temple of the Holy .
Spirit", he threw away his cigarettes determing never to smoke again. One of
the others commented, "We used to be just a group of kids.
of Christians." .'Rejoice with us in these victories!!

Now we are a group

Special Gifts

During December, a gift from the Ruth Group of Enid, Oklahoma made possible
the purchase of 75 New Testaments for distribution. Should special groups,

classes, programs, or occasions at your church include^..irii^ipiL4irpjects we have

several areas that could use special boosts.

For instance, we hope to pur

chase ..a^j^ed car that will be desperately needed for calling in months ahead.
ALL "Special gifts" can be earmarked as such when sent to our financial agent
whose address is below. Thanks for your continued help in this part of the work.
In His Service,

Field address:

For Gifts:

For newsletter:

Dale and Judy Porter

J.G, White

Charles Porter, Jr.

Casilla 21119

1516 Madison Blvd.

Rt. 2 God's Mobile Acres

Correo 21

Bartlesville, Okla.

Enid, Oklahoma

Santiago, Chile




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Issued Monthly
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(215 cents of each gift will be so applied'

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Joplin, Missouri 64801

April, 1975 Vol. 29 No. 8

Don DeWelt, Editor

OzarL Bible (^olles^e

4nd W)rltl Evangelism
Ozark Bible College has come to be known among
were in the courses by October, 1973. Ed Holt took his
Bible colleges as a school deeply concerned about world
evangelism. In many places in the world there are
missionaries who g^ratefully acknowledge that they are

alumni of OBC. With dedicated professors, strong Biblical

teaching, and formative discipline, OBC should continue to
prepare well-qualified and effective missionaries for years
to come.

Four years ago,'Ed Holt, a 1970 graduate of Ozark

Bible College, went to Chile with the desire to work in
mass communications. He set up operations in Santiago,
and began writing "El Encuentro" {which means "the
encounter"), a culturally relevant Bible Correspondence

course. Ed wanted a simple and concise Bible course that

would present the gospel to the average Chilean. With the
help of a Chilean newspaperman, and a professional artist,
he was able to put the message into the setting of the
Catholic-based culture, utilizing illustrations that
effectively depict the Latin American's need for God. In
1972, through newspaper ads and tracts designed to "catch
the eye," people from every social level began enrolling
throughout the country.
OBC alumni now

furlough praying that he could find others to help.

At Ozark Bible College Ed spoke in the Lord's
Reapers'(missionary organization) meetings. Mission
classes, and chapel. Here and elsewhere he had the same

basic message: "Ther^is a lot of potential in Chile, but we

can't do it by ourselves. We need help." Six couples
responded by the end of the year. During 1974 Chris and
Carol DeWelt, Mike and Pam Cowsert, Phil and Susan

Casey, Dale and Judy Porter, Ed and Linda Mills arrived

in Chile from Ozark Bible College, and Del and Renetta
Whaley from Nebraska Christian College.
Presently,(January, 1975) there are nearly 23,000
students who have enrolled in the Bible courses, and in the
last few weeks, over 200 contacts have been made with

graduates of the course. From these contacts, workers

have set up one-to-one teaching situations to develop
committed and dedicated Christians. The missionaries

have a goal of starting 24 weekly groups by the end of

January and 50 by the end of March. Christian Extension
Training groups have been taught 600 miles south in
Osorno, and 1,000 miles north in Antofagasta. The
churches in both of these areas are soon to begin using "El

iviaiiy areas oi tms wofk may seem quite new, out

oacK row leu lo

right: Dale
Porter, Jeff

Myers, Ed Holt
and Chris DeWelt
Front row left to

right; Phil Casey,

Del Whaley, Mike

First anniversary celebration

Cowsert and Ed

of freedom from Communism

most of the principles used in mass evangelism were

taught at OBC. Ed Holt recalls,"Of all the methods I've
employed in Chile, most were taught in classes at OBC.'
The four phase program being used is a rather simple
formula: 1. Contact (through the Bible course) 2. Follow-up
Conversion, 3. Church establishment, and 4. Leadership
The Lord has brought these men together to form a
team. Chris is the editor of "La Lampara," a monthly
'contact magazine for the graduates of "El Encuentro." He
is working on a 24 lesson series on the Sermon on the

Streets of Santiago, Chile

Teaching them, baptizing them and

teaching them.

