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BYOD - Setting up Email Access on your Android mobile device

This document provides step-by-step instructions for setting up Cognizant e-mail on the native e-mail app of your Android mobile device.

- This guide is for setting up email access on Android versions 4.0.4 and above / Samsung tablet versions 3.0 and above
- If you face any difficulty completing the setup or have any queries related to TruMobi, please refer to the FAQ section of the guide
- If the issue or query remains unresolved, please raise a GSD request under Networks & System Services > BYOD TruMobi

Getting ready to set up

Step 1

Step 2
If you already have Cognizant email
configured on your Android device,
please remove that email profile
before configuring TruMobi on the
same device

Goto Settings
(Settings > Security >
Device administration)

Enable "Unknown Sources"


Installing TruMobi client

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Go to the Launchpad URL from your
mobile device browser. Tap the Install
button to download the TruMobi client

Login using your Cognizant

credentials (Note: CTS prefix is not

Accept the Terms and Conditions

The TruMobi client app will be

downloaded. Once done, locate the
TruMobi client app within your
Downloads folder from the notification
bar and complete the installation.

Enrolling & securing your device

Step 7

Step 8

Step 9

Open the TruMobi client App. Enable

Admin to access the App.

Activate the device administrator.

Device lock:
1. A medium/high level security pattern/passcode is required on mobile devices.
You will be prompted to set a pattern/passcode till it complies with BYOD policy
2. If you change the password from medium/high security level to low security
level, email settings will be revoked.
You are required to have a medium/high security level pattern/passcode to comply
with Cognizant BYOD policy.


Step 10

Step 11
Login using your Cognizant

Enroll your mobile device

Note: CTS prefix is not required

Request email access

Step 12

Step 13

Navigate to settings screen

Tap on the Request for email access button. A request will be sent to the
Administrator to provide email access on your mobile device. On approval you will
be notified via email.

1. Android tablet users Tap on right corner of Menu bar and tap on Settings
2. Android smartphone users Tap on More on the bottom navigation bar and
tap on Settings


Email configuration
Step 14
You will receive an email certificate
push notification from the server once
your access request has been
You should see a notification on your
notification bar. Tap on it to download
your email certificate. You will be
prompted to setup email configuration
details. Follow the next steps to
complete configuration.
If, push notification is not received:
On your next login to TruMobi client,
you will be prompted with the email
configuration details screen.Follow the
next steps to complete configuration.

Step 18

Step 15

Step 17

Click Setup. If your device has a

native email client then you should be
automatically taken through the next
steps. If not, please go to the installed
native email client app and complete
the setup manually.

Select Microsoft Exchange


Step 16
Provide your Cognizant email id and
password and tap on Manual setup.

Step 19

Provide exchange server information.

Note: Configuration info

Enable the Use Client Certificate

option and tap on the Client Certificate
button to load the User Certificate.

India/APAC Users:

1. Tap on to delete the installed

certificates, if any.

Choose the downloaded Certificate

which has your email id as part of the
Certificate name.

2. Tap on + to install the

new Certificate.

Certicate 1

Certicate 2

Certicate 3


Step 20

Step 21

Step 22

Provide the Certificate password to

install and tap on the Ok button to
complete the Certificate installation.

Tap on the Next button and enter the Account options. Select the items to sync.

Once you finish entering the Account

options, tap on the Next button.
Activate the device administrator.

You will get a prompt to rename the

Certificate. Give the Certificate a
name. Select installed Certificate.
Note: Certificate password - Refer
to approval email

Step 23
Provide your Cognizant email id.
Please ensure that the email id that
you entered in the initial setup screen
and here are your own Cognizant
email id.


FAQ section

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Access related
1. I am unable to download TruMobi client application (or) I am facing problems while trying to download the client application from m1c portal?
This issue is with internet connectivity and can be resolved by trying again once the internet connection is up. It could also be due to client side firewall restrictions.
Request you to try your first-time email setup on Home Wi-Fi / Public Hotspot / Carrier network.

