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bad tea, Tea nowhere, but do not know what the tea ceremony, never under
two axillary wind blowing experience. However, for decades, drink a lot of tea,
Peking double cellar, large leaves Tianjin, the West Lake Longjing, Luan Guapian,
Sichuan Tuo Pu'er, Dongting Lake Junshan tea, rock tea Wuyi Mountain in
Yunnan, and even unrefined tea stems and stars with high-end net pot children,
have tried. Tea is the Chinese people's drinks, dry mouth and thirst, but tea is
still. Tea word, tea shape close to the sound nearly cashew, sources very ancient,
has spread overseas, where there are Chinese people where there is tea. People
no poor, no one watched, on Yan's name sip fine species under Yanqi cow tea
soup, and even roadside ridge banks also serve tea. North people get up early,
meet the road, Noir Inquiries "No tea?" Tea is one of seven things, is a necessity
of life.
As a child, the house has a large teapot sitting on a cotton pad rattan box, very
insulation, to pour yourself a cup of tea. We use green beans bowl, this bowl is
large bowl, the bowl is trumpet, as mung bean color, rough durable, porcelain
and of course can not be compared, and Jiangxi porcelain can not be compared,
and Yang Ci can not be compared, but there is a shares thick plain style, and now
this bowl had disappeared, I miss. This bowl is not worth breaking a few pennies,
the brain will not have to suffer slap spoon. Small silver tray white porcelain
tureen is dedicated to grandparents, we looked at do not envy. Look a little,
drank two to bubble tea have to change two or three times, more trouble. Today
tureen rarely met, unless it is to call the Palace Museum Jiang Yuanzhang, he was
always brought in a large living room covered tea King off. No longer is in the
drama often saw covered tea, but the actor holding a cap holding a bowl,
drinking Suzhuobozi askew discomfiture, it is amusement, because he did not
know what should be covered tea drink drinking. He usually own tea probably
been using glass, mug and the like. Today, we are here to see the tureen, in
recent years, mostly locally made the kind of style "long life", and some thick
porcelain; Nippon tureen, slightly different style, always feel a little strange. It
was nearly back to the mainland, the way to visit my old home, I bring a
porcelain tureen use every day thirty years ago, was originally 12 sets, only this
set, and there is little knock Wan Yan loss, see this old things, evoke feelings of
the past, saddened. What is the best tea tureen.

Tea variety, have good at games. Friends of Huizhou from students of Tsinghua
University, Huizhou tea spot, but he saw me with a pinch of tea in a tea pot,
expressed surprise, because he only knew the tea is dried packaged bundle
carrying on board arrived along the Shanghai-Hangzhou Sell, remaining family is
drinking tea stems thing. Just as the North were called "sell seats to sleep cold
pit." I usually drink tea, Longjing tea is not scented, many times to remember
Dashanlan east or west Hung Kee Hong buy tea, stand in front of a counter, stools
apprentice moved to sit next to, watching folks scales tea, divided into small
packets, packet too see angles and corners, the share of craft only man
comparable pharmacy. Scenting jasmine tea leaves, when the re-selling Pro grab
a handful of fresh jasmine on the surface, so called double cellar. So often the tea
shop tea flowers, depressed Fifi. Your parent's famous jade who, banner, Food
and Drink skilled, permanent home to half Jasmine half of Longjing mixing steep,
thick Fu Jasmine, the pain and Longjing clear. Effect of the line of our home, all
said good. Tea with names, this is the path the call tea "Jade expensive" private
secret, without the informed outsider.
In fact, the most elegant tea. Before the war in Kucha visit Chido elderly Um,
there is always subject and object relative to a tea spoon of light, Sese, and green.
I have repeatedly paternity XianJun tour West Lake, Longjing never forget the
taste of local, do not need to climb the south peak winds Huang Ling, near
Pinghuqiuyue there on the good Longjing tea, boiling water is now red, excellent
flavor. Oufen backward tea bowl, Simei with men. It "wear-you from the summer
breeze winter day; shutter meet, the former Hill moon mountain mountain."
(Luo as Xiang Union) have friends from Lu'an, the Yi I Guapian a few large leaves
and green, drink have wilderness smelling breath. Wherein the watermelon tea
one of really watermelon flavor. I have had Dongting, Yueyang boat parked
downstairs, bought a box of Jun camellia. Brew of boiling water, each tea are as
needles floating upright, long stretch beginning to sink, good taste fragrance
First came to Taiwan, bread and water, quite like Nguyen sac pour all the tea in
one end even as a luxury to enjoy. Day had a tea shops, cable Shanghao Longjing,
the owner looked me up and down, taking eight yuan a pound of tea to be, more
than disapproval, who is more to twelve yuan offer, I still dissatisfied, the owner

excitedly discoloration, sternly said: "buy things, see things, not designed to set
upper and lower price to raise prices, Mr. ear deception nonetheless be aware
of.!?" I love their guts. Now this bustling tea shops, has become the industry
leader. Since then I drink tea, but on taste, do not ask the price.
Thick strong tea to the winner than Gongfu. "The tide Ka brothels in mind," said
congou should be fine even boiling pot with charcoal early sprinkling bowl, pour
and sip of fine, strong aromatic odor than others chew plum absolutely clear. I
have not chewed plum, but I have a friend when living in Chaozhou Chenghai
Qingdao, every gather to drink drunkenness, Noir Xiangxie visited a giant
Chaozhou help its Diansi. After the store has a chamber, smoking, tea were
extremely sophisticated, small pot small cup like a toy. More child molestation
wan tuft of hair serve tea, burning smoke, so often full to eat Gongfu, such as
Tieguanyin, Dahongpao, after eating also carries boxes of home. I do not know
whether the trick, and that the fire away from tea to seven steps for the degree,
the boiling temperature of the parties together standards. For small cup and
drink, if the strike went back to drink the cup to the disc, the unhappy owner
shall give to the nose cup fierce sniff or two. This tea hangover most of the power,
such as chewing olives, tongue slightly astringent, after the number of patrol,
seems to be more the more thirsty to drink, unable to stop. Gongfu drink, to have
time, fine sipping fine chemicals, there must be equipment, VIP service, now
mess society who has so much time? Red mud small stove where to find? Serve
tea more people carry on regardless. Pu'er tea, in the dark, who is said to have
green, black does not slip out of the bubble cooking Loach, Guangdong people
like it. In Peking, I only sunny floor Man eating barbecue, eat mouth swollen belly
slide Hang not move, only shouting waiters bubble tea. Tuocha Sichuan nor evil,
but in general should be the city's non-top grade tea. Oolong, reputed Taiwan
and foreign, mass production, good person not easy. Dongding advertised
everywhere, in fact, where there are so many top jelly?
Tea, drink tea, ma'am. Lift tea art, it seems not talk about, and not worth