Early in 1973, a building was purchased to house the

"Center of Christian Diffusion" and to centralize a

Mount. Phil is in charge of writing news articles for "La

Lampara" and also does studies on special questions asked
by students. Mike's work involves the goal of setting up
"El Encuentro Contact Centers" in various "open markets"
throughout the city. Dale heads up tract production and
distribution, and Ed Mills has been writing an advanced
correspondence course. AU of the missionaries work in the
follow-up ministry with the graduates of "El Encuentro,"

as language ability allows. Much diligent effort goes into

language study.

Christian promotional outreach in the count?''y. Jeff Myers

moved to Santiago in May of that same year from

Antofagasta, Chile, to take leadership in the printing

ministry. At that time, nearly 7,000 students were
studying the first series of lessons, and additional courses
were being written.

Enrollment in "El Encuentro" began to snowball, and

secretaries were hired to handle the 12,000 students who


17 Jim Cunningham Australia
18 Harold Fowler Italy

33 Bette Loft Puerto Rico

49 Vicki Rhodes Brazil

Sid Alisbury Germany

34 Norman Maddux Brazil

M/M Bruce Ammerman Rhodesia

19 M/M Gordon Fraser Westlock Alberta

50 M/M Le Roy Riley British Columbia

51 John Rodgers Brazil
52 Moises Saucedo Mexico

53 David Savage British Columbia

Don Albert British Columbia

M/M R. K. Atkinson Mexico

20 John Fulford New Zealand

35 M/M Lanny Maddux Brazil

36 Barb Mangskau Philippines

David Bayless Brazil

21 Vincent Graham Jamaica

37 Kent Mechem British Columbia

Alan Bemo Taiwan

22 Wray Graham Toronto Ontario

38 Dennis Messimer Belgium

54 Ted Skiles China

Lushlngton Bogle Jamaica

23 Larry Green Puerto Rico

39 M/M Ed Mills - Chile

55 Mike Solomon Capetown, South Africa

24 Jerry Hall Brazil

25 Charles Hansen Spain

40 J. W. Mitchell Canada
41 Jim Moreland Brazil

57 M/M David Stitt Switzerland

8 Dave Bouchard Canada

9 M/M Bill Burr Mexico

56 Steve Stauffer Brazil

26 M/M Sam Hazlewood Taiwan

42 Mary Moore Puerto Rico

27 M/M Gerald Holmquist Brazil

43 Karen Mutsch ~ Puerto Rico

58 Lloyd Strickland British Columbia

59 Mark Stringer Columbia, S.A.

28 M/M WiUiam E. Holt- Chile

44 Harold Palmer, Jr. Puerto Rico

60 M/M James Taylor Rhodesia Africa

29 Joan Honsberger Puerto Rico

45 M/M Dale Porter Chile

61 Marcia Kay Thomson Rhodesia Africa

62 Norma Waggoner Puerto Rico

10 Mark Carlson Philippines

11 Tom Gary Mexico
12 M/M PhU Casey - Chile
13 M/M Ron Clark Mexico

14 Jacqueline Claude Westlock Alberta

30 Chuck Johnston Taiwan

46 David Parry Alaska

15 Mary Crone Brazil

31 Deborah Kelly Puerto Rico

47 Etienne Prophete Haiti West Indie

16 Katy Conklin British Columbia

32 Allen Kisner Brazil

48 Katherine Rhodes Puerto Rico

63 Delbert Wilson Mexico

64 Fern Wort Puerto Rico

65 Betty Zondbergen British Columbia

"That His Word-might, reach all"the People"
Dear Friends in Christ,

May-June, 1975

While all of you in the U.S. are planning vacations, getting suntans, play
ing golf, swimming, and in general enjoying the approaching summer, remember
us here in- chilly Chile! The cold winds and rains have arrived, and will
be with us off and on for several months.

