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As zenith of my lifelong passion for aeronautics, I have decided to apply to the

postgraduate program in the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. I first fell in love
with aero planes when I was five years old. Before I managed writing the alphabet
properly, I had gained a sense about the differences between the sleek swift fighter jets
and the monster cargo planes with their wide shoulder wings and how they looked and
sounded so different, although I was not very sure why these great things did not fall
from the sky. Those angry angels captured my soul. At the age of eight, I tried to make
my first airplane from aluminum cans and reeds. Despite my enthusiasm, my first crude
models could never fly, though that did not stop my imagination or my passion. As I
grew older, I started building Balsa wood model aircraft, and that was my first
introduction to the primary rules of aerodynamics. My family were amused by my
apparently obsessive interest in aircraft but assumed that this was merely a temporary
and harmless hobby. However, aeronautics was to remain an area of passionate
interest to me and to become central in my leisure activities, academic work and
choices and in my professional life.
It was therefore natural for me to choose Aeronautical Engineering as my major
when I entered the Park College of Technology in the 2012 and I will be awarded my
bachelor degree in Aeronautical Engineering in 2016. Now, I feel that my life must be
the part of Virtual Engineer in the field of CFD. The passion on CFD makes me to
present the thesis on Combustion and Dynamic Mesh Model of Domain and help my
friends to solve their Fluid domain problem in their corresponding projects taken. In the
meantime, I maintained my academic knowledge by constantly referring to my
textbooks and updated sources of aeronautical engineering knowledge while patiently
waiting for the day when I could pursue higher education.

With diligence and

persistence I have overcome challenging obstacles that could have diverted my path
away from aeronautical engineering.

Today I finally see the opportunity to "get on the right track" and wish wholeheartedly to
do so. My goal is to enhance and formalize my aeronautical engineering knowledge and
skills in a prestigious institution and to assist in turning good ideas into useful reality by
making significant contributions to aerospace projects. My application to join Aerospace
program is an aspiration for acquiring the advanced knowledge that would enable me to
contribute to the development of some of these inspiring engineering concepts.
I am aware that there will be many well qualified applicants for this program.
However I genuinely believe that I am an exceptional candidate. I hold a good degree in
the specialty; I have significant experience relevant to the program from varied yet
critical aspects including Fluid Dynamics, Aerodynamics, Combustion, and CFD. This
background will enable me to provide useful insights to my specialty; I have kept in
touch with developments in the subject and consider myself to be fully abreast of them; I
have the skills, characteristics and management background that will enable me to
conduct constructive scientific work. I aspire to update my professional knowledge and
earn advanced qualifications in a rigorous academic environment filled with people who
are similarly inspired by the marvels of aeronautics. For this reason, I am applying for
admission at the IITB for Aerospace Studies. And I am certain that, if granted admission,
I will be among the most passionate and dedicated students that have joined this
prestigious program. My main recommendation is a genuine passion for the subject of
the program and a degree of motivation that, I am confident, will enable me to excel
within it.
Thank you for considering my application.