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The issue of sexual assaults on campus is an important topic nationally and here at Utah State University, and we care

deeply about addressing every case appropriately and proactively.

We take the information reported in the July 21 edition of the Salt Lake Tribune extremely seriously. We cannot,
however, under both state and federal laws, provide detailed answers to many of the questions raised in the article. USU
is committed to protecting the privacy of victims, so there are some statements to which we cannot respond in any
USU carefully delineates the differences between (1) campus resources with which victims may have legally protected
and confidential communications, and (2) campus resources that upon receiving information about sexual misconduct
have mandatory Title IX reporting obligations. We categorically separate victim support and advocacy functions from
our investigative and disciplinary processes.
These policies and procedures are in place to protect the victims and to ensure that victims receive all the support
services we have in place counseling and psychological services, academic help if needed, advocacy mentoring and
support, protective measures if asked for or if we deem necessary, and, of course, a mandatory investigative process if
the victim wants to pursue that option. These on-campus services are in addition to community and on-campus law
enforcement options that we detail for every victim who reports an incident.
These national best-practice procedures are designed to allow the victims themselves to make decisions about how their
cases will move forward while at the same time allowing them to receive university support in whatever way they
University staff meet with Logan City Police about the issue of sexual assault, and we have developed good
communication channels between our staff and law enforcement. We receive reports of incidents involving our students
when they are arrested or when charges are filed. The university does not wait for the conclusion of any police
investigation before beginning our own Title IX investigation. In some cases, USU temporarily delays its investigation
as we work with law enforcement to ensure that we dont compromise their evidence gathering process. It is important
to note that during any brief delay, the university takes any steps necessary to protect victims and to offer support
We continue to review our policies for better efficiencies and effectiveness. We also are constantly evaluating the
already-extensive support services we have available so we can pro-actively help address the problem of sexual assault
and its effects on students enrolled at USU.
Tim Vitale
Executive Director, USU Public Relations and Marketing