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World Geography and Mississippi Studies

Colmer Middle School

Course Objective:
World Geography and Mississippi Studies are designed to teach
students the fundamentals and over-arching topics. These courses are also
designed to incorporate social studies and citizenship skills that will be
general life and high school courses.
World Geography: At the end of the course students will be able to
analyze common maps, compare and contrast nations and cultures
from around the world, identify major nations around the world,
analyze the relationship the United States has with the rest of the
Mississippi Studies: At the end of the course students will be able to
identify as well as compare and contrast the important functions and
parts of state and local government. Identify the essential events
within Mississippi history.
Course Descriptions:
Text Books:
Baerwald, Thomas John, and Celeste Fraser. World Geography: Building a
Global Perspective. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice-Hall, 2003. Print
Sansing, David G., and Paul E. Binford. A Place Called Mississippi. Atlanta:
Clairmont, 2013. Print


Daily Assignments: Students will use the text book, internet resources,
quizzes, maps and teacher made resources to complete daily assignments.
At times, students will complete daily assignments at home when they are
not completed in class. (See District Grading Policy)

Homework: Homework will be assigned at least once a week. Homework

will consist of NHD research and assignments as well as reading current
event articles from Completed homework, turned in on
time will receive 100%. Any homework assignments turned in late will be
subject the districts late work policy.
Internet Resources: All Colmer students are issued a email address. This email service is provided by and offers a wide variety of online tools.
-Google Drive: Students are no longer allowed to use flashdrives (USB
drives) to save and transfer work from computers within the school or to and
from the school computers. The Google account offers Google Drive, a
cloud saving application, which basically means you can save stuff over
the Internet. All work will be saved and accessed using the Google Drive.
This is a school-wide policy.
Late Work: The following is the Districts policy on late assignments.
SECTION II: ALLOWABLE CREDIT/MAKE-UP WORK- Initiative must be taken by
the student to consult with the teacher about make-up work. For excused
absences or dismissals, 100% of the grade will be given as credit for make-up
work required by the teacher, provided that work is completed and submitted
within two (2) school days. If assignments are due (including pre-announced
tests) the day they return from an excused absence, the assignments and/or
tests will be required to be completed that day. Principals may specify a
longer period of make-up time for students who experience an extended
period of excused absences.
All unexcused work turned in late has the chance to receive a maximum of 50% of
the total possible score. Each teacher reserves the right to alter the late policy
according to the assignment and situation.


Each course will incorporate four major assessments (test), bringing the yearly
total of major assessments to eight. Each of the major assessments will count as
two test grades.
World Geography
4th Semester Week: District Assessment 1 Geography Skills
9th Semester Week: Comprehensive 9 Week Exam
14th Semester Week: District Assessment 2 Social Studies Skills
18th Semester Week: Comprehensive 9 Week Exam
MS Studies
4th Semester Week: District Assessment 1 State and Local Government
9th Semester Week: Comprehensive 9 Week Exam
14th Semester Week: District Assessment 2 Civil Rights Movement in Mississippi
18th Semester Week: Comprehensive 9 Week Exam


40% Tests
40% Class work and Quizzes
20% Homework and Participation Grades