But, as the cold rains come down, they won't likely chill our spirits any!
Aong with the rain the Lord has been up to his usual business of pouring
out blessings. To quote from a 59 year-old Chilean, who had been baptized
__in a cold baptistry, "Cold water -was-a small price to pay for the benefits--of a clear conscience that is right before God," (Souhd like I Peter 3:21?)

A lot ^onger story could be told about this Chilean, but in short, his name
is Ramon, and he has been doing translation work for Christian literature
in our office, Latin American has a great shortage of good Christian
literature, but this is one .new Christian who has found a whole new world
of purpose in his translation work, as he works to help overcome this lack,

We are often truly awed by the work of God in this land.

The El Encuentro
Bible course now has over 25,000 sutdents enrolled in the first course and ^
about 150 new students are added weekly. Since the first of the year, 32
people have been baptized, bringing about the formation of a church, and
the nucleus for the formation of two others. Be praying with us at this
time, as there are at least 12 other people presently faced with the decision
to either accept or reject Jesus,

Several of the missionaries pooled their available resourses recently to
purchase 87 acres of land to use for a Christian training camp. There are
several churchsin Santiago and other parts of Chile with many possibilities
for Christian leaders to arise from them. Older high school and universityage young people often waste their summers away at the beach.

Now, those

who've recently become Christians will have a great opportunity to be taught

in a type of summer camp situation, perhaps running several weeks long. I
believe that the step of faith is in the great financial sacrifice of 5 of
the missionaries, who drained all available funds, some going into debt.
However, it will likely produce tremendous results for God's work in the

future. (By the way, they purchased the 87 acres for $75 an acre, and it is
located about 6 miles from the beaches of San Antonio, Chile.)

Concepcion is province (like a state) and a large city in Central Chile

that percentage-wise has the most students in all of Chile.

We visited

such cities as Chilian, Parral, Talca, Coronel, Lota, and others, any of
which could be begun a Church of Christ from the students of the course.
This was a tremendous opportunity to see the potencial for Church growth in
Chile, as we visited nearly 200 students, giving them their diplomas and
New Testaments. It also was a good opportunity for me to use my Spanish
in calling, unassisted for the first time.


Weekend and summer spiritual retreats haVe found great success in t^ie U.S. and this
is one of several ideas that finds quick acceptance in the Chilean culture. During

the weekend of May 30 to June 1 a spiritual'retreat was held south of Santiago for
25 new Christian young people. This proved to be a very uplifting weekend, as
almost all the time was spent in Bible studies, prayer, and teaching sensions. Near
ly all of these new Christians, vA\o are; only a few months old in the faith, have set
personal goals for themselves in their lives, for the immediate future.

These in

clude overcoming bad habits, or winning friends, parents, family, or co-workers to


Also, from June 15th through 22nd, the .";gringes" (or missionaries) Chile will
be having a Church Growth Seminar, led by the president of San Jose Bible CollegeWoodr.ow Phillips. The growing churches, Bible study groups, and correspondence
course enrollments have brought plenty of opportunity, but also plenty of problems
to solve or overcome.

We felt it was at this time we could use the counsel of a man

much older and wiser than any of us. Also, Woodrow Phillips is a very experienced
man in all of these area's having himself once been a missionary to Jamaica.
Judy's Notes

The fifth of April we gave our land lady two months potice that we were going to
move out. The house was- too olegant and large for us and we decided it was. a misuse
of money to live there. Immediately we began praying and searching for a new home.
Places to rent in Santiago are scarce. In our first attempts we learned it was

useless to find something to rent two months ahead of tinie. People want you to move
in within a week or so. So we quit hunting but kept praying. Then the first of May
we began the hunt again; Apairtments were renting like hot cakes and several slipped
out of our hands because of higher bidders. At last God has blessed us with a nice
new apartment only two blocks from our present house. Its clean, furnished and

much cheaper. We looked'in several different areas of Santiago- even though we pre
ferred the area we were in. Now we are thankful that we will- be living in the same

