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A N D R E W P.

C R A I G , C P A, M P A
Successful, Driven, Executive, Financial Controller and Accounting Manager with 20+ years experience in
Upstream Oil & Gas Financial Management, known for driving profits, examining and analyzing a broad range of
risks, including potential fraud risks, brainstorming innovative ideas, and designing and executing actions therefrom.
Highly successful in analyzing and modeling corporate and operations activity; yielding $billions in profitable growth.
Demonstrated ability to flourish in leadership roles, equipped with advanced communication, interpersonal and
management skills. Talent for conceptualizing, developing, deploying process improvements, and reducing costs.
Recognized for driving sustainable, profitable business growth in harsh economic environments by effectively
partnering with executive decision makers.
Performance Benchmarks:

Found $30M in Income from unrecorded debt for equity exchange related to acquisition accounting
Found $10M in overcharges attributable to systemic DOI errors made by outside operator
Accounted for $1B+ acquisition and numerous smaller acquisitions
Saved $3M in taxes preventing IRS disallowance of $8M of Intangible Drilling Costs via supporting evidence
Recovered $500K from pipe contractor that failed to grant credit for returned pipe
Identified and corrected $15M derivatives error and $10M DFIT error made by outside firms
Participated in seven major contests for corporate control
Provided analyses and forecasts for billions in equity and acquisition funding for those contests
Analyzed and modeled multiple transactions that delivered $13B in profits to stockholders
Analyzed and proposed corporate liquidation into Publically Traded Master Limited Partnership
Analyzed and modeled $1B+ acquisition using preferred MLP units

Expertise Spans:

Strong Financial Reporting Management

Budgeting, Forecasting, & Variance Analysis
Heavy Acquisition and Divestiture Experience
Strong Strategic Investment Analysis
Solid Operational Accounting
Successful Efforts Vs. Full Cost Methods
Business Systems Conversion Skills

Objective, Open Minded, Strategic Thinker

High Intellect and Strong Ethics
Respect for Others, Good Listener
Knowledgeable and Quick Thinker
Strategic Business Planner
Equity Vs. Cost Accounting Methods
Team Building and Development

Interim Financial Controller, Accounting Manager
2014 to Present
Controllership Consulting Contracts
Consulting contracts for short term accounting and financial management positions to assisting owners and senior management
in resolving critical accounting and financial issues.
Stepped in to assist with the stabilization and continuity of accounting for a company that lost its CFO/Controller during its
year-end audit. Year-end and 1Q IFRS reports filed timely.
Converted books from external spreadsheet adjustments and consolidation to internal computerized system. Converted 6
acquired companies using OGSYS, Wolfepak and QuickBooks to OGSYS.
Identified and initiated correction of broad systematic errors in operators working interest decks resulting in my nonoperator client being overcharged by more than $10 million.
Found $30 million in income from unrecorded debt for equity exchange which required acquisition accounting and
correction of errors understating net income by $30 million for client.

A N D R E W P. C R A I G , C P A, M P A

Halcon Resources Corporation

2013 to 2014
Property Accounting Manager
Served in newly created position, focused on acquisition accounting, LOE analysis and accruals, timely input of property
information into computer and clearing various transitional accounts of activity. Worked with senior management, operations,
and audit, tax and SOX professionals.
Accounted for settlement costs of $340M and numerous acquisitions and divestitures. Provided base of data to make
accruals and analyze variances.
Consolidated data from multiple data bases and legacy accrual systems into single LOE accrual and variance analysis.
Provided coherent method for making LOE accruals and analyzing variances.
Developed internal control analysis with metrics, integrating it into internal and external financial statements and
schedules. Enables determination of the degree to which internal control issues are distorting data.
Dynamic Offshore Resources, LLC
Property Accounting Manager / Senior Financial Analyst
Acquired by SandRidge Energy, Inc. in 2012

