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Cristobal Villafranca


The University of Texas at Dallas
B.S., Business Administration

Graduation 12/16

Del Monte Fresh Produce Dallas, TX
11/14 - currently
Director of Traffic Operations West Region
Continue to build and grow the 3rd Party carrier relationships with 100+ carriers and negotiate freight rates for
Distribution Centers, Port Operations and Seasonal commodities groups.
Define continuous improvement targets together with the Coordinators and Management staff, report
performance against set operational objectives monthly.
Responsible for over 30 million in freight expenses for two port operations and over 39 million in freight expenses
for 7 distribution centers.
Motivate and Lead a team of 12 Traffic Coordinators that support 10 Distributions centers, two major port
operations, afterhours coverage, and 2 Regional Fleet Operation Managers managing a total of 76 drivers
Spearheaded the new port operation in Tacoma averaging 25-50 containers per week which included drayage,
cross-docking facility and coordinating shipments direct to customers.
Manage and process driver payroll for the 125+ in fifteen different markets throughout the US. $170,000 + weekly
Del Monte Fresh Produce Dallas, TX
5/08 11/14
Regional Traffic Manager
Managed and diversified the companys carrier network of 100+ carriers
Negotiated contract pricing with 3rd Party carriers, including dedicated lane rates for LTL and Truckload services for
7 Distribution Centers (in/outbound) , Domestic Melons, 2 Ports (Hueneme and Galveston) and other moveable
Developed and implemented a new driver payroll program for 19 driver markets switching from an hourly pay
program to a productivity enhanced Component pay structure. It includes over 120+ drivers nationwide.
Led a team of 9 Traffic Coordinators and 2 Regional Operations Managers.
Del Monte Fresh Produce Dallas, TX
10/05 5/08
Regional Operations Manager
Oversaw a fleet of 42 tractors and 64 trailers for the Dallas, Kansas City, and Denver markets.
Responsible for driver payroll, utilization of equipment, fleet maintenance invoice processing, and fleet safety.
Ensured compliance Maintained DOT compliance, driver file compliance, and conducted driver training for 40+
Drove a cultural change that improved driver retention from 80% to less than 50% in the Dallas Market.

Technical: MS Office, WMS, Oracle, Produce Pro, PeopleNet
Languages: Advanced Spanish
Training: Advanced Leadership and Management Development, Anti-Harrassment/Civil Treatment, Multicultural &
Diverstity Training, Building Leadership Excellence, Transportation Safety Program