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Lesson Plan for Microteaching Tech Module

Name: Catherine Som

Thematic Unit: Qui suis-je?
Lesson: Creating a Story
Grade Level: 7th Grade Exploratory French

Proficiency level: Novice Low

Description of the Background and Context. How does this activity fit with the lesson:
This lesson will incorporate vocabulary, expressions, and cultural norms students
have learned about over the past several weeks. Students will create a story between
two people from Quebec, Canada. This story will include at least two people meeting
each other, and asking and answering questions to get to know one another better, in
culturally appropriate ways.
ACTFL Standards met:
1.3 Presentational Communication: students are writing a story about people getting to
know one another at least one person will be from a French speaking country, the
target language will be used
2.1 Cultures: Practices and Perspectives: Students demonstrate an understanding of
the cultural practice of using formal or informal discourse depending on the people
having the conversation
4.1 Comparisons: Students will have different activities they like to do depending on
where they are from, recognizing that activities in the United States, for example, may
be similar or different from those in a French-speaking country.
Activity Objectives
What will learners be able to do with what they know by the end of this activity?
Learners will be able to tell a story about two people getting to know one another in
culturally appropriate ways.
Language Objectives
can do statements
Students will be able to.
-Create a dialogue where people introduce

knowledge they identify (you can list)
Students will know...

themselves properly.
-Ask and answer questions to find out
someones age, where they live, how they are
doing, what they like to do and dont like to
do, and about their family.

- Greetings
- Introductory Questions
- Formal v. informal discourse
- Closing Expressions

Formative Assessment
-check students progress step by step to
make sure everyone is on the same page.

Mode of Communication

Make description detailed enough that I could teach this activity for you. Include
estimated time needed. Script out your teaching as much as possible.
Warm up (Written on the board):
1. Introduction (5 minutes)
- In their notebooks students complete the following activity:
Brainstorm: write down everything you would need to know to have a
conversation to get to know someone from a French-speaking country.
- Have students come up to the board and write their responses
- Discuss student responses as a class
2. Hand out Presentational Assignment- Introduce (10 minutes)
- Go over project requirements (discuss rubric)
- Help students log on to Pixton
- Go through the website with students and show them their presentation
- Answer any questions
- Let students start working independently
3. Independent Student Work on Project (20 minutes)
- Let students work independently on assignment
- Check in with students to assess progress and to answer questions
- Once students have finished presentation, have them submit via ebackpack
4. Closure (5 minutes)
- Discuss the assignment with students
- Ask for feedback and discuss as a class
** I believe this activity may take more than one class period- it is possible that I would
break it down into two class periods and provide specific points at which students
should check their work with me before moving forward**

iPads or Computers
access to Pixton