Final Notes-VBSers

We have completed a 5 skit puppet script recently that could be used in a VBS
program to present a missionary's life in Chile in a somewhat humorous,and exagger
ated manner. Along with this we also have a 2-part slide program (10 minutes each)
that can be used on two separate days or together for one program. The slides will

have limited availability, but to receive either the slide program, or the puppet
scripts, send requests to the "Newsletter" address below.

'kay the Lord Bless you all Real Good,

Dale and Judy Porter

Field Addressi

Dale & Judy Porter

Casilla 21119
Correo 21

Santiago, Chile

J.C. White
1516 Madison

Mr, 8. Mrs, C.H. Porter
Rt, 2 God's Mobile Acres

Bartlesville, Okla.

Enid, Oklahoma



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177 P.O. B 836^



Dale and Judy Porter


Dear Friends in Christ,

How do you like the new face of the Chilean Vision newsletter? We had for some time been wanting to share some
photos with all of the churches, and show you some of the things that have become a common part of our life in Chile.
Included also in this bulletin is the financial report for January through June 1975. This report is a testimony not only
to the generosity and sacrifice on the part of many concerned Christians, but to the great blessings of God. Always
give praise to Him who makes all men "rich enough to be generous."


Through the help of 3 or 4 VBS projects, several churches

and somewhat lower car prices in Chile, we were able to pur

chase a car. The car is a very common model in Chile, an
Austin Mini 1000. It is a small car, seating 4 people at its
best, but I'm pretty happy with the mileage, which is about

20 mpg in town and up to 40 mpg on the road. However, due

to my size, the Chileans often make jokes about my size in
relation to the car's. But as I told a couple of them once, "I
don't get in it, I put it on."


As mentioned in our last newsletter, we had a week long Church Growth

Seminar June l5th through 22nd led by Woodrow Phillips, president of San
Jose Bible College in California. Brother Phillips is finishing his doctoral
studies in Church Growth Principles and has a lot of experience in foreign

mission strategies. With his help and inspiration we have made many goals
and plans for the next one to five years. Many of the things mentioned in
thefollowingSEEK-PREACH-REACH-TEACH section are these plans, goals,
and strategies put into practice.


To show the progress during the first part of 1975 in the

mission program in Chile, I have divided the areas into four
basic areas: SEEK - The search for those with interest in God

and the Bible. PREACH - The contact groups that are design
ed to lead the participants into a basic knowledge of Jesus.

REACH - The people who have accepted Christ and been im

mersed. TEACH - The churches that are made up of believers

meeting together in various places on Sunday.

SEEK - The job of "seeking" has been left primarily to the enrollments obtained in the Bible Course "El Encuentro."
Recent newspaper ads have brought a snowballing of enrollments, and now, after these students have in turn signed up
their friends and family in the course, the total enrolled in the first course total 27, 184 (Aug. 5). Currently, 50 to
100 new students enroll each week.

Also, churches in Antofagasta, Osorno, and Santiago are now using El Encuentro to promote church growth.
These people handle all of the records, the distribution, and the grading of the courses, and already have influenced
several hundred people in these different areas,

PREACH - Often the missionaries in Chile hold campaigns and evangelistic meetings with the Chilean churches to

preach the word. But, we've found that a far more effective method in long term results has come by contact groups
set up in the homes with the friends and family of the graduates of El Encuentro. These are people who have shown an
interest in the Bible by their study in El Encuentro, have opened their homes for a personal study and usually have
wanted their family and friends to participate. Right now, 5 groups exist of this kind in Santiago. In a few weeks,
after I feel more prepared and confident in Spanish, I hope to begin work in this area, and the recently purchased car
will be a real important asset at that time.

