Gehman Mennonite Church June 1, 2008

Sunday School Baby Dedication** Hymn of Praise* Sylvia Eberly Adam Gockley Scripture Reading* Matt. 7:21-29 Responsive Reading Offering Praise & Worship Message: Irvin Martin Hymn Sylvia Eberly Sharing Time Closing Prayer & Benediction *Congregation will stand. **Ethan Charles Sauder will be dedicated this morning. *********************************************************************** Today: Greeters: Nelson & Cindy Horning Sunday School Nursery: Karen, Chrystle Church Nursery: Margaret & Chrystle Next Week: Greeters: Chorister: Scripture Reading: Sermon: Sunday School Nursery: Church Nursery: Steve & Darlene McCosby Darlene McCosby Loretta Gockley Melvin Thomas Sylvia & Kelly Chrystle

9:00 10:00

Next Sunday, 7:00 p.m., Bible school begins at Bowmansville. There are classes for all ages. Adults will be taught by Brinton Rutherford on the topic, “Explore the Core of Lancaster Conference.” Youth and Jr. Youth will have: Drew Metcalf Sun., Mon.; Ryan Forbes - Tuesday; Grant Gehman - Wed., and Jeryl Zimmerman Thurs. There is still one site helper needed. Talk to Debbie Mast if you are interested. Men’s Prayer Breakfast will not meet in the summer. There is a sign up sheet for June and July for transportation for Alma Horning. See note with the sign up sheet. Bowmansville District Sewing Circle will be holding a Comforter Knotting Party at the Bowmansville Mennonite Church on Wednesday, June 18. Comforters will be set up in the afternoon and evening until 8 PM and you are welcome to come when ever it suits you. Mennonite Author to Speak - On Monday, June 2, Ervin R. Stutzman will be speaking about his new book, Emma: a Widow among the Amish in a presentation called Serendipity, Sweat, and the Sweet Taste of Telling a Family Story. The book tells the story of Ervin’s Amish mother, widowed at a young age with six children. Ervin is a writer, speaker and a theological educator at Eastern Mennonite University. The Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society sponsors this free event at Metzler Mennonite Church at 7 pm. All ladies are welcome to attend the garden tea party this afternoon at 4:00 at Dianne's, even if you didn't previously sign up. Dear Friends:

Carl Sensenig will be with us next week to introduce Melvin Thomas to the congregation. Offerings for May are for Eastern Mennonite Missions. May Offering Report: Total Offerings: $8,905.67 Designated Youndt Property: 5 75.00 First Fruits Giving: 833.07 Budgeted funds: 5,361.00 EMM: 1,886.60 Sauder Family Fund: 250.00 Last week’s offering in the grove was $1,320.92 to go for China Relief & Rehabilitation. (EMM)

God worked miracles and we are heading home to Alaska! It has always been our prayer that God would bring our support needs in a mighty way that would bring glory to His Name. Well, we are here to tell you just that. This past Monday at 5 p.m. we still needed about $500/mo. Miraculously by 9:30 the same night we had all but $26. That came the very next day! We are now packing and leaving on Sat. May 24. Thank you to everyone! You have blessed us abundantly and we are rejoicing on our way. Blessed be the Name of the Lord! Serving Him, Dave & Linda Flamm, Jonathan, Juliana and Joy Happy Birthday to Michelle Gockley on Tuesday, Betty Martin & Luke Horst on Thursday, and Liz Good on Friday.