2008 to 2013

Property Accounting Manager

2010 to 2013
Provided leadership to team of up to 10 accounting staff. Worked with senior management, operations, audit, tax and
SOX professionals. Responsible for LOE, WOE, and Capex accruals and variance analysis for LOE, WOE and property roll
forward. Reconciled JIB accounts. Calculated payouts and NPIs. Prepared AFE tracking reports. Integrated and
assimilated property acquisitions. Planned, supervised, and supported joint interest audits. Defined procedures and
schedules for property roll forward, multiple methods of LOE accruals, Capex and workover accruals, fuel inventory
system, and non-op JIB approval process. Resolved wide variety of JIB AR, AP, and prepaid well cost issues. Provided
property, LOE, WOE and MD&A information for IPO.
Accounted for $1B+ acquisition and numerous smaller acquisitions, involving broad areas of accounting and
allowing accurate, timely recording and assimilation of acquisitions.
Converted from OGSYS to Excalibur and from Successful Efforts Method to Full Cost Method of accounting.
Bridged property accounting policies, procedures, accounts, reconciliations, and variance analysis. Orchestrated review
of properties, resolving integration issues, including issues with working interest decks.
Saved nearly $3M by searching land, legal, and operations well files, providing IRS with irrefutable evidence that
companys tax position was correct, preventing disallowance of $8M of IDC for subsidiary from tax years prior to
date of acquisition.
Spearheaded reconciliation and cleanup of accounting records for four operating companies; collected nearly $1M
attributable to erroneously recorded JIB receivable activity.
Recovered $500K from pipe contractor that failed to grant credit for returned pipe; advocated for materials transfer
control system, which was implemented by operations group.
Identified material allocation errors in offshore fuel allocation system. Created replacement system which
accurately accounted for every gallon of fuel purchased and consumed.
Identified and corrected breakdowns in implementing a computer system transfer of A/P and A/R payment and
receiving functions from three subsidiaries to their parent company. This breakdown had resulted in $5 million in
uncorrected duplicate cash transactions.
Senior Financial Analyst
2008 to 2010
Prepared monthly consolidated financial statements. Accounted for debt, equity, interest rate, and oil / gas futures
activity. Worked with senior management, operations, and audit and tax professionals. Established procedures and
schedules for equity roll forward, ARO accruals, gain / loss calculations, and various amortizations. Designed and
modified consolidating financial statement system.
Converted accounting method of consolidation from Cost Method to Equity Method, including restating inception
to date balances. Enabled view of parent company consolidated equity and earnings directly from general ledger.
Identified and corrected $15M futures valuation error made by outside commodities firm and $10M deferred FIT
liability error attributable to acquisition made by outside tax experts.

A N D R E W P. C R A I G , C P A, M P A

Entrepreneurial Endeavors
Owner and Operator
Succeeded in various non-oil and gas businesses and investment opportunities as an individual owner.


Mesa Petroleum, Inc. et al

Vice President - Strategic Investment Analysis & Business Development
Operated as in-house investment banker. Supported strategic planning and evaluation of strategic transaction initiatives.
Compiled and compared an array of public information on oil & gas companies. Designed integrated financial model for
forecasting potential acquisition scenarios.
Analyzed and modeled multiple transactions that delivered $13B in profits to stockholders while fundamentally altering
stock price valuation metrics, tax code, and corporate governance issues.
Provided analyses and forecasts for billions in equity and acquisition funding for transactions, increasing companys
market cap 700% over 7 years, even as oil prices dropped 75%.
Proposed distribution of Mesa Offshore Royalty Trust and liquidation into Mesa Limited Partnership.
Analyzed and modeled $1B+ acquisition using preferred MLP units.
Arthur Andersen & Co.
Audit Senior
Clients in Oil and Gas Exploration and Production, Construction, Real Estate, and Financial Services.


Master of Professional Accounting, University of Texas, Austin, TX, Beta Gamma Sigma Honors, 1977
Bachelor of Business Administration, Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, TX, cum laude, 1975
Certified Public Accountant, Certificate #18578, State of Texas, Issued 1978

OGSYS, Excalibur, BOLO, Wolfepak, Quickbooks, Excel, Word, DocVue, JIBlink