REACH - Praise the Lord for this section!

As another missionary put it, 'El Encuentro planted the seed, I watered,

and Cod gave the increase." From the first of January, up through the first part of August there were 42 who accepted
Christ and were baptized.

This includes people who are anywhere from 14-59 years old, who are from all kinds of

backgrounds and social classes and who all had one basic need in their life: Jesus as their savior, I asked one Chilean
what he thought it was "Peace of mind, peace with myself, and peace with God." Praise Him who is the Prince of

TEACH - Paul taught the churches that, ''His gifts were that some should be apostles, some prophets, some evange

lists, some pastors and teachers for the equipment of the saints for the work of the ministry for building up the body
of Christ, until we all attain the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the son of God, to mature manhood to the
fullness of Christ, so that we may no longer be children. .
So it is from this position that we teach the new Chilean

Christians. In short, we try to train them for the work of the ministry: that is, to eventually train others themselves.
Ten churches have been begun with the help or the direct result of El Encuentro, nine of them this year. There are
five in the Santiago area, three down south in Osorno, and one in the coast city of Valpraiso. These churches have
from seven to twenty-five in attendance. We currently have the goal of seeing new churches begin in 1975 and we

believe that the plans and strategies offered to us by Brother Phillips will make these goals become a reality.
Pray with us about these tremendous possibilities !
In His Service,

Dale and Judy Porter

Chilean Vision Financial Report January-June 1975
Gifts and assets:

Promotion (postage, envelopes, etc. )

Former Balance

New Testaments for distribution

Cycle taxes

Given for newsletter

Given as personal gift

Gifts, January-June, 1975

$ 633. 43
120, 66

10. 00
$7627, 43

35. 79
62. 80
38. 09

Newspaper ads


Tracts and printing

20. 00

Church Growth Seminar with Woodrow Phillips

Out of town travel

48. ^5

Set aside for flight" horrie"~(3uring this senTeter)~


Salary, Jan, -June (includes house rent for July)

Personal gifts

Taxes for money exchange

Language Study

17. 03
90. 78

General office expenses





90. 33

171. 23

3132. 12
10. 00



Total assets and gifts

T ransportation


Total expenditures

Newsletter production in U.S. (see above)


**Car fund

$7627, 43

-1900. 00

***Balance, June 30, 1975

-'These expenses are shared on a monthly basis with the other missionaries in Chile.
'''^'As mentioned in this letter, the car has been purchased (July 11)!! !

"i^^^'This figure does not include $400. 00 in the checking account that is a "reserve" and will be used if needed, o]
later will be added to the money needed for return passage.

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That His Word might reach all the people.

Judy and Dale Porter



Projects, work projections, planning, studying, writing, new endeavors

and outdoor work are the conglomeration of subjects that characterized the last
few months of the Chilean work.

There have been projections, planning, and

work in El Tabo; there has been study and writing concerned with Spanish and
Christian growth material; and there has been a project to obtain and prepare
500 Bibles for distribution.

We hope that our Christian friends in the U.S. feel

a part of the Chilean ministry, because anyone who has said a prayer in faith on
our behalf has had a part in it.

In this newsletter we'd like to share with you the jobs Judy and I are
doing in regards to the Chilean ministry. Also, we'd like to mention some
things about current situations in Chile, that directly affect our everyday life.

500 BIBLES! ! !


Director Phil Casey has announced the

program for the Leadership Training Camp to be

held on the property near El Tabo, Chile (this is

near Port San Antonio).

Three weeks worth of

classes will be taught concerning such topics as:

Bible Study, Evangelism, Leadership T raining.
The Church, and Personal Discipleship. I am

currently preparing materials on the latter sub


In the meantime, buildings are being erec

ted, a well is being dug, and cleaning is being done

to ready the camp for this February. A group of
us spent a week during October when we worked
"sunup to sundown" on this land. The plans are to

have the leadership camp from February 1-22 and

a family camp from the 23rd to the 30th.


