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A Taichi technique and a defensive maneuver. Ma uses a spinning

motion in his arms to neutralize or minimize the force of his
opponents attacks

Taiho Shouha
An extremely high level technique that uses none of a users
power. Instead it is a technique that enlarges an opponents
stronger technique and transfers the power back to blow them
away. Extremely useful when a user can barely lift their hands and
have no strength left to attack or defend. Due to the nature of the
technique, it is difficult to learn and partly instinct based. To learn
it, one must completely exhaust themselves and the move will
occur almost automatically. As a result, further training is needed
to be able to use this attack voluntarily.
The user takes a back step and just as the opponent comes
charging in, places his palm forward. The attack amplifies an
opponents power and sends it back. Using the technique is
analogous to an opponent running at full speed straight into a
steel pole jutting out of the ground at an angle.

Sha Gi Shou Jin(Flowing Water Headbutt)

The user first allows himself to be hit by his opponent and follows
the opponent's energy flow. Therefore, when the user gets hit,
their body automatically bows down and gives the opponent a
powerful headbutt. This technique basically uses the opponent's
strength to counterattack.

A secret technique that is used to increase a users basic
techniques into lethal strikes. First the person performs a special
breathing technique that causes the person's diaphragm to
vibrate. This causes a person's body to become similar to a bullet
because of the vibration increasing the attack power, force and
recoil of the blow produced, causing even a normal punch to
become a lethal killing attack.

Juujishou(Cross Hands)
Kaku positions his arms in a way that when they are grabbed, he
instinctively scratches his opponent's eyes and nose out.

Kon Gou Toutai(Titan Smash)

Kaku catches his opponent's by their arms, then tosses them onto
his leg as he brings his knee up and finishes this move by
slamming the back of his fist into the opponents head, effectively
crushing their skulls.

Sou Fuu Kan Ji(Twin Swift Through the Ears)

A very fast and deadly technique. Kaku slams both of his fists into
the sides of his opponent's head in a way that uses air pressure to
destroy the eardrum and cause a brain concussion.

Ban Ran
Kaku grabs the opponent's head from behind then spins himself
and his opponent at the same time while also snapping the
opponent's head off at the same time as he is spinning.

Spiral Low Kick

Kaku performs a powerful low kick using spiral movements.

Sei Shin Suikyou Shou(Penetrating Water Surface Palm)

Palm strike that can blast away all the water in a hotspring and
heavily damages both a person's body and internal organs.
Ironically, when he used it on the hotspring during the
demonstration, Miu was (unknown to him) using it at the time. He
uses a double palm version (Sei Shin Suikyou Soushou) to defeat
Diego Carlo.