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Take me to your leader

Brexit has plunged the country into confusion. Most pundits anticipated that David Cameron would go
if the Remain side failed to win the EU referendum. But no one predicted the fallout that has thrown
the Labour party into its existential crisis as deputy leader Tom Watson put it. Who knows quite
where everything will be by the time you read this
And what will happen from here, well, no one really has a clue. By September we will have a
Conservative prime minister that none of us voted for, negotiating an uncertain process of withdrawal
from the EU, with who knows what happening on the opposition benches. Watch this space!
Were in good company. A few thousand years ago the nation of Israel found themselves at a bit of a
crossroads too. Youve probably seen the film (Yul Brinner or Walt Disney version!) After decades of
slavery in Egypt (and no, no parallel with the EU intended!!), along came Moses to lead them to
freedom. After a showdown with the Egyptian Pharoah, and a minor miracle as they crossed the sea
over to Sinai, the people found themselves with a desert ahead and absolutely no way of going back.
Their initial high hopes started to turn into premature regrets and there was trouble at tmill.
But Moses didnt resign. The people were ready to give him the push, and it seems that even God was
waiting for him to say Im outta here. But no. He stuck with it and asked only for one thing for the
future that God would go with them. Because he knew that in the end, whether things were a bit
better or a bit worse, what really matters is having God in on the journey of life.
And God showed up. He accompanied them every step of the way until they reached the promised
Its not that different now. Whatever happens from here on, what really matters is whether Gods with
us or not. As U2 famously said, Kingdoms rise and kingdoms fall, but you go on and on. Whatever
happens in Westminster God wont ever let you down. Ever.