1976 Projections-El Tabo Leadership Camp


My duties have changed quite a bit in the past few months.

We missionary women had been taking turns cooking lunch for
the office workers for several months.

After our retreat last

June, we decided we should be making better use of our time.

We prayed about this, then decided to hire a cook.

Each woman

was responsible to raise $10.00 a month to support her.



women's group of East Bartlesville C h r i s t ia n Church decided
they would help me with this need. Praise the Lord! Now, 1 am helping to work with two typewriters in
connection with the print shop. The IBM justifier and I are now good friends. I am also acquainted with
the variatyper, but our relationship is not yet fully developed. (It's rather difficult to operate)


On September 29, 1975 the Chilean government instituted a new money system - the "Peso". Since
late 1959, the Chilean people had used the "Escudo" which, because of inflation, (especially during the last
three or four years) had deteriorated the value of the escudo to virtually nothing. In fact, it was quite
strange to newcomers to Chile to get used to the large numbers on the prices of certain items. For example.

my car cost 11 million escudos, a new American car about 60 million, or a Mercedes Benz over ICQ million.
New however, one peso equals one thousand escudos, so three zeros have been dropped from the former
system. This is undoubtedly much better.

As American citizens, you know of 10% to 14% inflation per year. But suppose you were faced with

10% to 14% inflation per week! We have seen this in Chile.

August 1975) we witnessed over 500% inflation.

half of 1975 set a world's record that may never be broken.


For one thing, he prays a lot.

During our first year in Chile (August 1974-

The inflation that Chile had during 1973, 1974, and the first

How does a missionary live during times like

For another, since the dollar was readjusted frequently, we learned

to buy all that was necessary after a readjustment, then hold off as long as possible.

Above all, we tried

never to allow escudos to lay around the house for long.

Now inflation has finally begun to slow down.

According to government figures, if an item cost

10,000 escudos on January first, it would've cost 35,000 escudos on September 31.

On January first,

10,000 escudos were valued at $5. 55 (U.S. dollars) and on September 31, 35, 000 escudos valued $5. 46. So

technically, the dollar was 1 1/2% ahead of actual inflation. But in case you should think we've "got it made"
financially, consider the three month period of June through August. Government recognized inflation was

30%. All workers (including ours) were required to receive a 24% raise in pay, and during this same period,
the dollar was readjusted only 16. 3%.

So, sometimes we win, sometimes we lose, but in the end the Lord

always provides.

The Chilean police recently uncovered a ring of postal employees that were
involved in opening and stealing international mail. Apparently, most of the people

had been operating for the last couple of years or so, opening mail that they sus
pected contained cash, checks, money orders, or other valuable items. Often,
the letters (whether they contained money or not) would then be discarded or de
stroyed, thus never reaching their destination.

We had noticed for some time that the mail service was getting gradully
slower, and often we would not even receive certain letters at all.

Some of the

missionaries had lost a number of letters in the last few months. So Sunday,
October 19, in the English church service we prayed specifically that we might
start receiving the mail that seemed to be getting lost. That week, the police began
making arrests.


In reference to this we would like all churches or individuals that have sent us letters (especially any
that contained cash or checks) to please check to see if you have received answers from everything you have
sent to us here in Chile.

To our knowledge, we have answered all letters that we have received.

Also, this Serves as good warning to all of us. DO NOT send any money to us here in Chile. Send
a4.1 gifts to our financial agent, and he will deposit the money to our account in the U. S.

But, we'd still like

to hear from any of you who'd like to write, anytime.



It's hard for us to feel the Christmas Spirit, or to sense that Christmas time is approaching at all,
with the 75-80 degree temperature that we have now in Chile. However, we know that at this time, most of
you are preparing for another big season of gifts, holidays, big meals and big football games.
We would like to take this time to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!
Serving Him in Chile,
Dale and Judy Porter

P.S. As a reminder. Please make all checks payable to East Bartlesville Christian Church, c/o Chilean
Vision Account.
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