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Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees
June 15, 2016
Members Present: Marie Black
Imogene Mixson,
Beverly Raley
Also Present: Sandra Holmes, Library Director
Holly Burns, Head Circulation Clerk
Ms. Black called the meeting to order at 9:17 a.m.
The shrubbery of the library is overgrown and has a gloomy feel to it. We should communicate
with the Master Gardeners to develop a plan to cut back the trees and bushes. Sandra and Earl
will work to develop a plan for the safety and appearance of the library. Karen Morales is the
President of the Master Gardeners. The idea to hire a private contractor is an option. The City is
responsible for keeping the grass cut and could possibly do the additional work at no charge.
Dr. Mixson made a motion to have an employee appreciation gathering for employees and
volunteers. The motion was approved. Possibly all could go out to eat together at a restaurant for
lunch and honor each employee with appropriate publicity; highlight the significance of each
employee. A group photo will be taken and possibly have the pictures in the Southern Star or
Dothan Eagle, and then place on our web page. This would need to be done by September 30,
2016. Ms. Raley made a motion to put the minutes online after they have been read and
approved. The motion was approved. No full minutes will be put online; only a synopsis will be
available, and only major topics discussed and major decisions will be on our webpage.
DISTRICT MEETING. The Library will host the quarterly District 2 Library meeting in
August. We need to work together with county libraries. Ruth will go to Providence Nursing
Home and Daleville Public Library to hold art classes.
CIRCULATION. Circulation has slowly improved. Computer usage by patrons has increased,
as well as employment. Now that school is out, we have many people that come here in the
afternoons. The amount of Juvenile-Fiction is down at 817 from 1,343 last year. This could be
due to the younger generation having a love for electronics. However overall circulation is up
from last year ranking in at 5,075 from 4,986 last year.
FINANCIAL. Right now we are financially ok. We finished the 8th month of the fiscal year. We
are changing Code 213 to Community Support. Code 220 will be split into Travel-Professional
Development and Code 221-Travel- Professional Service. We are also leaving the Investment
Income Code 016 and Code 311- Market Change Price on the reports so you can see how our
investments perform. There was no money spent on building improvements. If in the event that
we need to hire someone to tend the library grounds, that money could be taken out of the
building improvement funds. When State Aid comes in each quarter, we immediately transfer ½
to Payroll. When it comes time to process payroll, we transfer the funds from General Fund to

Payroll. United Way was cut this year. Our three main sources of funding are state aid, city and
VANGUARD. Vanguard is up at $1,475.77 with total assets of $122,316.36. Individual
accounts are $82,352.31 and $39,964.05. T. Rowe Price is $40,389.02, up $87.88.
AMAZON. There was a total of $92.39 earned in sales this month. Many books in this area were
damaged when we had the roof leak. Currently there is an inventory being done with the Amazon
books. There will be an additional payment made to the consultants in the amount of $4,375.00
once they complete with their assignment.
SUMMER READING PROGRAM. Our Summer Reading Program starts June 15, 2016. We
will kick off our program with kid friendly Olympic torches that our Children’s Librarian Ruth
made. Our theme this year is physical fitness. FOL was generous enough to give us the money to
purchase this year’s T-shirts for our Summer Reading Program. Our program will last 6 weeks.
Ruth is in charge of the Summer Reading Program.
AUBURN UNIVERSITY GRANT. Auburn received the grant for the National Endowment for
the Humanities to present the discussions on World War I and Vietnam War. Lou Hennies and
Earl Hyers will present these programs beginning in September. Ozark is one of the six
communities in Alabama chosen to participate. Donna Snell and Berta Blackwell are in Auburn
this week for Alabama’s Bicentennial program. They will receive training and then they will
present the program in the schools and throughout the community.
FOCUS GROUPS. Library Max reported their recommendations to us. Only one person
submitted corrections.
BUDGET. Sandra and Dr. Mixson worked on the budget. A motion was made and approved to
adopt a balanced budget of $272,000.00 for 2016-2017 FY. We currently get $165k from our
three major sources. The rest of our funds come from donations. As of now our utilities are
approximately at $38,300.00 and services and book supply are approximately at $41,200.00.
Funds are usually tight this time of year; however we seem to be fine. Under Travel (code 220)
the amount listed will be changed to Travel-Professional Services - $300.00 and TravelProfessional Development - $300.00. The Library needs an increase in funding from City and
County. In order to accomplish this, we need to speak with the City Council and County
Commissioners. Maybe a meeting with them to make them aware of what all the Library does
and how vital it is to our community is needed. Some people may be unaware of what we have
to offer. Our annual allotment must be increased. With increased funding, we will be able to help
other libraries in the Dale County area. Currently it costs $0.54 mile for travel expenses. There
was a mention of possibly giving our employees a pay raise.
COPIER. The copier is getting old and we will soon replace it with a leased machine. The
Board approved acquiring a new leased machine.
Next meeting we need to have a strong emphasis on fund raising, private donors and developing
donors. We should form a committee of approximately 6-10 people to work with board members

to get private donors. We must get members of the FOL onboard with actual donations, and we
need to create a list of potential donors and have an event to provide information about the
The meeting adjourned at 10:56 a.m. The next regular Board Meeting will be held July 20 at
Respectfully submitted by _________________________
Approved by Secretary ____________________________