2. I changed my Cognizant network password. Do I need a change the password on TruMobi?

No, currently the Android pilot is limited to the existing ActiveSync-Android users only; access to new ActiveSync users will not be available during this pilot program.

3. My emails are not syncing anymore

It is possible that you may have received a DRM (Digital Rights Management) enabled email. If a DRM email is opened on some specific devices such as Samsung S4,
Note II emails stop syncing. Delete the last received DRM email from the exchange server by moving it to your pst or another folder in your desktop. You should be able to
sync mails now.

Setup related
1. Nothing happens on clicking the enroll button. As a result I am not able to proceed further.
Ensure you are connected to any open network such as home Wi-Fi / Public Hotspot / Carrier network to receive the push notification from GCM. Our corporate / Guest
network blocks this due to firewall restrictions.

2. I already have Cognizant email configured on my Android device using ActiveSync; do I need to remove that for TruMobi?
Yes. Please remove any existing Cognizant email profile before requesting email access via TruMobi

3. I submitted a request for email access via TruMobi and got a mail stating that the request for setting it up is pending with Admin.
We have an approval process towards the email requests and you will get the mailer upon approval. Please follow the steps in the approval mailer to configure the email


4. I have not received email push notification.

Ensure you have received the approval email. If you have, log out and log back in to the TruMobi app. You will be prompted with the Email configuration details. Follow the
next steps thereafter.

5. What is the password to extract the certificate?

The password to extract the certificate is same as the password mentioned in the Email configuration details screen when the email settings were pushed. You could also
refer the approval email for certificate password.

6. I do not want to sync SMS, Tasks in my email inbox.

Go to your email settings > Select the Account > Unselect SMS, Tasks to avoid syncing SMS and Tasks into your inbox.

7. How do I regenerate my email certificate?

Go to device settings
Navigate to - Settings > Security > Device administration > Device administrators
Disable TruMobi client.
Enable the client again.
Repeat steps 10 to 23

Security & privacy related

1. Why do I need to set a medium/high security passcode?
The passcode is a mandatory requirement as part of the BYOD policy to secure your device as well as the enterprise data on the email client.

2. Will TruMobi remove my personal email profile(s)?

No, TruMobi will not remove your personal email as it has no control over your personal data. So the personal email account(s) will continue to maintain status quo.

3. If I install TruMobi, will Cognizant monitor/log my device(s) usage or access my personal data?
No, Installing TruMobi does not provide Cognizant, access to personal information in your device(s).


4. Will the remote-wipe through Cognizant TruMobi erase my personal information?

No, remote wipe via TruMobi will only delete Cognizant email/Cognizant data.

Support related
1. Which Android versions and Android devices are currently supported by TruMobi?
TruMobi supports email setup on Android versions 4.0.4 and above. For Samsung devices, the email setup feature is supported for versions 3.0 and above. The Exchange
Server settings screen of your Android device must provide the Use Client Certificate option to enable email access on your mobile device.

Error messages
1. I am getting the message You dont have access to Admin Portal. Kindly contact your Administrator. When I access the link provided
in the email.
You have received the message because you have tried to access the link from your desktop browser. Please try the link from your Android mobile device.

2. I am getting the error Incorrect username or password while trying to configure my email settings.
Select the Use Client Certificate option and click on the Client Certificate button to load the user certificate.

Click on + button on top right corner of the screen to install the certificate. Choose the downloaded certificate with your email id as part of the certificate name.

3. I am getting the error Unable to connect to server while configuring my email settings.
Ensure you have provided the correct exchange server details. This information can be accessed from the Notification bar/ the approval email /Email configuration
details screen.
India/APAC Users:


Uninstalling TruMobi
1. How do I Uninstall the TruMobi client app?

Go to device settings
Navigate to - Settings > Security > Device administration > Device administrators
Disable the TruMobi client.
Uninstall the TruMobi client app

If the issue or query remains unresolved after refering to this document, please raise a GSD request
under Networks & System Services > BYOD TruMobi