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Mischief Makers is the first single-player 2D side-scrolling platform game on th

e Nintendo 64 console.[2] Its gameplay combines platform game mechanics with asp
ects from the action and puzzle genres.[3] The characters and backgrounds are mo
deled in pre-rendered 3D[4] similar to Donkey Kong Country's "Advanced Computer
Modeling".[3] This style, with 3D backgrounds behind 2D gameplay, is known as "2D
".[5] Compared to previous Treasure run and gun games, Mischief Makers's gamepla
y is more exploratory in nature.[6]
The player-character, a robotic maid named Marina, journeys to save her kidnappe
d creator.[2] The story takes place on Planet Clancer, a world on the cusp of ci
vil war due to the actions of its Emperor and his Imperial forces. The Emperor b
rainwashes Clancers to kidnap the visiting robotics genius Professor Theo.[3] Th
eo's creation,[2] the player-character Ultra-InterGalactic-Cybot G Marina Liteye
ars, pursues the professor and grabs, throws, and shakes the obstacles in her wa
y, such as enemies, floating "Clanball" platforms, warp stars, and missiles.[3]
Indeed, almost all game objects can be grabbed, which lends towards the shake-ba
sed combat system.[6] Marina can shake "grabbed" objects to throw them as projec
tiles or to find loot.[7] Objects sometimes change functions when shaken, such a
s items that become homing missiles and guns with multi-directional shots.[3] So
me drop red, blue, and green gems, which restore player health.[8] The health ga
uge in the corner of the screen shows the amount of damage Marina can take.[9] T
he player can store up to two additional stock lives.[3] Yellow gems hidden in e
ach level extend the final cutscene's length.[6][7][10] Marina can run, jump, an
d boost (via jetpack) in the eight cardinal and ordinal directions.[6] She can a
lso slide, hover, and roll.[8]
The game has five worlds with roughly twelve levels apiece.[b] Some levels are a
ction-only while others include puzzles. The player's goal is to reach a warp st
ar at each level's end. En route, Marina shakes enemies, breaks blocks, uses wea
pons, and rides "bikes" and objects along wire path mazes.[2] Each world has bot
h final and mid-level bosses. The levels and boss fights use scaling and screen
rotation special effects to vary the gameplay.[3]
Almost all things on Planet Clancer including people, buildings, and pets either wea
r or are inscribed with identical "sad" faces with "red, glowing eyes".[6] A Cla
ncer named Teran substitutes for Marina in several brief areas and uses non-shak
e mechanics like punching, kicking, and double jumping.[6] A character named Cal
ina, a petulant Clancer who imitates Marina, recurs throughout the game as a com
edic device.[3]